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Reformation & Revival
May 27 2010 By virtueonline Rick Warren Tells Passive, Fake Christians to Find Another Church

"Let me just be honest with you as somebody who loves you. If you passively just want to sit around in the next 10 years and just waste your life on things that won't last, you probably want to find another church because you're not going to really feel comfortable here. Because if you're in this church, I'm coming after you to be mobilized," said the renowned southern California pastor.

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May 25 2010 By virtueonline Evangelicals and the wider Christian tradition

And yet there are hundreds of millions of Christians who are faithful believers in the Trinitarian faith of the Creeds, and in Jesus Christ as the Divine/Human Savior of the world. They may not call their daily prayers "quiet time" or talk sentimentally about God often or even expect him to be speaking to them every day. They may focus more on objective, external assurances of grace and less on subjective, experiential ones.

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May 11 2010 By virtueonline An easier way to evangelise?

I am certainly not opposed to, in fact I am a strong supporter of engaging 'cold contact' with the wonderful gospel claims of Jesus, but not when we neglect our warmer contacts.

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May 10 2010 By virtueonline Faith Beyond Borders - Katherine Marshall

That's only a part of the globalization of local church life. International visitors speak at churches all the time, email campaigns urge action to distribute malaria nets or assure decent wages for coffee pickers, bake sales raise funds for Haiti. Habitat for Humanity speaks of the "theology of the hammer," where groups working together live the spirit of "doing unto others."

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April 30 2010 By virtueonline Prayer boosts forgiveness: study

Though the research leaves open the possibility of divine intervention, investigators don't claim any "miraculous event." They instead focus on scientifically quantifiable factors, such as prayer's ability to prime a more selfless state of mind. "This is not an attempt to proselytize; our position is one of absolute neutrality," says study co-author Frank Fincham, a world expert on relationship science.

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April 29 2010 By virtueonline Christianity's Surge in Indonesia

A religious revolution is transforming Indonesia. Part of the spiritual blossoming entails Muslims embracing a more conservative form of faith, mirroring global trends that have meant a proliferation of headscarves and beards in modern Islamic capitals. More surprising, though, is the boom in Christianity - officially Indonesia's second largest faith and a growing force throughout Asia.

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April 28 2010 By virtueonline Seven Characteristics of Highly Evangelistic Christians

The Great Omission

It is so obvious. Indeed it is so clear that I am surprised at my neglect of this factor. Stated simply, the evangelistic churches that I have researched for the past twenty years have one or more highly evangelistic Christians.

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April 28 2010 By virtueonline Online missionaries spread Gospel in cyberspace

With tomorrow being designated Internet Evangelism Day (by the Internet Evangelism Coalition), Michelle Diedrich of GMO said she wants "to change the way we think" about the Internet.

"We are the first generation - ever - to hold in our hands the technology to give every person on earth multiple chances to accept Jesus Christ," Ms. Diedrich, GMO's communications director, said in the Wednesday seminar.

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April 21 2010 By virtueonline SINGAPORE: "The Gospel of Jesus Christ--Covenant for the People - Paul Swarup

Light for the Nations

I. The Covenant background

The theme I have been asked to address is being a 'Light for the nations'. Yesterday we heard about being a Covenant People. In the Covenant with Abraham we note that Abraham was called by God to be a blessing to the nations. In Gen 18:19 we note that Yahweh says:

Illust Covt. Walking between the Pieces - Gen 15:17 - Yahweh binds himself on oath. His word is backed up by his life.

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April 21 2010 By virtueonline SINGAPORE: Mission and Evangelism in East Africa

This, along with the Great Commission, is a well-known text for mission. Few of us could deny that in our contexts there are crowds of harassed and helpless people, like sheep without a shepherd. They are the harvest, and the harvest is, indeed, plentiful. Isaiah records God asking, "Whom shall I send? Who will go for us?"

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