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July 11 2014 By dvirtue Evangelicals in CofE want 12 bishops after women bishops vote

He also asked specifically that the Archbishop be "encouraging and ensuring the appointment of 12 conservative evangelical bishops".

The Church of England has resisted quota systems. A previous move during the 2013 November Synod to guarantee a place for at least one evangelical bishop in the College of Bishops was rejected.

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July 10 2014 By dvirtue As the Synod prepares to vote on women bishops Katharine Jefferts Schori the only Anglican woman Primate speaks

Gender is really not an issue, she said in a phone conversation a fortnight ago, just before travelling to the UK to preach at the annual pilgrimage in St Albans. "It's been a very minor theme. When I was first elected, there was profound objection from a couple of bishops who did not think that women should be ordained. We've long ago gotten past that: they decided they didn't want to be part of the Episcopal Church.

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July 10 2014 By dvirtue PM rejects call for law change in gay cake row: Cameron declines to support 'conscience clause' to protect Christians who are persecuted for their beliefs

Questioned by MPs, Mr Cameron declined to offer support for the idea of laws to defend Christian beliefs. Instead he told the Commons that gay equality rights are part of being British.

Cameron has batted aside calls for a 'conscience clause' to protect Christians persecuted for their beliefs. He said that tolerance and equality for people with different sexualities are ‘a very important part of being British.’

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July 08 2014 By dvirtue Compulsory Christian school assembly should be scrapped – Church of England education chief

Under the 1944 Education Act schools are legally obliged to stage acts of collective worship “wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian character”. There are separate arrangements for Muslim, Jewish, Hindu and Sikh faith schools.

Last week the National Governors' Association, which represents more than 300,000 school governors across England, called for the rule to be abolished for all non-religious schools.

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July 07 2014 By dvirtue Rowan Williams: how Buddhism helps me pray

He explained that he draws daily inspiration from the practice, common to both the Greek and Russian orthodox churches, of meditating while repeatedly reciting the “Jesus Prayer”, which says: “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy upon me, a sinner”.

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June 27 2014 By virtueonline Archbishop of York attacks religious brainwashing

His Grace was struck by the first comment on this in the ensuing chat thread: "I went to a catholic school, ok it was some years ago, but they brainwashed all the kids, or at least they tried, we were taught some nightmarish stuff, hate protestants, too many to put on here, but one sticks in my mind, I actually felt sorry for some of my friends because they were not catholic, we believed they would never know god because they weren't catholic, all religious schools try & brainwash the kid

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June 26 2014 By virtueonline First clergyman who flouted the Church of England’s gay marriage ban is fired by his bishop

The decision by the Bishop of Southwell and Nottingham Richard Inwood to remove the Canon’s ‘Permission to Officiate’ will also make it very difficult for him to function as a priest anywhere else in the Church of England.

Pro-gay liberals say the development is ‘disappointing’.

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June 26 2014 By virtueonline England’s Synod agenda built around women bishop question

On the afternoon of Friday 11 July, the Synod will be debating the first consideration of the Safeguarding and Clergy Discipline Measure and the associated Amending Canon No.34, which give effect to proposals in developed in response to the reports of the Chichester commissaries and approved by the Synod in February.

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June 19 2014 By virtueonline Why does the CofE preach a PC gospel of middle-class respectability?

The Church of England is putting more money specifically into educating white, working-class children?

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June 05 2014 By virtueonline Archbishops call on church to pray for new disciples of Jesus

The archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, said: “The task before us cannot be overestimated. We could easily be disheartened. We cannot do it alone. But. . . Allelulia! For we are not thrown back on ourselves, but in, by and through the power of the Holy Spirit, God brings forth life. It is right that as the Evangelism Task Group considers how it may resource the Church to bear faithful witness to Jesus Christ, the commitment to pray is the essential first step.

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