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GSFA Pastoral Letter Following The Church of England's General Synod (July 5 - 9 2024)

Despite the continued opposition of almost 50% of the Synod, the bishops of the Church of England have now succeeded in gaining support for services of blessing for same sex couples and the endorsement of a timetable to enable clergy to enter into same sex marriages.

EFAC Global expresses deep disappointment over LLF Milestone

"It is deeply disappointing that despite hearing repeatedly in speeches of the need to build trust by avoiding bad process, and CEEC's continued advocacy of the insufficiency of delegated arrangements, Synod passed the Motion, and the Prayers of Love and Faith bus continues to move forward.

"The leaders of the Church of England seem intent on leading the church away from the biblical teaching and doctrine passed down through the centuries and shared by millions of Christians in the Anglican Communion today.

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The current custodians of some of England's great cathedrals treat them so lightly that they are used for raves, and that agnostics and atheists arguing for something on cultural grounds could look like a preference for 'external form' over 'interior integrity'. --Joseph Shaw, Crisis Magazine

The prosperity gospel is an "insidious disease" that has "very little of the character of the Gospel in it." -- Gordon Fee

Dear Brothers and Sisters
July 12, 2024

The Episcopal Diocese of Texas leaves seniors sweltering following Beryl-generated power outages

By Thursday afternoon (July 11) -- three days following Beryl's exit -- the number of customers without power dipped below one million, yet at least 500,000 of those who had lost power might still be waiting until next week for electricity to be restored to their properties. Post Beryl July temperatures have already soared into the mid to upper 90s with heat indexes hitting triple digits.

The power outages were split basically between CenterPoint (which is on the self-contained Texas ERCOT power grid) and Entergy (which is the Texas spillover of the Louisiana power grid).

IDF denies Episcopal Church claim it ordered evacuation of Gaza hospital

Responding to the allegation, the IDF told Reuters in a statement that it ordered civilians in certain areas of Gaza City to evacuate so it could reduce potential civilian casualties as it launched new military operations against terrorist groups. The IDF says it told Palestinian health authorities that hospitals could remain in use and there was no need to evacuate.

Former vicar of Emmanuel Church Wimbledon Jonathan Fletcher charged with historical sex offences

He has been charged with eight counts of indecent assault and one of grievous bodily harm, for offences dating between 1973 and 1999.

He was bailed to appear at Kingston Crown Court on August 7.

The Met said: "We encourage anyone who has been a victim of abuse to come forward and speak to us.

"We have specialist officers who will listen and support you through the investigative process. Advice and details of charities that can offer support to victims of sexual offences can be found on the MPS website."

CofE evangelicals start parallel province in dispute over same-sex marriage

The CEEC has already started a fund in which churches opposed to same-sex blessings can deposit their money, rather than with the CofE. It has also already organised a service this Friday, at All Souls Church, Langham Place, to create "overseers", who will take over the bishops' role of pastoral oversight and spiritual help to clergy opposed to same sex blessings. But the CEEC says it is not leaving the church: "We are committed to remaining within the Church of England and hope that the bishops will come to the table to negotiate an acceptable settlement."

Full statement below:

LLF - The Decision Point?

The facts were clear:
• Once "prayers are commended it is hard to see a scenario where they will be uncommended". The Prayers of Love and Faith were commended for use in regular services in November 2023.

Church of England moves closer to services of blessing for same-sex couples

Now campaigners hope that special standalone services of blessings -- which will look and feel very similar to church weddings -- are on the cards. However, gay couples will still need to undergo a civil ceremony in order to be legally married.

Traditionalists said the move could lead to those who believe marriage can only be a union of a man and a woman leaving the C of E.

Edward VI, "Boy King" Led English Reformation

Historian Diarmaid MacCulloch asserts that in Edward's thirteenth year the boy-king began to actually lead the nation, especially in the realm of religion - so much so, he contends, that the Church of England can fairly be called "Edward's church."


According to a report in the Living Church, ACNA's new archbishop, Steve Wood is, "passionate for evangelism."

"Roughly 130 million people in America do not know Jesus Christ," Wood told the press conference. "That is the most animated aspect of who I am: I want everyone to come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ."

Outgoing ACNA Archbishop Foley Beach emphasized that Wood has a "proven track record" and that "this guy is bearing fruit."

Jesus Christ is the crux of Scripture

Jesus Christ is displayed in all the Scriptures; in actual prediction, promise, and allusion based on the analogy of Scripture. He in his divine assignment of redemption is, to the Spirit-led mind with an appreciation of the amazing connectedness of the Word of God, broadly and often boldly attested as the Supreme Figure in whom the Godhead dwells to renew the cursed nature of a gravely wounded planet and its misery-ridden inhabitants engaged in outrageous revolt against the powers of heaven.


