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LGBT teaching an abomination, Jewish judge says

He was speaking in response to guidance issued this year requiring school curriculums to teach an awareness of LGBT issues.

The comments have been condemned by Jewish and LGBT organisations.

Mr Krausz is a retired Jewish judge, known as a dayan, who was involved with Manchester Beth Din, a body which oversees matters of Jewish family law and other issues within the Jewish community.

Manchester has a gay village area and hosts an annual Pride celebration.

The Spiritual Life of C.S. Lewis

He retired only in 2018. So, after serving 13 years as a professor of evangelism at Beeson Divinity School. Lyle and his wife, Mary, who is a Deacon in the ACNA, are founding pastors of two Anglican churches. The Church of the Great Shepherd in Wheaton, Illinois and Christ the King Anglican in Birmingham, Alabama -- where I have had the joy of serving as a teaching pastor. First, under Father Lyle and then later under his successor, Michael Novotny.


As a sociopolitical entity much of the Episcopal Church leadership has embraced the paradigm of Progressivism. There was a time when the Episcopal Church was referred to as “the Republican Party at prayer”. Today it would probably be described as “the Socialist Party at prayer”. Support for unlimited abortion, the LGBTQ agenda, radical environmentalism, open borders and income redistribution is pretty much the mainstream of TEC elites.

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Kenyans Protest UN Pro-Abortion Summit. "Africa is not for sale. African women do not need to sacrifice their children to be empowered. They tell us we are poor because we are many. That is a lie! We are poor because they took and still take our resources." --- David Nussman

God's created norms. There can be no 'liberation' from God's created norms; true liberation is found only in accepting them. --- John R.W. Stott

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
November 15, 2019


Eusebius writes, not, as we might expect in his Ecclesiastical History (324 or before), but in his The Proof of the Gospel, that in preaching the Name of Jesus: "some have crossed the Ocean and reached the Isles of Britain." Eusebius further confirms this when he writes in his Life of Constantine that Christianity had been received in many lands, including Britain, and "that the number of churches is far greater in the regions I have enumerated than in any other."[1]


The LGBTI+ campaigner also presented Pope Francis with a copy of her autobiography Just Love: A Journey of Self-Acceptance and a brochure of the Ozanne Foundation which claims to work with "religious organisations around the world to eliminate discrimination based on sexuality or gender in order to celebrate the equality and diversity of all."
"I had no doubt now that I was gay, and that yes, it most certainly did make me happy."

A new Primate for Jerusalem and the Middle East

He succeeds in the primacy the Most Reverend Suheil Dawani, Bishop of the Diocese of Jerusalem.

Please pray for Archbishop Michael when on 17 November with representatives of the Province he celebrates the life of the Anglican Churches of the region at a Eucharist in St Andrew Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, to which all are invited.

Georgia Katsantonis
Provincial Secretary

Episcopal Church in South Carolina Files Another Petition

Among the cited violations, the Petition to Enforce the Injunction notes that although U.S. District Court Judge Richard Gergel pointed out in his September 19 ruling that "The Disassociated Diocese is an organization formed in 2012," the disassociated diocese continues to advertise on its website and social media pages that it was "Founded in 1785" and displays on its website convention journals and materials of The Diocese of South Carolina as if they are their own, even though many are from prior to the organization's formation in 2012.

Bishop of Zaria denounces the Archbishop of Kaduna and the general secretary of the Anglican Consultative Council

"The governor should know that he will never be president of Nigeria. I speak prophetically as a servant of the living God," the Bishop of Zaria said.

"Let fake Christians and religious spies placed in our church by a particular religion be aware of the consequences of their actions because heaven is watching. May the Lord expose these spies in our midst on Jesus Name.

GERMANY: Confessional Lutherans and Anglicans Take Talks Global

Despite differing backgrounds, the individuals in attendance were united in their commitments to the Gospel of forgiveness, life, and salvation by grace through faith in Christ together with the infallible authority of Holy Scripture in all matters of doctrine and life.

AMBRIDGE, PA: TSM expands campus, purchases local church

Opened in 1976, Trinity has a long history of working with the Ambridge and surrounding communities. Of interest is the fact that Trinity’s current chapel was a Presbyterian church, and when Trinity purchased it, half of the congregation began attending down the street at the church that was just purchased. “We feel like God has taken us full circle,” said Thompson, “and once again we are able to put new life into an older building.”

Presiding Bishop Bewails Empty Pews when Episcopal Church Embraces What the World Believes

"We have even embraced those who want to have sex change operations and flip from him to her and vice versa. What more could people ask for, for Christ's sake! And I mean that literally," though he admitted under questioning that the Episcopal Church did not take the Bible literally on most things, including the bodily resurrection of Jesus from the dead.

