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'Culture of impunity' over violence in Nigeria, says Archbishop of Jos

Clashes between Christian farmers and Fulani Muslim herdsmen have killed hundreds in recent years (News, 6 July 2018). They are, Dr Kwashi argues, part of an agenda to "wipe Christianity from the face of northern Nigeria". Last year, the Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari, said that the violence was caused by "temporal" problems, not by religion (News, 30 November 2018).

TEC and ACoC would sooner go out of business than repent for embracing pansexuality

It's as though the primates of the two churches are standing on the deck of The Titanic after it has hit an iceberg, chatting about needed changes in the Prayer Book over marriage language, with drinks and rainbow flags in hand, hoping that someone will patch the hole as they contemplate a wonderful future for their respective churches. Like the Titanic, the two Churches' end will be the same.

Sadly, it appears, the Church of England is heading along the same trajectory.

The Evangelical Fellowship in The Anglican Communion Appoints Interim General Secretary

* parish ministry in England and the USA

* serving as South American Mission Society (SAMS) mission partner in Argentina and Europe

* church planting in Spain

* serving as Suffragan Bishop in Europe and Assistant Bishop in the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh

* serving as Church Mission Society (CMS) Latin America Mission Director

* serving as Honorary Assistant bishop in Oxford, Winchester and Chichester

Diocese of the Arctic Declares "Impaired Communion" with Anglican Church of Canada

This General Synod has given us permission to decide for ourselves what direction we should take. We choose now to walk as the self-determining Anglican Church of Canada in the Arctic. Joshua 24:15 says "...choose this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your fathers served in the region beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you dwell. But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD."

We understand that many have walked away from our Anglican Church of Canada's doctrine, but we have not.

Ancient papyrus offers fresh glimpse into everyday life of early Christians

It originates from the village of Theadelphia in central Egypt and belongs to the famous Heroninus archive, the largest papyrus archive from Roman times.

The letter was sent by Arrianus to his brother, Paulinus, and discusses day-to-day matters, from updates on the family to a simple request for some fish liver sauce.

"Greetings, my lord, my incomparable brother Paulus," the letter reads.

"I, Arrianus, salute you, praying that all is as well as possible in your life."

CANADA: Statement from the ANiC House of Bishops

Friday evening, July 12, 2019, the historic vote happened and though the overall vote was overwhelmingly for the change, because it was to be a Canonical change it required a 2/3 majority in all three houses: Laity, Clergy and Bishops.

The outcome was the motion was defeated by the narrowest of margins because, although the laity and clergy houses both had votes far exceeding the 66.6 % vote required, the House of Bishops only had just over 62% which meant the motion was defeated.

The Eclipse of God, the Subversion of Truth, and the Assault upon Religious Liberty

I believe that conservatives in the United States have vastly underestimated the reality and comprehensiveness of the challenge we face. All of us see parts, but it takes concentrated attention, a devotion to history, and a serious reckoning with ideas to see the whole--the vastness of our crisis. We see religious liberty denied when a cake baker in Colorado experiences sustained efforts to put him out of business, or worse, accompanied nationwide by florists and photographers and a host of others.

Truro report launched to Ambassadors, FCO staff, NGO leaders and clergy

Dr Habib Malik from Lebanon, the son of Dr Charles Malik who drew up article 18 of the UN Charter of Human Rights, which guarantees religious freedom and the right to convert, argued that that article, on which Saudi Arabia abstained but did not oppose, was the rock on which to build the case for FORB.

The elephant in the room was named by Christy Anastas, of i61 collective which works for reconciliation and bridge building with a particular focus on the Middle East.

Statement from House of Bishops renders Marriage Canon vote null and void

The vote was meaningless. Worse, it was a hoax, a deception, a lie, an exercise which, if it succeeded, would legitimise same sex marriage and, if it failed, still legitimise same-sex marriage.

Why would anyone take anything this preposterous excuse for a church does or says seriously?

Looking on the bright side, the motion to stop using single use plastic passed; that means no nametags in 2022.

From here:

Anglican Church of Canada bishops reject same-sex marriage; laity and clergy support resolution

Voting however was close. The laity voted 80.9 percent in favor, easily passing the required two-thirds threshold. The clergy voted 73.2 percent in favor, but the bishops failed to reach the requirement of two-thirds in favor, with only 62.2 percent voting yes. Two bishops abstained, 14 voted against, and 23 voted in favor. 

