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October 22 2014 By dvirtue Speaking out for Sexual Holiness is the Responsibility of all REFORM members not just the same-sex attracted

"Of course we need to ensure that our voice is heard but are the official 'shared conversations' the place to do this? There are 12 conversations with 60 people in each -- a total of 720 individuals.

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October 19 2014 By dvirtue UK: New figures reveal massive decline in religious affiliation

If the trends continue, Methodists will be extinct in a few decades and the Church of England also faces massive decline by the end of the century.

Only the Catholics are currently holding up, along with some minority faiths, in the mass move towards atheism and agnosticism in Britain.

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October 09 2014 By dvirtue UK: Protesters confront John Sentamu over Jeremy Pemberton case

Jeremy Pemberton had his permission to officiate as a priest withdrawn after marrying his partner Laurence in a civil ceremony. He was refused a licence to take up a new chaplaincy post with Sherwood NHS. This meant the job offer was withdrawn.

The decisions, in line with the Church of England's current position on the issue, were taken by the acting Bishop of Southwell and Nottingham, Richard Inwood, who is under the authority of Dr Sentamu.

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October 09 2014 By dvirtue The Church of England is on its last chance

Some of her concerns will emerge in more detail, along with groundbreaking new research, in an Enquiry on the Future of the Church of England launched this week in Oxford. The series of five debates, beginning tomorrow night, Thursday, will examine parishes, people, heritage, diversity and vision.

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October 07 2014 By dvirtue Apb Welby: "Next Lambeth Conference a decision for the primates"

Archbishop Welby, who is also primate of the Church of England, stressed that, "The next Lambeth Conference needs to be called collegially by the primates, together with real ownership of the agenda and a real sense of what we're trying to do with such a large effort, such cost. So when we meet as primates, which I hope we will do...with reasonable notice after the end of [the visits to all the primates], then we will decide together on the details."

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September 30 2014 By dvirtue UK: Peter Tatchell: 'Gay bishops will be outed'

Bishop Alan denounced "duplicity and hypocrisy" in the Church over homosexuality, claiming that around one in 10 bishops could be secretly gay.

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September 24 2014 By dvirtue Bishop of London: 'Religion can be dangerous'

He laments that the spiritual culture of the West is impoverished and primitive. "People find it extraordinarily difficult to be serious about angels or discarnate energies."

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September 21 2014 By dvirtue Unbiblical Presumption in College of Bishops' Sexuality Statement

The meeting included diocesan and suffragan bishops and the eight senior women clergy elected last year. Emitting a toxic fume of spiritual and moral relativism, the statement declares:

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September 19 2014 By dvirtue Archbishop of Canterbury adviser warns College of Bishops ‘decisions have to be made’ on same-sex weddings

Canon David Porter, the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Director of Reconciliation, today warned Bishops ahead of this week’s meeting that a final decision cannot be stalled forever.

He said: “For me the ideal outcome will be that people will be able to articulate with a measure of empathy the views of others that they don’t agree with.

“When we get to the process beyond the shared conversations, decisions will have to be made, because we can’t leave it in this space forever.

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September 17 2014 By dvirtue UK: Jeffrey John could become Church of England bishop

He was appointed Dean of St Albans in 2004 and two years later he and his partner Rev Grant Holmes entered into a civil partnership.

Dr John was shortlisted last year for Exeter but the vote went narrowly against him, even though his performance at interview was outstanding. His name was also withdrawn previously from the Southwark diocesan appointment process because of opposition from the conservative wing.

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