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December 18 2014 By dvirtue Church of England management courses overlook God, say critics

The report's 12-strong panel was chaired by Lord Green, the former HSBC chairman and trade minister, and included Christopher McLaverty, ex-head of talent and learning at BP, as "consultant design manager", as well as four bishops.

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December 15 2014 By dvirtue UK: Why No Reform Minister Should Accept the 'Headship' See of Maidstone

Biblically, minister as delegate is surely problematic. Ministers are called to be pastoral and prophetic according to the Apostle Paul's Pastoral Epistles, whose teaching is so faithfully reflected in the Book of Common Prayer's Ordinal. In this New Testament light, Christ's ministers owe those in their pastoral care their loving, biblically-grounded, godly judgement, not their democratic obedience.

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December 14 2014 By dvirtue Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby hungry for end to suffering

You were more shocked by scenes at a British foodbank than the suffering in African refugee camps and you backed calls to end over-hasty "sanctioning" of benefits that leaves claimants penniless.

And rightly so. This is not a game. It's deadly serious.

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December 13 2014 By dvirtue Plan to groom 'talent' for high office in C of E

In stage one, which is in the process of being implemented, all diocesan bishops and deans are expected to attend a residential modular development programme run by a secular university or business school. The modules are entitled: "Building healthy organisations", "Leading growth", and "Reinventing the ministry".

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December 06 2014 By dvirtue Trajectory of the C of E: suggestions for confessing Anglicans

In another Diocese, which I can't name at the moment, a number of clergy in civil partnerships have been appointed to senior posts, to the extent that even some moderates feel that this kind of 'affirmative action' is getting out of hand. Of course all these clergy have given assurances that their relationships are non-sexual, but they make no secret of their opposition to the C of E's current teaching and their support for the 'inclusion' ethic.

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December 02 2014 By dvirtue Archbishop of Canterbury joins world faith leaders in pledge to end modern slavery

The faith leaders affirmed their common commitment to inspiring spiritual and practical action by all faiths and people of goodwill everywhere to eradicate modern slavery.

In an address before the signing, Archbishop Justin described today's declaration as "a profoundly significant moment".

The leaders had gathered to "affirm a deep shared commitment for the liberation of those humiliated, abused and enslaved by their fellow-human beings," he said.

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November 28 2014 By dvirtue Ebola attacks what makes us human, says Archbishop of Canterbury

In the video Archbishop Justin spoke of the "deep sorrow" he encountered on a visit to West Africa last month, where he met with the Chief of Staff of the UN Mission for Ebola Emergency Response (UNMEER) in Accra, Ghana.

"You're infected by the people you love most, and grieve for most -- they are most dangerous to you when they've died."

"This is a challenge to the very heart of what it is to be human."

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November 17 2014 By dvirtue Church of England poised to choose first female bishop by Christmas

In response, the panel, the Crown Nominations Commission (CNC), has indicated that it might already have lined up female candidates to be interviewed as part of its two-day meeting starting on Dec 2. It held an initial meeting on Nov 3 to draw up a shortlist of candidates.

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November 16 2014 By dvirtue Church of England Chooses Extremist Islam to Address Synod

Counter-extremism campaigners, however, have expressed disappointment that the Church would choose an activist accused of connections with extremist groups.

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November 16 2014 By dvirtue Imagine the Church of England with One Million Disciples of Christ

Imagine all these one million committed to generous, planned, sacrificial giving to the work of their local churches and to God's wider work in the world. Imagine them committed to practical love and good deeds in their local communities, work places, social networks, and schools and colleges.

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