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March 28 2015 By dvirtue House of Lords to get its first EVER female bishop when Parliament returns after the election

She was raised in Hertfordshire, studied linguistics at Reading University and worked as a speech and language therapist before entering the church.

The 52-year-old -- who is married to a priest-in-charge of two parishes in the City of London -- then attended Oxford University's evangelical theological college Wycliffe Hall and was ordained in 1994.

The Venerable Treweek today revealed she was 'surprised' at her appointment but said it was 'an immense joy and privilege'.

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March 26 2015 By dvirtue I know just the vicar for my parish church. Pity he's fictional

The Diocese of Oxford, plainly feeling the Cross to be insufficient, illustrated its job ads with a multicoloured baby-bricks corporate logo saying 'Living Faith'. The subtext might as well be, 'Don't come here if you are looking for grown-up worship.' Oxford was looking for a rural mission dean -- 'an effective communicator who understands the complexities of envisioning traditional structures'. After reading that several times I still haven't a clue what it means.

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March 25 2015 By dvirtue LONDON: Church of England to have first bishop couple

"You may have noticed that I am married to a bishop. This may seem excessive! You would think that one in a family is more than enough.

"Believe me, this has crossed our minds."

Her husband, Frank White, is a deputy bishop in Newcastle in northern England although in effect he has the same status as a bishop.

The Archbishop of York John Sentamu, who made the announcement, said it was "a joyous day".

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March 21 2015 By dvirtue Church of England defends sale of assets for recruitment plan

Professor Linda Woodhead, of Lancaster University, who specialises in the sociology of religion, told Christian Today that she believed the "proven growth forumla" cited by the Church in an article in the Financial Times was a "nonsense" that "needs exposing". She added: "If they have a worked business case, why can't we see or debate it?"

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March 20 2015 By dvirtue Christians must not apologise at work for their beliefs

Writing in the Telegraph, he said: "Now, more than ever, we need Christian people to speak up for their faith, to articulate their beliefs in sensible and courteous ways. Our society needs a reminder of our foundational beliefs in honesty, faithfulness, right and wrong.

"Don't be intimidated by a hostile workplace, challenge the hostility with good humour."

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March 19 2015 By dvirtue No more Muslim prayer services in churches, says bishop

Today Bishop Chessun said: "The Bishop of Kingston has, at my request, now met with the Vicar of St John, Waterloo to discuss the Inclusive Mosque event which took place at St John, Waterloo on 6 March. Whilst it is very important to build good interfaith relations, it is clear that an act of worship from a non-Christian faith tradition is not permitted within a consecrated Church of England building.

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March 15 2015 By dvirtue Welby: 'Seismic shift' required to equip all Anglicans as evangelists

I want to start by saying just two simple sentences about the Church. First, the church exists to worship God in Jesus Christ.

Second, the Church exists to make new disciples of Jesus Christ. Everything else is decoration. Some of it may be very necessary, useful, or wonderful decoration -- but it's decoration.

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March 13 2015 By dvirtue Discrimination revealed: UK Christians have to keep faith hidden

Christians in particular feel discriminated against.

Christians said they were mocked for their beliefs by colleagues who assumed they were bigoted.

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March 11 2015 By dvirtue UK: The Southwark Declaration

We affirm the divine inspiration of the Holy Scriptures and their supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct. We affirm with Canon A5 that 'the doctrine of the Church of England is grounded in the Holy Scriptures, and in such teachings of the ancient Fathers and Councils of the Church as are agreeable to the said Scriptures.''

We affirm, with Article XX, that 'it is not lawful for the Church to ordain any thing that is contrary to God's Word written.'

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March 11 2015 By dvirtue Youths turning to Jihad because mainstream religion not 'exciting' enough -- Welby

The Archbishop's comments came as he hosted a reception at Lambeth Palace for leaders from most of the major religious communities in the UK.

Asked by one Anglican cleric whether it was too simplistic to ask only what the Muslim community is doing to prevent radicalisation, he said it would be wrong to blame politicians.

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