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Feminism was women's great enemy--until transgenderism came along

Icarus ignores his father's instructions. He flies too close to the sun. The wax in his wings melts. He falls into the sea and drowns.

In calling for the destruction of the family, the patriarchy and monogamy, the high priestesses of feminism were calling for the abolition of womanhood.

In Greek mythology, Icarus is the archetype of hubris. In Greek tragedy, hubris is excessive pride towards or defiance of the gods, leading to nemesis.

Oxford dean faces £500,000 secret tribunal in pay dispute

Although details of the complaints against Percy have not been disclosed, the college told alumni in a letter in January that the row related to pay. Percy, who has not commented on the dispute, is believed to earn about £90,000 a year plus accommodation and generous perks -- relatively low compared with other college heads.


The Church is intended to be the vehicle of the Word of God and its calling is to proclaim 'the whole counsel of God' with no omissions and no adjustments: ' . . .the Church is a witness and a guardian of Holy Scripture' (Article 20). Its role is to declare all truth necessary to salvation. The announcement entrusted to the Church as its heavenly treasure and earthly tidings is to be both accurate and urgent, for the destiny of souls depends upon faithful and fearless communication.

Albany Bishop says Diocese is in Battle with Uncertain Outcome * ACNA Apb. re-elected for second 5-year term * Diocese of Ft. Worth gets new bishop * GAFCON bishops nix Women Bishops * ACNA says it has 1,053 parishes *CofE bishop and Vicar in trans battle

"Nobody ever outgrows Scripture; the book widens and deepens with our years."--- Charles Spurgeon (1834-1892) English Reformed Baptist Preacher

"The Bible is the cradle wherein Christ is laid." --- Martin Luther

Reading and understanding the Bible involves lots and lots of interpretation. Not just in light of the world and culture around us, but in reference to other parts of the Bible." --- John Piper, Founder of Desiring God

"The Holy Scriptures are our letters from home." --- St. Augustine of Hippo

Moral Leadership in Church and Society

We considered how the wrong use of money, sex and power can militate against good moral leadership in church and state.

We noted

How Anglicans in Canada Found New Life After Their Eviction

Short loved Jesus, loved Reformed theology, loved Anglicanism. And then he took a job in Canada.

"I'd never met a liberal Anglican until I came to Vancouver," he said. "I was thrust into the most strange, dysfunctional, liberal diocese."

In 2002, when his regional synod voted to let its bishop bless same-sex unions, Short stood up and walked out of the room (as did Packer). So did leaders from half a dozen other churches.

ALBANY: Bishop Love says Diocese is in the midst of a Battle with uncertain outcome

But then he said this: "We have all read the final chapter. We know how the war ends -- God is triumphant! The question is -- whose side will we be on when that final day comes? Will we "Stand Firm in the Holy Spirit, striving together as One in Christ and His Holy Word, or will we cave under the pressure of political correctness and special interest groups, being driven by the shifting winds of culture and society? Will we speak God's truth in love, or will we embrace false teachings to the physical, spiritual and psychological detriment of others?

Oxford bans brown-skinned speaker for diverse views in the name of "diversity"

The lecture had been booked for months, the publicity had been done and video-filming arranged for the venue. Cancelling the booking at this short notice, two days before the event, left organisers with very little time to find a new venue, meaning the public lecture could not go ahead at all.

Such are the threats to freedom of speech in Britain from violent left-wing activists that there were already additional security arrangements in place and Dr Gomes had been warned to bring a change of clothes in case someone 'milkshaked' him.

Episcopal Michigan Bishop-elect "very interested" to be "connected with the power structures"

Perry was elected last week on the fifth ballot from a slate of four female candidates. This was her third nomination for the episcopacy since 2006 (Mary Ann Mueller from Virtue Online has an excellent overview here).

Indian Christians and the Hindu Majoritarian election victory

We need to explore why Prime Minister Modi's Hindutva party, the BJP, projects a negative view of Christians. First, after the colonial period ended in 1947, some Indian academics created the myth that before the British came to India, the country was marked by religious harmony but that the British carried out a divide and rule policy to sow division between Hindus and Moslems. However, the 1000- year Muslim rule of India before British rule was not known for religious harmony. It was marked by religious violence, forced conversions of Hindus to Islam and an intimidated Hindu majority.

Church of England - Radical New Christian Exclusion

The future may be seen in a case from the recent past. When, in 2014, the General Synod agreed on the introduction of women bishops, the House of Bishops produced a Declaration promising respect and provision for those conscientiously unable to accept the innovation. Much was made of it being undergirded by a Canon prescribing a procedure for the resolution of disputes and the appointment of an Independent Reviewer, but the Declaration was essentially a gentlemen's agreement.

TASMANIA: Disciplinary action against former Anglican Bishop Philip Newell halted

The Anglican Church in Tasmania has been ordered by the Supreme Court to stop its proceedings against the Bishop.

In its 2017 report, the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse highlighted failures of the church in Tasmania and criticised Bishop Newell, who allowed a now-convicted paedophile to stay in the church.

The commission referred to evidence he had been made aware in 1987 that now-convicted paedophile Louis Daniels had sexually abused three boys.

