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Reformation & Revival
April 06 2010 By virtueonline Graham Tomlin wants to bring theology back to church

Holy Trinity is best known as the place where the Alpha Course-which teaches seekers the basics of the Christian faith-launched in the late 1970s and has since been used by over 13 million people worldwide. Tomlin, who has led several Alpha courses, says the class works "because it offers an unthreatening, lively context in which to hear more about Christianity, but crucially also the chance to disagree, debate, and tell stories.

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April 05 2010 By virtueonline Unwavering Faith: How the Taliban Failed to Break 8 Christians

"I feel like this (the story) is a testimony of God's faithfulness to people called into places that are risky and people who respond to that call to go to the places that most people wouldn't go," said Henry O. Arnold, co-author of the book Kabul24 and producer of the documentary version of the story, in an interview last week.

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April 04 2010 By virtueonline Charismatic Renewal Marks 50 Years

The revelation angered some church leaders, who eventually asked Bennett to resign. "His experience was explosive because the Episcopal Church is known to be a very proper, intellectual and historic church," said Rita Bennett, the rector's widow and president of the Christian Renewal Association in Edmonds, Wash. "Some people were happy and said they wanted to be prayed over too. But others were not happy at all. They didn't understand."

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April 01 2010 By virtueonline An Easter Commitment to Restore Our Church Through a Return to Core Beliefs

That percentage hasn't changed over the past 31 years. An unscientific poll conducted over the past four months by ETF asking respondents which they favor - the 1928 Book of Common Prayer (BCP) or the 1979 revision - has shown that the percentage favoring the traditional BCP has held steady despite more than three decades of diluted liturgy. The poll does not reveal how many respondents are still in the Church.

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March 12 2010 By virtueonline Controversial Archbishop of Nigeria Peter Akinola steps down with purpose

The event that was to include national and international church leaders would have displayed the significance of his six-year tenure, a time when the African primates began to lead rather than follow their Western counterparts. Instead the Nigerian is in a downtown D.C. restaurant-counting the hours until his plane departs ("six"), marveling at the snow ("a wonderful and fierce problem for me"), remembering what lies behind, and straining toward the future.

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March 05 2010 By virtueonline NEW YORK: New face of evangelism: One church, multiple sites

Then, again, Keller, founder and senior pastor of Manhattan's Redeemer Presbyterian Church, will dash back to West 79th Street for his fourth service of the day at three leased locations.

It's not the traditional American mom-and-pop church, where the same pastor counsels parishioners, visits when they're ill or marries or buries them.

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March 02 2010 By virtueonline Is the Reformation Over?

Confused yet? The phrase "Anglican use" refers to a limited allowance for Roman Catholics to use a revised version of the Anglican liturgy in Catholic worship. The idea has taken on a new urgency with Pope Benedict XVI's declaration of the Apostolic Constitution known as Anglicanorum coetibus, handed down back in November. As Hays rightly explains, this papal allowance "provides for former Anglicans to come into the Catholic Church as a group and retain certain of their traditions."

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March 02 2010 By virtueonline GENEVA: European theologians begin church unity study project

The project originated with these four theologians last October in Crete at the World Council of Churches Plenary Commission on Faith and Order, according to the statement. It is connected with the network on "Ecclesiological Investigations."

The first meeting of the four theologians was hosted by the CEC's Churches in Dialogue Commission (CiD) in Geneva, Switzerland on Feb. 22.

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February 06 2010 By virtueonline Theologian: Most Christians Infected with Prosperity Gospel

It's a disease that's rampant in the culture and in the church. People are inundated with messages from powerbrokers, media, entertainment, TV evangelists and bestselling authors that say joy is inextricably bound up in material prosperity, physical health, relational success and all the comforts and conveniences Western society provides.

For most people, joy and suffering are incompatible, Storms noted.

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February 03 2010 By virtueonline Hundreds of Christian men gather in Portland to reconnect, reach out

Men from 200 churches, from Orange County, Calif., and Sedro-Woolley, Wash., from Roseburg to Pittsburgh, spent the next four hours listening to speakers describe, from a man's point of view, "a Christ-centered life." The fifth annual conference opened Friday night.

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