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ECUSA: Leading Layman Sees 'Ugly American' Image As The Issue


News Analysis

By David W. Virtue

The Episcopal Church's leading lay revisionist thinker believes that primatial road rage against the ECUSA is a vicarious way of getting back at the ugly American image, and is not primarily about homosexuality at all.

Dr. Louie Crew, the Episcopal Church's pioneer homosexualist, says some of their [primatial] disengagement "stems from an over-identification of TEC with the US Government and more specifically with the American Empire, whom the world rightly resents." It's easy to get into an 'anti-American' mindset, especially when TEC, like the USA, comes across as some sort of "Super Power" or "Super Church," he said.

Writing on the House of Bishops/Deputies listserv, Dr. Crew said he also believes the Episcopal Church will not voluntarily leave the Communion on its own initiative "unless the terms of remaining become intolerable, such as yielding any part of our jurisdiction."

The Integrity founder also said that the TEC will probably participate less and less in forums where abuse occurs, and "collaborate where we are welcome."

Painting ECUSA as the victim in Christ like categories, Crew said the TEC is investing its considerable resources in sharing the stigma of a despised and rejected minority. That is not new in Christianity: Jesus experienced his own first successful missions with outcasts in Samaria, he said.

"I think TEC will be patient, but to a limit yet to be determined. If the mud-slingers don't slack off in time, I cannot imagine TEC remaining a willing target of abuse indefinitely. We are funding right at 30% of the bureaucracy to manage the bilge, and we could spend that money much better in meeting the material needs of people whose bishops are neglecting them by spending time and money attacking us."

Dr. Crew couldn't be more wrong.

First of all no one has done more to disparage the United States to the world and the Anglican Communion than Frank T. Griswold, ECUSA's Presiding Bishop. He brought the wrath of former U.S. President George Bush down on his head by blaming the tragic events of 911 on American foreign policy and Islamophobia.

Griswold did that all by himself without any help from a single African bishop.

Furthermore it is the height of arrogance to think that the Global South has now or ever has had that much respect for the Episcopal Church to regard it as a "super power" or "super church." If it held it in any kind of respect those days are long gone.

The ECUSA might be financially rich but numerically it is a pin prick in terms of the greater Anglican Communion. Its influence is considerably greater than its numbers warrant, and with its fading glory, the Africans are now saying, "your money perish with you."

Trinity Church Wall Street might be the richest church in the world, but it is the financial hand maiden of ECUSA, and its buildings will, in time, be little more than a tourist drop off as people come to see the rebuilding of the downed towers as having more to offer than this church's millions. Their stated policy that if an African province criticizes ECUSA over its sexual policies, funds will dry up, shows you that they think money is more important than truth-telling.

The respect African and Asian bishops have had for the West was strictly in relationship to the gospel western missionaries brought to their lands and for whom they gave their lives. There is still enormous respect for these men and women whose portraits often line the walls of African bishops' studies.

The rejection of The Episcopal Church, the Diocese of New Westminster and specifically the New Hampshire bishop has nothing to do with a post colonial angst, money, power or anything else; it is the total betrayal and reversal of Holy Scripture and 2,000 years of church teaching on faith and morals that has done ECUSA in with the CAPA bishops.

And what investment has the TEC made in Africa that has brought returns of love and affection? - Integrity's attempt to gain a foothold in Uganda by trying to buy pansexual acceptance from a sympathetic African bishop? Mercifully that fell apart. Or the money ECUSA has poured into Africa in order to buy into ECUSA's bankrupt morality. Everything comes with a price tag with ECUSA, and that price tag is high, just ask Archbishop Ndungane of Southern Africa. He is the only holdout on the African continent that still believes in ECUSA with his 'please don't interfere with ECUSA's internal affairs' approach. I know, I asked him. And he continues to receive bounty from ECUSA's Trust Funds.

On education. Bishops and seminary professors like Ian Douglas of EDS make forays into Africa to get students to come to US Episcopal seminaries so they can be filled with gay and liberal agit poop, and return and infect their own people with the spiritual HIV of ECUSA.

But the Africans are catching on. They are not only refusing ECUSA's millions of dollars they are not sending their students to most of ECUSA's seminaries. Who deliberately goes to another country to pick up a spiritual disease that could damn you for all eternity?

NO. What Crew calls an 'anti-American' mindset is an 'anti-ECUSA' mindset brought about by the American church's sellout of the gospel to pansexual (read lesbitransgay) behavior and its failure to affirm major doctrines of the faith at its last General Convention.

Crew writes, "Anglicans outside TEC who are not saying anything one way or the other right now have a stake if TEC is booted out or even more badly bruised, but they seem not to have awakened to that."

And what is it exactly that they should be awakened too? What stake is there? ECUSA's deviant sexuality, or if you go along with our post-modern morality there will be a check waiting for you at the end of the rainbow coalition?

This is a fiction. It isn't going to happen.

And to compare the "stigmata" of Christ identifying with the "despised and rejected minority" [of ECUSA's pansexualists] is the biggest lie of all.

The "despised and rejected" ones in ECUSA today are the church's Anglo-Catholics and Evangelicals who have been, and continue to be, marginalized by bishops like Bennison, Shaw, Dixon, Chane, Leidel, Parsley et al.

