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July 06 2007 By virtueonline IS Schism Good or Bad?..TEC's Strategy for Fleeing Parishes...Holmes Inhibited

Two opposing views on whether the consecration of some eleven offshore bishops (to date) by African primates for American congregations is a good or bad thing, is now firmly on the table.

The first view, espoused by Dr. Peter Toon, argues that schism is in the very nature and ethos of American Christianity and is apparently incurable. Anglicans are not exempt from this virus and disease.

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June 29 2007 By virtueonline Alternative Lambeth sought..Canadians in cliffhanger..more consecrations

You must ask in prayer, "Give me faith. Give me the love of Jesus. Give me humility." These things are all gifts. Only God can grant them. Pray. Pray. Pray. ---Gerontissa Makrina (+1995)

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

It was another tumultuous week in the life of the Anglican Communion.

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June 21 2007 By virtueonline TEC Defiant...Noose Tightens Around Orthodox Necks...San Diego Sues Twice...More

Leaders of the Episcopal Church meeting as the Executive Council this past week in Parsippany, NJ did what they were expected to do - raise the middle finger of defiance at the Anglican Communion, telling the Primates and Bishops of the worldwide body that they would not comply with the demands of Global South leaders to reverse or retract the church's liberal and revisionist positions on homosexuality, nor would they allow alternative supervision for disaffected orthodox Episcopalians.

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June 15 2007 By virtueonline Realignment Roars...New US/Kenyan bishop...TEC Task Force Nixes APO...More

Orthodox African Primates, orthodox Episcopal bishops and priests are coming together under the banner of Common Cause to make it happen.

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June 09 2007 By virtueonline Violators of Lambeth Resolution Should be Nixed...Tolerance, Not...Diocesan News

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

There is no point, said a group of African Primates in February 2006, "in meeting and meeting and not resolving the fundamental crisis of Anglican identity. We will definitely not attend any Lambeth Conference to which the violators of the Lambeth Resolution are also invited as participants or observers."

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May 25 2007 By virtueonline Doing The Lambeth Waltz..10 Bishops Rejected...Schori Nixes Entries in Wikipedia

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
May 24, 2007

A major power struggle is shaping up in the Anglican Communion.

This week the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, sent out over 800 invitations to the bishops of the Anglican Communion inviting them to next year's Lambeth Conference in Canterbury.

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May 18 2007 By virtueonline All to Come to Lambeth 2008...Ft. Worth turns up heat on Schori...more

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The burning question is this: who will go to Lambeth in 2008? Informed sources tell VirtueOnline that it will be all (rather than a partial) invitation.

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