Vatican issues guidance questioning modern gender identity

It speaks of an "educational crisis" and says the current debate can "annihilate the concept of nature" and destabilise the family institution.

The document, released during Pride month, has drawn immediate criticism from LGBT groups.

It was issued by the Congregation for Catholic Education as teaching instruction to those who work with children.

It is not signed by Pope Francis himself, but quotes him and scripture within its reasoning.

What does the document say?

Canadian Anglican & Presbyterian Activists in Forefront of Stonewall Celebrations

In hockey, this is called momentum. Since hockey is one of Canada's national sports (the other one is lacrosse), do not expect Canadians to stop here. The previous General Synod left us with a cliff hanger and although the vote could in principle go either way this time, everybody knows there is only one way that this will go. First Nation Anglicans are expected to oppose same-sex marriage creating consternation among progressives who would like to see a clean sweep on the subject.

Frances Whitehead, Secretary to John Stott for 55 Years, Goes to Glory

While Frances and he both came from privileged backgrounds, they always served with humility. There was a modesty about their Weymouth Street centre of operation which could take people by surprise. They were frugal and unpretentious, focused and exacting: a team of two, later joined by a study assistant. Frances carried the job title of 'secretary' from the time she was appointed in April 1956 until she retired finally in 2012, aged 87 (having placed all John Stott's archives in Lambeth Palace Library).


The call came on a Sunday afternoon in early 2015. I had conducted an Anglican service in the morning and we had lunch and were relaxing in our house in La Marina near Torrevieja. We had lived in Spain for four years and life was relatively peaceful. My ministry allowed me to conduct services most Sundays, funerals and wedding blessings. And not least pastoral ministry. Peaceful though. When the call to start a Retreat came, I realised our lives were about to change big style.


This is normative instruction for how Christians are to respond to persecution and evil in general. However, presumably the persecutor/evildoer is an outsider, not a leader or minister of the Church. Therefore, this passage, contrary to the opinion of some, is not applicable to the subject of how to respond to false teachers in the church. Similar arguments apply to other irenic passages that are sometimes taken out of context to weaken justified resistance to false teaching.

5 Renewals For Revitalization: #1 -- Personal Renewal

In this article I want to address the first renewal, Personal Renewal. And specifically, how you can experience personal renewal both individually and as a congregation:

Individual Personal Renewal

Walking In The Light: A Study In Contrasts

Immediately following the Archbishop of Canterbury's visit to All Saints Cathedral, the Primate of Kenya in this video (with the Provost of the Cathedral standing in the background) restated with equal clarity the Biblical position of the Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) with regards to the following:

JAMAICA: New archbishop says women bishops now a possibility

At a press reception at the NMIA, Gregory expressed appreciation for the support and advised that the synod, usually held triennially, had been productive.

Suffragan bishop of Montego Bay Leon Golding reported that coming out of the meetings was an approved action plan for the province that will feature the roll-out of a number of activities and decisions over coming years. He added that the diocese is in a period of preparation as the province makes changes in the administration of baptism and communion.

ROCHESTER, UK: A statement from Dean Philip Hesketh regarding the former Director of Music

Some of those offences were committed in Rochester while he was employed at Rochester Cathedral. He has pleaded guilty to all offences. A sentencing date is expected to be set in due course.

Our thoughts are with all those survivors and victims who will be affected by this news today. We are truly sorry to these victims for what has happened and for what they have experienced. We commend the bravery of those who came forward with these allegations and acknowledge how difficult and distressing this would have been.

Proud Anglicans Kick off Season of Gay Pride Parades in Canada

The Facebook page of the Anglican Parish of St. Francis has 28 photos celebrating its participation in the event. Particularly interesting is the tagline "Proud Anglicans! Marching with all of our siblings in Christ! God IS Inclusive!" These words provide a key to the mystery behind this insolent affront to orthodoxy and other expressions of traditional faith. On the other hand, they also provide the critics with ammunition to confront that affront.

UGANDAN PRIMATE: "We Would Rather Die Poor Than Accept Gay Money"

The Church of Uganda resolved that we are not going to Lambeth 2020 because we can't move with people we don't agree with. It is good that our brothers in Kenya have joined us, he said.

"The High Court of Kenya has also defended the laws and we want to thank them for standing firm. We thank God for that great move," he added.

Archbishop Ntagali said he and a delegation will attend GAFCON 2020 to be held a month before Lambeth in Rwanda next year. GAFCON represents some 50 million of the Anglican Communion's 70 million Anglicans.

Clerical sex abuse destroyed faith of hundreds of victims

The "spiritual impact" of the abuse was "particularly damaging" to survivors "particularly where their religion provided the foundation to their morality, beliefs, social relationships and the way they lived their daily lives," the report stated.

"Loss of religious faith" was "notable" among the victims and recovery was complicated for many "because they had been abused by religious individuals and, subsequently, their belief systems had been challenged," it added.

Bishop of Chelmsford issues Ad Clerum regarding John Parker

You may have become aware of recent media coverage of a situation involving a child in a Church of England school in this diocese given support in the context of gender transition, and the resignation of a member of clergy, John Parker.

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