For Crew to say or hint that it is the Episcopal Church's pansexualists who are being marginalized is totally laughable if it wasn't so damnably untrue. Ask the Rev. Michael Hopkins, Integrity's leading sodomite if he feels at all marginalized in the Diocese of Washington and then go ask the Rev. Thomas Logan or the Rev. Al Zadiq, two orthodox priests, how the feel as an orthodox minority in that diocese, and they will tell you a completely different story. Ask pastor Logan of Capitol Hill Episcopal parish who challenged the Diocese of Washington with a resolution rebuking same-sex "marriage," and scheduled a debate in his church but had to cancel it after documents were stolen and trashed. If someone trashed Integrity's documents the screams of outrage would have been heard for months and the shrill cries of homophobia and 'they are trying to kill us' would have reverberated around the national cathedral with Bishop John Chane covering himself in sackcloth and ashes.

How would Hopkins have stood up to an orthodox bishop beating him up for several years for his homosexual behavior? He couldn't have stood it. In his diocese it isn't going to happen. Then ask how Fr. David Moyer of Good Shepherd in Rosemont, PA how he feels, suffering for six months under Pontius Bennison, and while he is not suffering now, the legal battle rages on, and may go on till Bennison retires.

Crew says the primates are showing "irrational behavior, but that rarely stops folks." Only love can do that, he writes. "And it seems that few in the Communion have thought to love The Episcopal Church. The test of love is always the same, and always tough: do we love only when people please us or agree with us?" Elsewhere he says, "If others outside The Episcopal Church want to change us, they are going about it all the wrong way. They might love us into their attitudes, but they will never bully us into them."

The orthodox HAVE been loving ECUSA's revisionists for years, so much so that they kept drawing lines in the sand to accommodate them while praying for them, and where did it get them? NOWHERE. The revisionists kept pushing on everything from women's ordination to vile sexual behaviors and screamed 'local option' while waiting for General Convention to pass what they were already practicing.

The flipside of love is law...(the orthodox should have been reading Luther instead of Countryman), and they should have stood up to Spong 30 years ago, but didn't. And today we have a total mess on our hands, and the orthodox are partly to blame for doing nothing till it was too late. (British Evangelicals are just waking up to that fact with the Jeffrey John debacle. Let us hope it is not too late for them.)

No, it was not the sloppy, misused word 'love' that ECUSA's revisionists needed to hear but the tough word of God's law, which if broken brings His judgment down on them.

And Crew whines that if they loved us, instead of bullying us, things might have worked out differently. Nonsense. The truth is it is revisionist bishops who are doing the bullying of their orthodox rectors and dozens of godly men are walking away in disgust and disillusionment joining other Anglican groups or going nowhere. Dr. Crew should travel to the Diocese of Connecticut and talk with the six orthodox rectors there about what Bishop Andrew Smith is doing to them, and then he should take a plane to Eastern Michigan and talk with another half a dozen orthodox rectors, three of whom have already resigned, and then he should fly out to Colorado and talk to Messrs Don Armstrong and Ephraim Radner about what Bishop O'Neill is doing to that diocese. And the list could go on and on.

Till recently, until they were galvanized by Nigerian Primate Peter Akinola, the African primates have had to listen at one Primatial gathering after another to Griswold whine about sodomite acceptance, while millions died of AIDS, hunger and without Christ. And on top of it all Griswold, Spong and Bennison have all made insulting remarks about how backward African Anglicans are with their simple "fundamentalist" message, while they,
the Sophisticated Ones know it all, even as their church falls apart.

That is evil beyond all evil. The whole Anglican Communion's mission has been compromised while a pro-Sodomite American Presiding Bishop has demanded acceptance of lesbitransgay behavior into his church and made it the No. 1 agenda item at every recent primatial gathering. And now it might all come crashing to the ground...and maybe it should. The cup of blessing has now become the cup of God's wrath.

Crew says it would be a horrible loss for the Communion to split, "but I have no illusion that one or additional papers, however well written, will make that happen or prevent it. The 'communion' we now have is not as substantial as I would like it to be; currently we
have far too few exchanges disciple to disciple. Many of our structures are far too impersonal: they work well enough to allow the flow of tangible support, but we might structure more personal contact, especially with the major growth in communications and
transportation over the last two decades. It would be horrible to miss the opportunity that is before us to grow in bonds of affection and ministry."

The sad truth is that the Primates have had more personal communication than they can stomach from Western bishops talking about sodomy. They are sick and tired of it. They have had enough. I know, they have told me. They want to see the salvation of souls, not the sickness of sodomy talked about. They believe in regeneration not degradation, salvation not salivation, sanctification not perversity.

No, Dr. Crew has it all backwards, and he has had it that way for 30 plus years, and soon he will see the bitter fruit of his pushing and teaching about gay sex come to fruition.

"We are never going to capitulate to those who do not have jurisdiction here, and if the Communion reconstitutes itself to seize the powers of a Curia, few Episcopalians will want to be a part of it," says Crew.

They won't need to, because the Global South IS the majority, and the West are the minority who have no gospel except inclusion, and they are heading right over the edge of the cliff and into the abyss.


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