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The CofE's second-in-command who doesn't understand Christianity

Cottrell may write beautifully and poetically; he also uses abusive and intemperate language when speaking to clergy under him. In the Times, Cottrell is described as 'a liberal moderniser who peppers his talks to his clergy with phrases such as "what the bloody hell" and "who gives a toss?"' Cottrell's use of disdainful language in a manner liable to delight the trendy but offend the faithful reveals the inner man's attitudes.

Forgiveness: a new transactional theology

He said, amongst other pearls of wisdom, that "repentance and justice must go together"; that the acts of those memorialised in statues could be forgiven "only if there's justice," and that forgiveness can only be granted "if we change the way we behave now and say this was then and we learn from that and change how we are going to be in the future."

Penn will remove statue of George Whitefield

Cockburn can't help but feel this victory for the Ivy League revisionists means almost nothing. The statue of Whitefield is not even in public view: it is tucked away in the courtyard of a residence hall.

Penn also announced a new 'Campus Iconography Group', which will be led by the school's 'Chief Diversity Officer'. The group will 'move forward expeditiously this summer', presumably to virtue-signal by erasing some more history.

Lambeth Conference postponed for a further year

In the video Archbishop Justin Welby says: "I am overwhelmed by the way that Anglicans around the world have been facing up to the huge social needs created by this crisis. So many people have suffered from the pandemic, economically, physically through illness and in many other ways and even have lost those close to them.

For the Good of the Order: A Plea for Charity on the Ordination of Women

I read everything I could get my hands on. I was not yet confirmed as an Anglican, let alone having a theology of the priesthood, even less as a woman. I read the autobiographies of the Philadelphia Eleven (the eleven women ordained to the priesthood irregularly and as an act of defiance in 1974), and anything else on women priests I could get my hands on. I kept a journal, and I prayed. I took all the right steps, and when the rector of my church "back home" asked me out of the blue what I felt God was leading me to do with my life, I swallowed hard and told him what was on my heart.


Contemporary ideas such as political correctness, postmodernism, multiculturalism, identity politics, tribal politics, the sexual Revolution, the rage for socialism, and critical theory, are all ideas that have nothing to do with the American Revolution. They come down from the French Revolution, and they carry titanic consequences for the future of America and freedom. These ideas are not about uniting society. They advance by dividing society into deeper and deeper factions.

'Jesus was a black man,' says Archbishop Stephen Cottrell

"Jesus was a black man, and he was born into a persecuted group in an occupied country," he said.

"The leadership of the Church of England is still too white, and I hope under my watch we'll see further changes on that. The Church of England has not been good at reimagining what its ministry of leadership should look like."

He went on to say that he believed there was still institutional racism in the Church of England today.


"Sadly, far too many have been happy to cede too quickly their freedom to the state," invalidating the historic freedom of the church enshrined in the Magna Carta, she lamented.

Protecting Church Liberty

In England in 1215, a coalition of nobles and all Catholic bishops, imposed the Magna Carta on King John, severely limiting royal powers.

Why can't Britain's foreign aid be used to help Christians too?

But in doing this we've risked sending good money after bad: losing it amid suffocating bureaucracy, inefficiency and outright corruption. In Pakistan, for example, a large chunk of educational aid is in danger of being wasted because DfID-related contractors have built substandard school buildings which may need replacing. I have also asked repeatedly, without satisfactory response, whether any of Britain's educational aid to Pakistan might be being used to continue producing textbooks which promote religious hatred.


Anti-Black racism has a visible bearing upon Princeton's campus makeup and its hiring practices. It is the problem that faculty of color are routinely called upon to remedy by making ourselves visible; by persuading our white colleagues to overcome bias in hiring, admission, and recruitment efforts; and by serving as mentors and support networks for junior faculty and students seeking to thrive in an environment where they are not prioritized.

Slavery, statues and knowing when to stop

In the Arab world, slavery existed before the rise of Islam and continued to be practised right up to modern times. The Arabs were pioneers in the slave trade with Africa and European slavers learnt much about their business from them. The conquest of the Sind led to the enslavement of some of the local population and the subsequent Muslim Empires in India had both Turkic and Indian slaves. Slavery seems also to have been endemic in Africa, with people reduced to it because of debt, war or the need for plantation labour.

Archbishop Cottrell: the gift that keeps on giving

Before we go any further, you will be delighted to know that Jesus actually got a mention. But before you throw your stiff drink into the air in delight as you shout to your wife/husband/relation/friend/cat in the kitchen, just remember that this is the chap who recently banned his priests from visiting the sick in London's hospitals in case they got in the way of the NHS.

On Jesus:

Jesus was a black man and he was born into a persecuted group in an occupied country.

Wake Up America: ACNA Archbishop Says Church in America has been Co-opted by the Culture

Germany became a one-party state, blessed by one single and subservient church. The German Church had been co-opted by those outside the Church who lured it away from the Word of God. And the Church blessed the very evil it was supposed to condemn.