Labour is expected to railroad its plans for "a full trans-inclusive ban on conversion practices", with sources saying we could see legislation within the first 100 days.
Officials say that by including 'safeguards' similar to those found in former Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle's unsuccessful Private Member's Bill, Labour will be able to produce workable legislation. But independent legal advice is clear that the supposed safeguards in the Russell-Moyle Bill are worthless and simply won't protect the ordinary work of churches.

General Synod: a watershed moment?

In summary, the Church of England's General Synod is being asked: to endorse a direction of travel that continues to move away from our biblical and historic inheritance; to support the introduction of standalone services of blessings for same-sex couples; to support a timetable towards allowing clergy to marry their same-sex partners; and to support provision for orthodox Anglicans based on delegation rather than structural rearrangement.

ACNA's New Archbishop: Passionate for Evangelism

Wood still experiences tinnitus in his left ear from his COVID infection, but he recovered and St. Andrew's was rebuilt after a season spent meeting in a school cafeteria and lawn. That season prompted the congregation's theme of "Beauty from the Ashes": that God is working to redeem brokenness.

"The College of Bishops I know are the people who dropped everything to spend an hour in prayer" as he was in the hospital, Wood told a June 27 press conference at St. Vincent's College in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, during the Anglican Church in North America's Provincial Assembly.


After deleting a claim that Israel "pursu[es] an apartheid policy against the Palestinian people," the convention passed resolutions which pinned equal blame on both Hamas and Israel for Hamas' October 7 attacks on Israeli citizens." Arab Bedouins, hidden victims were attacked by Hamas too.

Delegates removed a reference to the "ongoing genocide by the Israeli government against the Palestinian people." The bishops also strengthened the criticism of Hamas by referring to the events of October 7 as a terrorist attack, instead of just an attack.

Church Society Leader Blasts Bishop of Oxford Over Same-Sex Marriage & Blessings

That same day, The Alliance (which describes itself as "a broad coalition of leaders of networks across different traditions supported by more than 2,000 clergy within the Church of England") released a public letter supporting those bishops "in their endeavours to remain faithful to the orthodox teaching of the Church of England." They made it clear that "What is proposed is clearly indicative of 'a departure from the doctrine of the Church of England in an essential matter,'" and expressed disappointment that the House of Bishops had reneged on their previous decision to follow the correc

Accusations of schism flying in run up to General Synod

But it was not just the process that concerned them -- The Alliance believe that introducing such services would "be part of a schismatic move which departs from the teaching received and upheld not only by the vast majority of the Anglican Communion (representing around 75% of the Anglican Communion's 80 million members), the Roman Catholic Church, the Orthodox Churches but also the vast majority of other churches around the world".

Christianity Versus Morality

In the current controversy within the worldwide church regarding the ordination and induction of practicing homosexuals to the Christian ministry there is much said with regard to the methodology and motives of those opposing this measure. Those upholding an orthodox position are variously characterised as being fundamentalist or literalist in their interpretation of the Scriptures and motivated by prejudice, bigotry and homophobia. I have no wish to speculate on the motives of those who hold to a revisionist theological position.

THE LION IN WINTER: Portrait of a Faithful Anglican Bishop

Bishop C. (stands for Christopher) FitzSimons Allison is an evangelical theological bishop with a distinctive and remarkable history. He is a rare breed of scholar, leader, pastor, author, and southern gentleman. As a thoroughly orthodox bishop in faith and morals he has held the line on faithfulness to scripture, to the creeds, the 39 Articles of Religion and the historic episcopacy; standing against the steady encroachment of revisionism in his beloved church.


Today, in 2024 America, the phrase "religious war" evokes mostly far-off outrages: Muslim Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria serially attacking Christian villages and massacring every man, woman and child while burning their homes to the ground. Atheistic Communist China persecuting virtually all religions, from Christians to Uyghur Muslims to Tibetan Buddhists to Falun Gong practitioners.

Bishop of Oxford names the Alliance proposal -- "disproportionate schism"

You say that your network is supported by more than 2,000 clergy within the Church of England but I see no real evidence that this is the case (and I note that the Catholic signatories seem not to have signed the latest letter).

Church of England may split over same-sex services, clergy warn

Ahead of the Synod, three significant letters from the orthodox wing -- comprising over 2,000 clergy members -- signal a stark warning: the church may be on the brink of a split.

In 2023, the CofE marked a significant turning point by permitting priests to bless same-sex couples. However, these blessings are restricted to regular, publicly held services, not individual ceremonies like weddings.

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