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June 10 2004 By virtueonline AAC: President Blasts ECUSA at Plano-West Conference

"Who should be surprised when we get to sex that we are worlds apart?" The Anglican Church globally and locally is in some difficulty domestically, and internationally we have some problems. In Canada this week the church there embarked on the same journey the ECUSA has decided to go on. You would think they would see the wreckage here and be wise, but not so."

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June 10 2004 By virtueonline WESTERN NEW YORK: Dean of Buffalo Cathedral Terminated

In a letter to the people of St. Paul's, Farabee noted, "that you wish to go in a different direction than I can lead you."

"For some time I have felt encumbered by the administrative and pastoral responsibilities of the cathedral and have been unable to commit myself to those things for which I am best suited."

But Farabee may well have done himself in. He had no gospel to proclaim and the cathedral was slowly withering and dying.

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June 08 2004 By virtueonline 'Akron Bishop' Cites 'Acts of Tyranny' to Chairman Jenkins

Allison ripped the Episcopal Church writing that "we are seeing the results of this replacement as bishops are demanding financial support from churches with the threat of reducing parishes' status, replacing the rectors and vestry, and taking over their property. These unprecedented acts of tyranny are examples of the frantic and arbitrary efforts to enforce canons when unfaithful bishops can no longer evoke free response on the ground of our mutual heritage of faith."

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June 08 2004 By virtueonline A Tale Of Two Bishops; A Tale Of Two Churches

Another bishop, an African Primate, one of 38, was warmly welcomed by an orthodox congregation that believes in the authority of Holy Scripture and unchanging truth, for the exact opposite reasons.

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June 07 2004 By virtueonline PENNSYLVANIA: Archbishop Malango Makes Welcome Visit To Orthodox Parish

"I am going to a meeting of the Lambeth Commission in Kanuga soon and we are asking what does it mean to be in relationship; what are the limits and what are the bonds we have? This Lambeth Commission has brought worldwide attention to a Communion on the brink of disaster."

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June 07 2004 By virtueonline PENNYSLVANIA: Bennison Makes Unwelcome Visit to Largest Diocesan Parish

On Saturday night more than 300 showed up for a special Eucharistic service at the orthodox parish called by the rector Fr. Greg Brewer.

In his sermon Bennison said Jesus made a distinction between his earthly message and the message he reveals to us. "There is to be a continuing, evolving, revelation for all of us. We do not limit the truth of God. There is more truth to come from his word."

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June 06 2004 By virtueonline American Woman Priest Lands Top Post In Province Of Uganda

Her appointment comes at a time when relations between the Episcopal Church and the eight million-strong Province of Uganda is seriously strained, with the African Primate declaring himself to be in broken communion with ECUSA's presiding bishop Frank T. Griswold because he participated in the consecration of an openly homoerotic bishop to the Diocese of New Hampshire.

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June 05 2004 By virtueonline Lambeth Palace Blunders On Canada Same-Sex Blessings Press Release

"The decision to defer the question of the right of dioceses over same sex blessings offers hope for the continuing collegiality of the Anglican Communion. It is important that the Canadian church has held back from a structural shift that would have run counter to the pleas and wishes of the Primates' meeting last Autumn and of so many around the Communion," wrote Williams.

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June 05 2004 By virtueonline Orthodox Episcopalians Call For New North American Province

It asks for a full recognition of the Anglican Communion Network by the Primates as the legitimate arm of orthodoxy in The Episcopal Church, USA.

The group also demands the immediate cessation of the "blessing" of same-sex unions; discipline and censure of ECUSA for its ongoing ungodly actions.

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June 05 2004 By virtueonline AAC President Says Griswold Has Lost Total Respect Of Primates

What we are trying to do base is develop an organization and build an infrastructure for the Anglican Communion Network (NACDP) and the AAC.

VIRTUOSITY: Where are things going? What are the scenarios you see playing out?

ANDERSON: It is so much up to where the international situation moves; what comes out of the Lambeth (Eames) Commission and how Lambeth Palace deals with it.

VIRTUOSUTY: Are you optimistic about the future or pessimistic?

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