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April 20 2007 By virtueonline Global Call to Evangelize...Williams says Gay OK...Lambeth 2008 is on...More

They came from the four corners of the earth. From Tibet to Bolivia, from Southeast Asia to Florida, from East Africa to Pennsylvania, nearly 1,000 evangelically driven Anglicans and Episcopalians gathered at Ridgecrest Conference Center near Asheville, NC to pour the new wine of the gospel into new wineskins for global mission.

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April 11 2007 By virtueonline Colorado Struggle Continues...Cox Walks from TEC...Bruno Blasts APB...More

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This question might validly be asked of the Archbishop of Canterbury regarding the rebellious state of the Episcopal Church:Is his taking three months off to write a book and take a vacation, an example of Nero fiddling while Rome burns?

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April 05 2007 By virtueonline What Happened at Camp Allen?...Colorado Face-Off continues...more

What really happened at Camp Allen, Texas, when the House of Bishops (HOB) met recently? A bishop, who agreed to speak to VOL on the grounds of anonymity, said it was not all that it seemed or was painted to be in the media.

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March 30 2007 By virtueonline Liberal Death Wish...Albany Bishop to Rome...Colorado Mess...more

In his famous essay, The Great Liberal Death Wish, British journalist Malcolm Muggeridge noted that there is a self-annihilating determination about those who believe fervently that they are ushering in a New World Order of freedom and liberation for all. In reality they are actually destroying it.

The 60s offered sexual liberation, ending forty years later in the AIDS holocaust.

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The news came swiftly and decisively. After being told that no action would be taken at the Camp Allen House of Bishops meeting in Texas, and with a complete news blackout in place, the Episcopal Church and the wider Anglican Communion woke up on Monday to the news that the Episcopal Church HOB had thumbed its nose at the Primates Communique to be in full accord with the Windsor Report

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March 16 2007 By virtueonline Tension increases in Communion..TEC shoots down SC election..Dioceses in turmoil

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

A cartoon in a recent issue of the New Yorker might well be viewed as a metaphor for the Episcopal Church (TEC). Two men are sitting on bar stools. Behind them, the window of the bar is smashed. Seen through the broken glass is a partially destroyed city. One bar fly says to the other: "So far, the collapse of civilization hasn't particularly affected my life style."

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March 07 2007 By virtueonline TEC Finances Decline...Bena to CANA...SC on Tenterhooks...VA parish flees

With these words, Bishop John H. Rodgers nails the heart of the issue and the core of the problem for Mrs. Katharine Jefferts Schori, Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church (TEC). Her heart is with the church's revisionist bishops, like Gene Robinson, and formally backed homosexual groups, like Integrity and GLBT, as well as Via Media and a host of smaller heterodox groups arguing for inclusivity and more.

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March 02 2007 By virtueonline WILLIAMS: Church Obsessed with Sex...TEC: No Suspension of Lawsuits...More

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
March 1, 2007

The Anglican Church appears, to the outside world and to many of its own members, to be "obsessed with sex", the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, admitted to the General Synod of the Church of England this past week.

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February 23 2007 By virtueonline TANZANIA: Primates Have Spoken...TEC Bishops Respond...Diocesan News...more

VOL learned that the draft went through a couple of readings, and when the ABC announced that Archbishop Peter Akinola (Nigeria) had signed off on it, we knew there would be no minority report.

The Windsor Report became the textus receptus (received text) of responsibility and accountability that The Episcopal Church must respond to.

Akinola said that the Primates had given the U.S. Episcopal Church up until nine months to stop blessing same-sex unions.

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