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Reformation & Revival
September 28 2009 By virtueonline Churches confront 1000-year schism

"Basically we were united for 1000 years. Then for another 1000 we were divided," he was quoted as saying. "Now the path to rapprochement is at its peak and the third millennium of the church could begin as a sign of unity. There are no formal obstacles but everything depends on a real desire for communion. On the part of the Catholic Church the desire is very much alive."

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September 28 2009 By virtueonline Narcissism Goes To Church: Encountering Evangelical Worship

What is this? It is the evidence of the modern proof of God's presence: Warmth and Fuzziness. The service must have the correct ambiance. People must feel wanted, even needed--or they will go elsewhere. Not long ago, the normal service would begin with Bible reading and prayer, declaring the congregation's allegiance and submission to Christ. Today, our allegiance is to user-friendliness.

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Which of the two models is Biblical? There is plenty of evidence for both in the Bible. The problem is the shift in emphasis - and in many cases the shift is so big that judicial language, which was formerly the main way of explaining the gospel is avoided as 'politically incorrect'. What is unbiblical is the neglect of the court room model. Why am I, a Christian social activist writing on this subject?

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September 17 2009 By virtueonline Biggest U.S. churches 'contemporary, evangelical'

Lakewood could almost swallow the second and third place megachurches in one gulp.

But the newest trend in church growth is exemplified by the No. 2 ranked church's cross-country reach. transmits pastor Craig Groeschel's worship services from the church's studio home in Edmond, Okla., to 13 locations, reaching 26,776 people in average weekend worship attendance.

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September 01 2009 By virtueonline The Accidental Anglican: Interview with Todd Hunter

In the fall of 1979, he and his wife, Debbie, were the first church planters sent out by John Wimber's Calvary Chapel of Yorba Linda-more than two years before that group joined the nascent Vineyard movement. By 1994, Hunter was national coordinator of the Association of Vineyard Churches. In 2000, he became a church planting coach for Allelon, a group devoted to cultivating (here comes a buzzword) the missional church.

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August 28 2009 By virtueonline What is an Evangelical? - John P. Richardson

And more recently, in the mid-1990s, Mark Thompson, of Moore Theological College, has addressed the issue in a series of articles in The Briefing, and in a book titled, Saving the Heart, subtitle, 'What is an evangelical?'

The sheer fact that the question has been asked so often, and that answers by such erudite contributors have apparently failed to settle the issue, forces us to acknowledge that evangelicalism is not a set of commonly-held, narrowly-defined, doctrines.

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August 26 2009 By virtueonline WASHINGTON: Interactive display at Library of Congress makes Bible come alive

The most celebrated Bibles in the collection are the Gutenberg Bible and the Giant Bible of Mainz -- proudly featured in the library's Great Hall.

The Giant Bible of Mainz is one of the last great handwritten Bibles of Europe and it represents hundreds of years of work disseminating the word of God, according to the library's Web site.

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August 24 2009 By virtueonline THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO ST. PAUL - Robert Hart

Luke 18:9-14

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August 15 2009 By virtueonline Canadians 'Cry Out' on Woodstock Anniversary

"With both TheCRY and TheCall in the U.S., so much of what we target in prayer is the exact antithesis of that whole late-60s movement of turning away from God, rebellion to authority, sexual perversion, seeking spiritual encounter apart form God," said TheCRY founder Faytene Kryskow, who realized the prayer event was being held on the Woodstock anniversary two months ago.

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August 11 2009 By virtueonline Joint Missions Initiative Helps Churches, Colleges Become Mission Active

"One college we are working with is struggling to help students realize that just because they don't feel called to international missions doesn't mean they get a pass on the Great Commission," said Todd Eckhardt, director for Partnership Development. "They want to broaden the emphasis of their missions week to include all areas of missions, not just international."

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