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Reformation & Revival
August 16 2010 By virtueonline Evangelizing Muslims - Bruce Atkinson

What we need is total conversion. Muslims who see the real differences between Christian scriptures (especially those about Christ) and the Quran will have a better chance at believing, especially if bolstered by our personal testimony about what Christ has done for us.

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August 12 2010 By virtueonline Connecting Muslims to Christ

I opted for the traditional apologetics approach, pointing out to Muslims why the New Testament is superior to the Quran and why they're wrong about denying the divinity of Jesus and the atonement. I never seriously questioned this approach until I read Carl Medearis's excellent book Muslims, Christians, and Jesus. In his book, Carl shares stories of his interactions with Muslims who deeply love Jesus and strive to follow his teachings - yet remain committed Muslims.

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August 11 2010 By virtueonline SELF-ADMINISTERED PRIDE TEST

* Fault-picking in thought or word over the ministries of fellow Evangelicals.

* Resentment over the 'success' in ministry of fellow Evangelicals.

* A sense that one could do better than fellow Evangelicals in their ministries, reflected in a feeling of frustrated ambition.

* A sense that one's own ministry is not properly appreciated by fellow Evangelicals.

* Inner gloating over set-backs in ministry for fellow Evangelicals.

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August 04 2010 By virtueonline Church in China experiencing 'tremendous' growth

The ecumenical leader compared freedom of religion in the country now to a decade ago, when the church kept a tight grip on the goings on in churches. He said the situation had "much improved" and that the government was now starting to "favour" religious people.

In the early 1970s, there were an estimated 3 million Christians in China. Now, the number may be as high as 130 million.

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August 02 2010 By virtueonline Ten Ways the Internet Is Changing Evangelism and Missions

The changes are not only quantitative, they are also qualitative. The very nature and dynamic of Christian ministry are being fundamentally altered due to the new possibilities for relationship, connectivity, and information delivery that the Internet has brought about. The very heart of how we minister is being changed forever in at least ten significant areas.

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July 22 2010 By virtueonline Franklin, TN: How Churches and Their Members Use Social Media

"American churches have millions of people on their rolls who do not feel connected today because churches, as a whole, have failed to effectively connect with them as the times dictate." Hutchins further likened church's languid pace of contemporary communication to a continuance to use quill pens after the advent of the printing press. "To not be proactive in wireless communications today is to not be communicating", says Hutchins.

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July 21 2010 By virtueonline VICTORIA, BC: A Church, a Table and a Pomegranate

This new church plant, called The Table, has been meeting since September 2009 in The Church of Our Lord, the oldest church in Victoria on its original foundations. They draw on the historical roots of Anglican tradition, reflected in their ancient surroundings.

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July 13 2010 By virtueonline The Traditional Church in Twenty-First Century: It Pays to Advertise

The number of people who are becoming acquainted with these books for the first time and even developing an appreciation for them is not keeping pace with the number of the two book's admirers who have died.

Most people have never heard of the traditional Prayer Book and the traditional Hymnal, much less held a copy in their hand and turned over its soiled and timeworn pages. It is the wrong draw. It may have worked in 1979. It is not going to work in 2010.

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July 02 2010 By virtueonline How Missionaries Lost Their Chariots of Fire

This dramatic change was summed up at a small gathering of academics and missions professionals at Fuller Theological Seminary in late May. "At (1910) Edinburgh, people thought they were going to take over the world," said C. Douglas McConnell, dean of Fuller's School of Intercultural Studies in his opening remarks. "And now many of our students wonder if they should even try."

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June 26 2010 By virtueonline Bible translations in every language by 2025

Portable computers and satellites get the credit for speeding things up by about 125 years.

Previously, a Wycliffe missionary family or team would spend decades learning and transcribing one language in a remote corner of the Earth.

Wycliffe's missionaries had the credo, "one team, one language, one lifetime," Edwards said.

At that pace, the target date had been 2150, Edwards said.


Wycliffe Bible Translators - Heroes and Saints

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