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September 20 2015 By dvirtue The Archbishop of Canterbury inducts the first members of the Community of St Anselm

The members who were selected after an intensive application process are between the ages of 20 to 35. Required to be baptized Christians, this year they represent the Roman Catholic, Anglican, Methodist and Pentecostal branches of the Church. They will follow a Rule of Life that has been created from the best practices of the Church's monastic heritage.

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September 16 2015 By dvirtue ISLE OF MAN: Petition calls for Anglican bishop's resignation

Dr Jules Gomez, the vicar of St Mary's on the Harbour in Castletown, says his parishioner Rosalind Taisia started the petition - which is now being circulated by supporters.

In July he presented a petition for redress of grievance to Tynwald over bullying and clergy employment rights.

Dr Gomez explains says the online petition will eventually be handed to the Lieutenant Governor Adam Wood:

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September 10 2015 By dvirtue Archbishops clash over crushing ISIS and right-to-die compassion

For ++Justin, Rob Marris's Assisted Dying (No.2) Bill "would have detrimental effects both on individuals and on our society"; it represents "a change of monumental proportions"; it would "cross a fundamental legal and ethical Rubicon". It isn't, of course, so fundamental for Lord Carey, which the current Archbishop acknowledges:

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September 09 2015 By dvirtue ENGLAND: Former Bishop of Lewes admits sexually abusing young men

On Tuesday, the Crown Prosecution Service allowed two charges of indecently assaulting two boys in their early teens to lie on file. The deal, hammered out in secret with CPS lawyers, means Ball will not face trial on perhaps the most serious alleged offences, which involved boys aged 13 and 15.

Bobbie Cheema QC, for the crown, told the Old Bailey in London there had been a great deal of communication between prosecutors and the defence, which had resulted in the pleas.

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September 06 2015 By dvirtue Former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey calls for Britain to 'crush' Isis in Syria to end the refugee crisis

The retired bishop, who was head of the Church of England from 1991 to 2002, has backed calls for British military intervention to help create 'safe enclaves' within the war-torn country.

His comments echoed the growing impatience among some Conservative backbenchers with former defence secretary Liam Fox saying 'handwringing' about the plight of the refugees is not enough and action is needed to deal with the 'root of the problem'.

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September 03 2015 By dvirtue EU referendum could leave Britain 'dispirited and divided', Archbishop of Canterbury warns

The Most Rev Justin Welby has today launched a new website, entitled "re-imagining Europe", which will act as a forum for differing views on the future of the European Union to ensure that people can "disagree well".

He said that the website, which has been launched with the Church of Scotland, will aim to provide "new ways of disagreeing well that leaves us energised and revitalised, not dispirited and divided".

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August 21 2015 By dvirtue UK: Senior lawyers launch devastating critique on church law reform plans

They have also raised fears that the proposals represent an attempt "to move legislative authority" away from the General Synod, the Church's parliament, and to the Archbishops' Council, the policy body at the heart of Church management.

Some even fear that the proposals are a "clandestine means" of removing legal constraints and "ceding untrammeled authority to the bishops and to the Archbishops' Council," according to the critique.

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August 21 2015 By dvirtue Bishop: you can give terminally ill a dignified death 'without killing them'

The group, which also included leading rabbis from the Liberal and Reform strands of Judaism and the first female leader of the Methodist Church, Baroness Richardson, said religious teachings about the value of pain should have no place in arguments about assisted dying.

"There is nothing sacred about suffering, nothing holy about agony, and individuals should not be obliged to endure it," they wrote.

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August 15 2015 By dvirtue Church of England 'on the margins of extinction', analyst claims

The Church of England will be extinct by 2100 in terms of attendance and 2082 in terms of membership, claims John Hayward, writing on the blog of the Church Growth Modelling project.

The Anglican Church, once a key institution in the English-speaking world, has been in decline for over half a century, he says, and although some churches are growing, particularly on the evangelical wing, the overall trend is downwards.

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August 11 2015 By dvirtue UK: Gay Anglican preacher forced to 'choose between marriage or ministry'

Archbishop Sentamu told him he would revoke his licence to preach -- known as a Permission to Officiate (PTO) -- if he went ahead.

But after three weeks of "tears and soul searching", he said he and his partner had gone out to buy rings and are now set on pressing ahead.

Mr Timm said that after a lifetime steeped in Anglicanism, including three years training as a priest before going into his family's flour milling business, he would now be leaving the Church of England.

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