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TEC and ACoC would sooner go out of business than repent for embracing pansexuality

TEC and ACoC would sooner go out of business than repent for embracing pansexuality
Diocese of the Arctic announces "impaired communion" with ACoC

PHOTO: BOO HOO. Lyds Keesmaat-Walsh (centre), delegate from the diocese of Toronto, revealing her faux pain by not getting her way over a failed same-sex marriage resolution at the ACoC Synod. She is being comforted by Bishop Riscylla Shaw, one of four bishops in the Diocese of Toronto. By contrast, Ashwaq a Yazidi girl who, at the age of 14, was captured by ISIS and sold as a sex slave for $100 to someone called Abu Humam, was raped and beaten for three months until she finally escaped and fled to Germany. Now that’s real pain.

By David W. Virtue, DD
July 19, 2019

It is now apparent that The Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada would sooner go out of business than repent of their stated position on human sexuality.

So deeply embedded is homosexuality and the full range of LGBTQI sexuality's in these two churches, that it is impossible for them to turn around, recognize they have made a terrible mistake and repent.

It will never happen, even as both churches are sinking in numbers and money (income) year over year.

It's as though the primates of the two churches are standing on the deck of The Titanic after it has hit an iceberg, chatting about needed changes in the Prayer Book over marriage language, with drinks and rainbow flags in hand, hoping that someone will patch the hole as they contemplate a wonderful future for their respective churches. Like the Titanic, the two Churches' end will be the same.

Sadly, it appears, the Church of England is heading along the same trajectory.

This colossal blindness could be seen this week when the Anglican Church of Canada, by one vote, rejected same sex marriage by its house of bishops, resulting in several leading bishops defiantly announcing that they would go ahead and perform same sex marriages based on another resolution - A Word to the Church, which, in fact, gave carte blanche for dioceses to act as they wanted homosexual marriage. Fred Hiltz, the outgoing primate, pleaded, "our children are crying" after the vote was taken. He made no recognition of the other side's point of view.

The bishop of the Arctic, who had previously written that a vote for same sex marriage is a conflict that cannot be reconciled said, "The Bible teaches against same-sex sexual activity and does not endorse same-sex marriage. I must call the promotion, teaching, and endorsing of same-sex marriage false teaching and heresy." Bishop David W. Parsons was later denied the right to speak his views at synod.

The following day, Parsons announced that the Diocese of the Arctic, while remaining a diocese within the Anglican Church of Canada, would now distance itself from those who violate the Marriage Canon. The implication of this is a state of "impaired communion". "By using the phrase 'self-determining,' we are reserving the right not to affirm or submit to decisions that violate the doctrine of the church on marriage," he said.

Silence, denial, spin, it was all there. And then came the reality check.

At Synod it was revealed that the Church's finances were in free fall; the Church was running a deficit. More money was being spent than was coming in, a recipe for bankruptcy.

From here:

A fall in revenues, especially contributions from the dioceses, combined with increased expenses to put the Anglican Church of Canada in a deficit position in 2018, General Synod heard. The national church's audited financial statements for the year show that overall revenue was $11.1 million, down by $800,000--7%--from 2017, Fraser Lawton, bishop of the diocese of Athabasca and a member of the financial management committee, told General Synod. But expenses were $11.8 million--$400,000 more than the prior year, he said, citing rounded figures from the statements.

The deeper truth is that there are no next generation converts coming into the churches. Across the country, churches are closing, the money pool is drying up, the new primate, a woman, Bishop Linda Nicholls, heads the second fastest dying diocese - Huron- in the ACoC. What a portrait to present to the Anglican Communion.

The Anglican Church of Canada, which is squeamishly shy about publicizing how many people attend its churches, has published no complete statistics for membership and average Sunday attendance since 2001, although the ACoC did claim a membership of 545,957 in 2007. Assuming a loss of 13% per annum, the Church today can only boast about 118,000 average Sunday attendance.

And you wonder why African Anglicans scorn western Anglicanism as they watch it slowly die and repudiate the whole pansexual enterprise the West has opted for.

Is it any wonder that GAFCON was formed, repudiating the Lambeth Conference! Is it any wonder that the ACNA and the ANiC (Canada) came into existence to counter TEC; if they had not, the very stones would have cried out!

From the moment the vote by the HOB was announced, the liberal and religious media went into overdrive; picturing women crying, interviews with aggrieved members of the LGBTQI community, who painted those who disagreed with them as homophobic and haters. Not a single media outlet interviewed a single orthodox bishop asking him he felt. The first response was the announcement by the Diocese of the Arctic saying that they would go their own way, while still remaining in the ACoC. But for how long?

The Episcopal Church has been on a long steady decline since the halcyon days of Gene Robinson's consecration.

Both Churches could be thought of as being on suicide watch. Both Churches believe that brokering in sodomy and homosexual marriage would be winning strategies and both have been proven wrong. The Episcopal Church has millions of dollars it can draw down on to push its agenda; the Anglican Church of Canada has no such pot of gold; it is running on empty. Hence it will die sooner.

If the Diocese of Arctic does decide to leave, would it start an avalanche? It is hard to say. Indigenous Anglicans are mixed on the issue of homosexual marriage as it goes against their culture (they once they stood firmly against it in 2016).

Newly anointed Archbishop Mark MacDonald, National Indigenous Bishop of the Anglican Church of Canada said, "It must be said that there is nowhere near a unanimous view on issues of marriage and gender among Indigenous peoples. The reality of Indigenous peoples' various views on these matters is more complex."

Both Churches are reaping what they have sown; they have sown to the wind and are reaping the whirlwind. Hiltz leaves the helm of the ACoC, a conflicted and torn body, and when Presiding Bishop Michael Curry was asked what strategies he would employ to address the 24% loss of membership in The Episcopal Church in the last decade, he said, "None! Questions about church attendance and church decline are second-order questions."

In finem in aspectu -- the end is in sight.


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