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July 29 2004 By virtueonline CENTRAL GULF COAST: The Deconstruction of a Diocese

The Rev. Dr. David McDowell-Fleming thinks he knows what the problems are and he may be right. The priest is no arm-chair systems management wonk. He's an active priest in the diocese and holds a Ph.D. on the whole subject of institutional management. He's also a deeply committed orthodox and Evangelical Catholic priest, a graduate of Duke University Divinity School and General Theological Seminary and he has been in the thick of things in that diocese for more than 17 years.

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July 25 2004 By virtueonline EASTERN MICHIGAN: Three Orthodox Rectors Resign in Diocese. Others weigh options

"It's a disaster," said one of the priests, "the bishop has no idea what he is doing. He just doesn't get it. This is a new diocese and he is its first bishop. He will probably be its last. There is no future here. No gospel is being proclaimed, and in time it will all die. The diocese was formed in the Nineties and already has financial problems."

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July 23 2004 By virtueonline UGANDA: ECUSA Missionary Couple Axed Over Robinson Consecration

"We feel very strongly that God intends for us to remain in Uganda to continue the work we have been doing since 1998. It is clear that we can no longer serve as Appointed Missionaries from ECUSA, but we are assured that the Lord will faithfully provide for our ministry through other means," said Leber in a personal note to Virtuosity.

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July 23 2004 By virtueonline UTAH: Bishop Rejects Heterosexual Marriage, Eulogizes Gay 'Marriage'

"Further, one must look elsewhere than the Bible to support the vague category called "family values." I know of no consistently good "family values" stories in the Hebrew or Christian Scriptures. Support for marriage as we define it hard to find in Scripture, she says.

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July 22 2004 By virtueonline ECUSA: Leading Layman Sees 'Ugly American' Image As The Issue

Writing on the House of Bishops/Deputies listserv, Dr. Crew said he also believes the Episcopal Church will not voluntarily leave the Communion on its own initiative "unless the terms of remaining become intolerable, such as yielding any part of our jurisdiction."

The Integrity founder also said that the TEC will probably participate less and less in forums where abuse occurs, and "collaborate where we are welcome."

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July 20 2004 By virtueonline EASTERN MICHIGAN: 25 Outraged Episcopalians Blast Bishop

"Despite being offensive to those of us who believe that such a relationship is completely contrary to Holy Scripture, it is in complete contradiction to assurances you have made to a number of congregations in meetings since last year’s convention," they wrote.

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July 19 2004 By virtueonline PENNSYLVANIA: The Dark Side of Charles Bennison

He cannot be trusted to keep his promises. When he ran for the office of Bishop Coadjutor, he promised to keep the Parsons Plan for Forward in Faith traditionalist parishes in the diocese. Following his election, he broke that promise.

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July 19 2004 By virtueonline Robert Reich's Rhetorical Rubbish

"The true battle will be between modern civilization and anti-modernists; between those who believe in the primacy of the individual and those who believe that human beings owe their allegiance and identity to a higher authority; between those who give priority to life in this world and those who believe that human life is mere preparation for an existence beyond life; between those who believe in science, reason, and logic and those who believe that truth is revealed through Scripture and re

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July 15 2004 By virtueonline Frank Griswold - A History Of Broken Promises

The Episcopal Church in 2004 stands on the edge of being publicly reprimanded if not thrown out of the Anglican Communion for doctrinal and moral infidelity with Griswold himself now personally shunned by the vast majority of African, Asian and Southern Cone Primates.

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July 14 2004 By virtueonline CONNECTICUT: Bishop Orders Six Orthodox Priests To See Him Over DEPO

In an exchange of letters that has clearly crossed the line from "conversation" to "compulsion", Smith sent a terse one paragraph letter to Hansen saying, "In my capacity as canonical overseer, I issue you a Pastoral Directive. You, as Rector of Saint John's Church, Bristol, shall meet with me in my office at Diocesan House, Hartford, Ct. This meeting shall take place on or before July 24, 2004. I expect that you will contact my office to set up an appropriate appointment."

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