Episcopal Leavers Vilified * Reparative Therapist's Books Banned by AMAZON * Ravi Zacharias Exposed * Michigan Episcopal Bishop Banned from using RCC parish * 400 CofE Clergy Convicted of Child Sex Offenses * ACoC Defeats Homosexual Marriage * More...

To a layman, it seems obvious that what unites the Evangelical and the Anglo-Catholic against the 'Liberal' or 'Modernist' is something very clear and momentous, namely, the fact that both are thoroughgoing supernaturalists, who believe in the Creation, the Fall..."the Incarnation, the Resurrection, the Second Coming, and the Four Last Things. This unites them not only with one another, but with the Christian religion as understood ubique et ab omnibus." -- C. S. Lewis

Archbishop of Canterbury calls for mandatory reporting of sexual abuse

Survivors of clerical sexual abuse have argued that mandatory reporting of allegations or suspicions of abuse to statutory authorities is a vital component of effective child protection. They argue that a failure to comply should lead to criminal sanctions.

Welby told the inquiry that John Sentamu, the archbishop of York, shared his view. "We now both believe in mandatory reporting."


In his incurable vanity and futile effort satan has the compulsion to blot out all consciousness of God, his Name, and every notion of his Person. He is insane in his rage, crafty and cunning in his ways, deceitful in character, cruel in his behavior to all life because it comes from God, and he is the perpetrator of the "great lie" and universal delusion (the source of all error and misperception about everything) that inhabits the minds of fallen angels in their rebellion, and all men from their birth. He is the author of all that is evil, wrong, and untrue.

++YORK ON INTERPRETING THE BIBLE: Moral Equivalence and Moral Equivocation

It is hard not to say Amen to that! Indeed that is exactly the kind of habits of reading, interpreting, and applying of the Bible which Archbishop Cranmer called for in his Scripture Collect:
Blessed Lord, who hast caused all holy Scriptures to be written for our learning: Grant that we may in such wise hear them, read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest them, that by patience and comfort of thy holy Word, we may embrace and ever hold fast the blessed hope of everlasting life, which thou hast given us in our Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

The Duplicitous World of Christian Apologist Ravi Zacharias

The first is that he claimed to have earned degrees from respectable institutions that he never obtained. Along with that are claims he made that he studied at a number of well-known institutions, claiming to lecture alongside academic men he claimed to have a relationship with.

The Archbishop of Kenya Interviewed

The Anglican Church in Kenya is very large with 9% of the population stating they belonged to it in a recent survey, making it the second largest denomination in Kenya, after the Catholic Church, with nearly 5m adherents. The church is very engaged in all kinds of excellent and innovative social projects without in any way losing its evangelistic distinctiveness. He mentioned that the church in Kenya started by missionaries had four buildings: a church, a dispensary, a school and a garden. All work together to advance the cause of Christ.

ENGLAND: Bishop Mountstephen calls for sanctions on countries which persecute Christians

..Because the Christian faith is perhaps the one truly global faith it has become a bellwether for repression more generally. If Christians are being discriminated against in one context or another you can be confident other minorities are too. So renewing a focus on Christian persecution is actually a way of expressing our concern for all minorities who find themselves under pressure. And ignoring Christian persecution might well mean we're ignoring other forms of repression as well.


Our story since creation is epic in its series of episode upon episode of human wickedness, defiance of divine wisdom and law, abuse of our Maker's gifts, misuse of our God-given faculties and functions, and wanton destruction of all things good, conceptual and physical. Our record is exceedingly reprehensible. Our world is ruined. Our souls are lost when we raise our consciences Godward by his enabling. Archeology unearths the debased thought and degenerate behavior of previous cultures that have brought swift destruction upon themselves. The Lord is not mocked.

UGANDA: Anglican church installs first female head

The service will start at 4:00 pm. The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda and the Bishop, Diocese of Kampala, His Grace Stanley Ntagali, will preside over the function.

The Provost is the Parish Priest who is also the Chief Executive Officer of the Cathedral for providing overall leadership to the Cathedral ministry in articulating and implementing the Vision, Mission, Objectives and entire operations of the Church while maintaining the dignity, heritage, and values of the Anglican Church of Uganda.

Episcopal Jackals surround last remaining Orthodox Episcopal Diocese and Bishop

The jackals are circling the diocese.

Meanwhile, the Communion Partner bishops remain steadfastly silent in the face of this clear persecution of one of their own. Former jailed Maryland bishop Heather Cook had more friends in jail, than Bishop Bill Love has on the outside.

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