"We leave that up to individual consciences," said the Presiding Bishop, "because we realize that it could be taken spiritually or metaphorically or springtime in the Rockies."

The whole gospel addresses the world's wrong thinking, not just the church's comfort

I have questions in my mind which are not immediately addressed here: Is there any connection between this understanding of the church as community oriented towards Christ, and the godlessness and confusion in the wider world? Is there a danger that a focus on a local group gathered around the bible is not only irrelevant, with no power to influence the nation and society as a whole -- it actually makes a virtue of this, creating a spiritual retreat or escape from a secular and even hostile world?

Christianity, Christ and Caesar

Plenty of ordinary believers do this regularly, as do many religious leaders. And this is nothing new. As I just read again today in my daily reading of Scripture, in the time of Jesus the same problem existed. Many religious leaders rejected Jesus while preferring to give their loyalty to Caesar.

Prominent Australian Anglican Author Lashes out at Sydney Archbishop Glenn Davies

Them's fightin' words to Nikki Gemmel, who roared back in a column asking; 'What is the Anglican Church becoming? What does it want to be to the people of Australia? I ask this as a woman who's invested in Anglicanism but is heartbroken at the way this religion is being riven internally.' She said esteemed church leaders made her feel 'vandalized' and accused them of hijacking the church by 'bigotry and intolerance,' calling it a 'travesty of Jesus's teachings.'


Some years ago, I was teaching young ordinands in one of the Diocese of South East Asia when the bishop asked to see me in private. After courteous preliminaries he asked me: "What is your definition of a New Anglican?" He was referencing the name of the missionary society that I had then been leading for two decades, the New Anglican Missionary Society (NAMS), but he was assuming the phrase "New Anglican" meant a different kind of Anglican.

Why all the Congregations in ACNA should use the new ACNA Book of Common Prayer (other Anglicans in the USA as well)

3. It will strengthen the unity of mind and heart among those who use it regularly. Its use will begin to create a common language and memory among us, increasingly forging in us a deeper union and common sense of identity.

4. Lastly, it will no doubt be improved in minor ways. In the days ahead regular use will bring the need to light. It is important to have the wisdom of the whole Church involved in that process.

Finding Truth Amid Tension

More a mindset than a set of doctrines

But are there common features of a fundamentalist mindset to be found in these varied expressions? Consider these eight tell-tale signs:

First, fundamentalists of all stripes tend to reflect black and white thinking. They have little place for ambiguity. Certainty must be established.

Archbishop condemns oil companies for 'sparking environmental genocide'

He said: "Roughly 40m litres of oil wind up in the Niger Delta annually, eight times more than is spilled in America, the world's biggest producer and consumer."

Progressive Pansexualist "Christians" have Declared War on Orthodox Believers

This was the plan all along. Having their sexuality not merely approved but accepted and controlling the sexual agenda of the church was always their objective. Total capitulation and control.

The greatest threat to free speech and the free exercise of religion is the homosexual (and transgender) agenda. Nothing else comes even remotely close, said distinguished legal scholar and political philosopher Robert George of Princeton University.

Blaming Religious Right for Christian Decline

Religious Right fixtures get the spotlight because of their politics, but there's little evidence that churches grow or decline based on political stances or national media attention that's negative or positive. Evangelicalism, especially Pentecostalism, should have declined after the widely broadcast televangelist scandals of the late 1980s. Jimmy Swaggart and Jim Bakker (both of whom remain on television today, though with much diminished influence) suffered interlocking sexual and financial imbroglios, but the Pentecostal denominations to which they belonged remained fast growing.

Financial Improprieties Alleged in Central New York

The nature of the alleged financial impropriety has not been disclosed, but on October 31, the diocese announced that results of a forensic audit had been turned over to the New Hartford police. A dispatcher at the police department was unable to confirm whether any charges had been filed. Szachara could not be reached for comment.


A second path is to kill oneself rather than be ravaged by the invading barbarian hordes. In an age of unparalleled material wealth, tens of thousands of Westerners are murdering themselves every year through suicide and substance abuse rather than face the pain promised by further contact with our desperately fallen age. These poor lost souls feel the crushing weight of hopelessness and nihilism we daily breath in and out while surrounded by a world where the rules are made up and the points don't matter.

IS GAFCON A CHURCH? with a Reply to Global South Anglicans

Respectfully, I beg to differ with Canon Ashey's claim of uniqueness for the Global South Anglican covenant.

In 2016, I made a presentation in Cairo to the Global South Anglican leaders, observing that they and the Gafcon movement were both addressing the "ecclesial" identity of the Anglican Communion and urging that they work together with Gafcon on a common proposal (see Essay 9 of my The Global Anglican Communion). This they have not done, because they deny that Gafcon's purpose and work entails reordering the Anglican Communion of churches.

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