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September 26 2006 By virtueonline TEC Divorce Inevitable...Primates to set up new structure...Schori out...more

The U.S. event brought together some 21 Windsor Bishops to Camp Allen, Texas.

There one page statement boiled down to this one paragraph: "It is our hope and prayer that through our fellowship we can contribute to the renewal of our Province's life within the Communion."

You can read the full letter to the HOB here:

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September 19 2006 By virtueonline Bishops' talks fail...Quincy quits TEC...Plano punts...CNY diocese in free fall

NEW YORK CITY: So what happened in New York City where a number of orthodox and heterodox bishops met to confer on the Episcopal Church's future? A bishop with inside knowledge said the meeting started out with hopes that some sort of deal could be cut to allow the APO bishops to leave the Episcopal Church. They were talking about APO, and Schori was open to it, and something was in the works by Tuesday evening. By Wednesday morning it all fell apart.

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September 14 2006 By virtueonline NEW ORLEANS: Baptized in dirty water...Bishops fail to reach compromise...more

NEW ORLEANS: A FEMA representative burst into the office trailer of the Free Church of the Annunciation to tell us all that suicides in Plaquemins Parish, where the eye of the hurricane blew in a year ago were up, and those dying were not just old people over 80, but 40-year old couples who had lost hope, with little insurance money, no jobs and no future. They take pills or a bullet...and it is all over.

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September 06 2006 By virtueonline SEPTEMBER: Show down in NY and Texas..Anglican Parishes open..ECUSA parishes die

Two significant events will take place in September.

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August 31 2006 By virtueonline WILLIAMS drops bombshell on Communion: Gay is not okay. Diocesan News...more

An article in the London Telegraph by Jonathan Wynne-Jones this past week said Williams has told homosexuals that they need to change their behavior if they are to be welcomed into the church. The church, he said, must be a welcoming community but is not an inclusive one.

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August 15 2006 By virtueonline OUT OF AFRICA: Explosive Church Growth, More TEC Parishes flee...

If nothing can stop the revisionist juggernaut in the Western Church bent on self immolation, so nothing can stop the spread of the gospel throughout the continent of Africa, torn as it is by tribal wars, poverty, illiteracy, HIV/AIDS and so much more.

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July 31 2006 By virtueonline Title IV Review Committee Chosen…SC selects nominees for bishop…Middle East…more

The Rt. Rev. Dorsey Henderson, Bishop of Upper South Carolina, is the senior bishop on the Committee and the rest of the episcopal members of the committee are: the Rt. Rev. David C. Jones, Bishop Suffragan of Virginia; the Rt. Rev. C. Wallis Ohl, Jr., Bishop of Northwest Texas; the Rt. Rev. Bavi Edna "Nedi" Rivera, Bishop Suffragan of Olympia; and the Rt. Rev. James E. Waggoner, Jr., Bishop of Spokane. Outgoing HOD president, George L.

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July 26 2006 By virtueonline FOUR bishops bring charges against orthodox bishop...Benitez blasts Righter...

The message was pleading, straightforward and from the heart: "Our beloved +John-David Schofield is under attack by +Mathes, +Bruno, +Swing & +Lamb for "abandonment" of the ECUSA. Can you please rally support for him, asking conservative priests to write to overseas bishop friends and beg them to put pressure on ++Rowan Williams to declare himself as the Alternative Primate for San Joaquin?"

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July 19 2006 By virtueonline SCHISM continues...Via Media fights back...Texas orthodox challenge bishop..more

Theological liberalism slowly sucks out the oxygen of classical belief that produces passionate faith, said Peter Corney director of the Institute of Christian Leadership in Melbourne, Australia recently. He made this observation even as attendance in the Anglican Church in Melbourne had dropped from 50,000 in 1981 to 21,000 in 2006. He said the church needed a vital orthodoxy.

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