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To all Virtuosity readers. Please read the following statement which came unsolicited from a long time Virtuosity subscriber.

Fellow Virtuosity Readers around the World,

How important is it to you to keep the lights on, the telephone service working, and your other household or church utilities in good working order? Such support services are essential, aren’t they? When you think about your mission and ministry budget, support services don’t generally inspire a lot of excitement for the spread of the Gospel. All too often we take them for granted, but as you well know, they’re essential.

So it is with the cyber journal Virtuosity. I for one think it’s essential, especially in these days of great turmoil, reformation, and realignment in the Anglican Communion. I am guilty of taking Virtuosity for granted. I expect to receive the Virtuosity Digest in my inbox every few days now because David has been giving us increased coverage and analysis with so much happening in the Church on a daily basis. In fact I usually check the website daily to be sure I haven’t missed something. Frankly, our impassioned (remember to count to 10, David) cyber journalist has been working overtime to keep us informed.

I e-mailed him yesterday telling him how critical I thought the upcoming African Bishops Conference in late October will be since it comes shortly after the release of the Lambeth (Eames) Report, and to a large degree the future of the Anglican Communion is in the hands of the Global South Primates. I asked David if he’d be there to cover if for us. I frankly expected him to be there since he’s traveled to so many important events to give us reliable and timely coverage and analysis. Some have said David’s a bit fiery, but, for my money, he’s the most accurate and comprehensive reporter we have. I do believe that God has raised him up for a time such as this. David had to tell me that he doubted that he would be able to travel to the conference since, frankly, he is extremely short on the minimum funds needed to keep his service up and running.

Friends, this is not just a “we’re running a bit behind” message. This is a serious “not sure if I can continue” situation. I’ve supported David from time to time in the past, but not on a regular basis. My wife Ginny and I are going to dig into our reserves for now, and we’re going to put him in our 2005 monthly budget. As Dean of the Network’s Southeastern Convocation, I need current information and analysis on the Anglican Communion. Other than my weekly conversations with the Network leadership, I rely on David as my primary news source over all the other excellent websites, listservs, and blogs.

I know that thousands of you rely on David as well. I encourage those of you who do to keep the lights on and the service working. Check your personal offerings budget and your discretionary funds to get Virtuosity through 2004, and when you’re setting your parish and personal budgets this fall for 2005, prayerfully consider adding Virtuosity to your monthly giving.

Your brother in Christ,

Rev. James K. McCaslin, Jr.+
Dean, Southeastern Convocation
Anglican Communion Network
Rector, All Souls Church
Jacksonville, Fl 32257

You can send your tax deductible donation to:
1236 Waterford Rd.,
West Chester, PA 19380

OR through PAYPAL at the Virtuosity website.

Your donation will be responded too promptly.

Thank you

David W. Virtue DD

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