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June 12 2015 By dvirtue UK: Dame Mullally to Be a Bishop

When Mullaly became the government's Chief Nursing Officer for England in 1999, she was the youngest person appointed to this post. She was made a Dame Commander of the British Empire in 2005 in recognition of her outstanding service to healthcare.

Ordained in 2001, she served in non-stipendiary roles, then quit nursing to become a full-time rector in Surrey on the outskirts of London in 2006.

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June 01 2015 By dvirtue UK: Our Mother who art in heaven: Group of Church women want to refer to God as a 'She' to combat sexism

One of the supporters of the idea, the Rev Emma Percy, chaplain of Trinity College, Oxford, said the dominance of male language makes women feel that they are less holy.

The chaplain, who is also a member of Watch (Women and the Church), the pressure group that helped win the argument for female bishops in the Church of England, said using the word 'She' for God would be more inclusive.

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May 31 2015 By dvirtue C of E crisis as it loses 1.7m followers - and Islam gains 900,000

The Church of England has suffered a dramatic slump in its followers, shocking new figures show.

Between 2012 and 2014, the proportion of Britons identifying themselves as C of E or Anglican dropped from 21 per cent to 17 per cent -- a fall of about 1.7 million people.

Over the same period, the number of Muslims in Britain grew by nearly one million, according to a survey by the respected NatCen Social Research Institute.

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May 30 2015 By dvirtue UK: Vicar Criticized for refusing to baptize son of unmarried parents

He added: "Marriage is part of God's way. Historically, it's always been the decision of the church. 'Baptism is a massive deal. We have lost the meaning of what baptism is all about. When it comes to baptism there is a small print. It's not a naming ceremony.

"If I'm standing up and saying 'I want to follow God's way' and God's way is marriage it will always be part of that. I will always hold up marriage as God's way of doing relationships."

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May 28 2015 By dvirtue What difference will women bishops make? Quite a lot, it seems...

The Pagan Federation and the Druid Network have recently become fully-fledged members of Britain's religious establishment, having been voted into the Inter Faith Network UK as a body representative of its community.

Paganism had a "deep reverence" for both the feminine and masculine, not in a partnered but in a "conjoined" sense, she said.

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May 26 2015 By dvirtue Church of England to consider transgender naming ceremony

The motion, which was passed by Blackburn Diocese last month, calls on the House of Bishops to consider whether it should introduce a new service to mark the milestone in the life of a trans person. A spokesperson for the Archbishops' Council confirmed that the motion had been received, but said it would not be debated imminently.

Newlands urged the church to take the lead on welcoming a group that suffered high levels of discrimination.

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May 20 2015 By dvirtue Church of England investment bonanza boosts expansion

Total return investments in 2014 was 14.4 per cent, exceeding the target of RPI + 5 per cent. The fund has grown from £2.4 billion at the start of 1995 to £6.7 billion at the end of 2014.

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May 13 2015 By dvirtue Bishop of Maidstone: 300 CofE congregations oppose women bishops

"I was asked to estimate how many people would be likely to share my theological convictions on the issue of women in ministry, and I said it could be any number and I was just going to have to guess," said Revd Prebendary Rod Thomas on Premier's News Hour.

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May 09 2015 By dvirtue Welby: let's stop pretending all religions agree

But he warned that the pretence that mainstream religions agree on everything is simply "dishonest" and risks leaving them impotent to halt the spread of extremism.

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May 07 2015 By dvirtue Justin Welby: The most common feature of Anglicanism is persecution

Over the last few weeks he received emails from an archbishop pleading for support as his churches were shelled and the paths to them mined -- by violent Buddhist radicals.

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