Take the new mantra, "Black Lives Matter." Of course they do. All lives matter. This is obvious to anyone not afraid of being called a racist for nonsensical reasons. But these are nonsensical times. Terry Crews, a black TV host, was vilified for tweeting that "we must ensure that #blacklivesmatter doesn't morph into #blacklivesbetter." Grant Napear, for 32 years the voice of the Sacramento Kings, was fired for tweeting "All lives matter" when asked what he thought of the "Black Lives Matter" movement.


However, not long after the enactment of the Constitution in the late 1700s, morality and church attendance declined drastically into a Spiritual Depression. The answer became the nationwide implementation of "Concerts of Prayer", across all Christian denominations, that led to an American Spiritual Awakening.

Angels and Archangels & All the Powers of Heaven

Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it. (Hebrews 13:2)

Have you been entertaining angels unaware? We've all heard stories from people who have been rescued, warned or helped by these unusual personages.

There are "fallen" angels, however. Jude 6, mentions them as......

Angels who did not keep their positions of authority but abandoned their own home - these (God) has kept in darkness, bound with everlasting chains for judgment on the Great Day.

We Must Stop the Great Unraveling

To rewrite the present, the mob has rewritten the past. They have forced upon us a distorted and grotesque version of American history. With the support of corporations and education boards, school textbooks and curricula tell of an unredeemable America founded not on the promise of human liberty but human bondage. What's more, this history discounts the transformative progress on racial equality for which Americans--black and white--have given their lives.

Nadia Bolz-Weber: Livin' On A Prayer?

'My 12-step program is next door to Masterpiece Cake Shop (of anti-gay fame) so as an act of resistance I always choose to take up their best parking places. It's the little things...'

The owner of the cake shop is, remember, a fellow-Christian. Dare we suppose that the finger and the sentiment would have been applied to a Muslim cake shop and its owner? Answers on the usual postcard, please, folks.


This case--Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue--involved moms like Kendra Espinoza suing Montana, claiming the state was discriminating against their children's religious schools. In the end, that's how the Court's conservative majority saw it, too.

Chief Justice John Roberts wrote, "A state need not subsidize private education. But once a state decides to do so, it cannot disqualify some private schools solely because they are religious."

Decade of the Reign of God vs Decade of the Rate of Decline

There is no stopping either. Both are on unstoppable trajectories.

One is faithful to Holy Scripture, aligning itself with the historic creeds, the 39 Articles of Religion; the other is aligning itself to the prevailing culture, moral relativism, all the while despising Biblical absolutes.

One Anglican group is orthodox in faith and morals, the other is unorthodox, choosing a watered-down, neutered faith, affirming a panoply of sexualities that have no basis in scripture or the history of the Church.

UGANDA: Soldier who killed Anglican lay leader jailed for 35 years

The court martial sat in Kasese district, 400 kms west of Kampala, the place where the offence was committed.

The convicted soldier has been identified as Abraham Lokwaku. His three colleagues with him while on patrol were each sentenced to 5 year for their failure to report the murder to higher authorities.

The court was presided over by Lt. colonel Felix Nyero who said on pronouncing the sentence; "You killed an innocent person in cold blood. I sentence you to 30 years imprisonment."

Lokwaku had earlier said he had killed Musimenta accidentally.


"We are not removing Emperor Constantine's statue. Nothing is happening: There is no discussion, action, intention or even thoughts about it," she insisted.

Review of All Monuments, Statues

However, "the Church of England has asked cathedrals and churches to review their monuments and statues for specific examples of memorials which symbolize and reflect prejudices and discrimination being experienced by people today," Atkinson confirmed (emphasis original).


I decided to use the same approach and investigate first-hand accounts from those who had experienced slavery. I was surprised by the wealth and breath of information readily available.

Among my treasured finds was the 1999 ABC presentation "Found Voices"; recorded interviews from former slaves made in the 1930's and 40's. Among those interviewed were several survivors of Clotilda, the last slave ship to arrive in America.

South Sudan celebrates nine years of independence

Canon Dr Vinay Samuel, a member of the organising team at Jerusalem proposed that GAFCON establish a relief and development programme for member provinces. Archbishop Peter Akinola of Nigeria, the GAFCON Chairman, then asked him to start with South Sudan. Moses Deng, now Archbishop Deng Archbishop of Northern Bahr el Ghazal in South Sudan, was the World Vision representative in Juba.


After many years of struggle and through the mercy and providence of God, a new story is forming, a Fellowship rising up to address the lack of discipline and accountability plaguing us since Anglicanism’s inception: the Global South Fellowship (GSF). Said another way, this fellowship constitutes a fresh start for the Anglican Communion, providing a clear alternative to Canterbury as the home of faithful Anglicanism.

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