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By David W. Virtue, DD
November 8, 2022

For years we have been told that we who disagree with the pansexual steamroller racing through the Anglican communion are filled with hate and homophobia.

It is a standard trope regularly rolled out by lesbian priests like Susan Russell, lay lesbians like Jayne Ozanne, the Rev. Colin Coward, a leading homosexual advocate and bishops like Gene Robinson. In addition, a plethora of homosexual and lesbian priests and laity race to control the narrative, yelling and screaming at anybody who dares raise his head above the ramparts to say they disagree.

It happened again recently with the orthodox evangelical Charlie Holt as he faced the anger and rage of the homosexual mob in his desire to be the next bishop of Florida. Diana Butler Bass, a revisionist theologian, leant her weight against Holt's brief, attenuated victory. As a result, another election is on the way, allegedly based on "voting irregularities", a smokescreen to get rid of him. Holt was history from the moment his nomination was announced. Holt's name is still in the mix of candidates on the new go around. The new bishop of Virginia, E. Mark Stevenson, also a conservative, decided to change his mind on the hot button issues and easily obtained consents. Power and pension clearly trump truth.

The lie gets repeated around the globe. Global South primates are regularly accused of being hate filled homophobes for daring to say that homosexuality is morally wrong, unbiblical, unfaithful to heterosexual marriage. If you allow homosexuality, you will likely get your head lopped off by Muslim extremists if it is practiced in their country. Who cares, the homosexuals will scream. It is about justice and to hell with your Bible based beliefs...and your heads.

What they never tell you is what happened when orthodox episcopal priests quietly walked away from parishes and properties, losing millions of dollars in lost pensions, facing uncertain futures with wives and families to support. I have a book on the subject; THE GREAT EPISCOPAL CHURCH ROBBERY; How 6,400 congregation properties were heisted by radical clergy. You can buy it here: https://www.amazon.com/Great-Episcopal-Church-Robbery-Congregation/dp/1954682271

Both sides spent millions of dollars in property battles. TEC, which reports its expenditures under the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society, shows litigation expenses by Episcopal dioceses over $200 million, audited financial statements reveal. For that, TEC lost in Ft Worth and Quincy (IL), with mixed results in Pittsburgh and South Carolina. Settlements between TEC and ACNA over individual parishes short-circuited further wasted expenses in these dioceses.

The biggest loss was the Diocese of San Joaquin, where the TEC diocese is now failing badly with barely a 600 total ASA in all its combined parishes! All the money spent on lawyers could have fed the poor, provided homes for the "least of these" for years. But sexual identity and the canons trump Scripture and the Episcopal Church's very future which is rapidly disappearing.

No matter, it is more important for TEC to raise the flag of outrage by a handful of homosexuals. Remember what happened when Bishop Bill Love was hounded out of the diocese of Albany: Episcopalians from several parishes publicly burned the letter he wrote explaining why he could not embrace Resolution B012. Where was the love that Presiding Bishop Michael Curry bleats so often about, where was the charity? There was none. Love and his letter were toast.

When the Anglican Archbishop of Ghana said his church and the country would not accept homosexuality, it was Archbishop Welby who called him up to berate him for his lack of inclusion. Welby later backtracked after criticizing the Anglican Church of Ghana over its support for its stand against sodomy.

Ditto for Nigeria, an Anglican province that has taken the toughest stand on homosexuality. They are watching as their people are slaughtered, in part because Boko Haram and Democratic Party sees the decadent West pushing homosexuality on their people and land. Trinity Wall Street uses its money to manipulate Global South bishops, a source told VOL.

And dare one say, that the war in the Ukraine is in part fueled by Putin, who sees himself as the savior of western Christian values against gay propaganda and gay parades in the Ukraine. No, I do not support Putin in his war, but a lot of American Christians believe Putin is on the side of the angels over creeping Western decadence.

The true haters are not orthodox Anglican Christians who run around with slogans screaming 'God hates fags.' That is one fundamentalist group disconnected from mainstream anything.

Orthodox Episcopalians and Anglicans quietly made their stand. In England they will either get kicked out, that is made to feel unwelcome, told to form their 'more perfect union' unable to take their properties. Like Melvin Tinker, Peter Sanlon and others, they will be forced to start over in warehouses, preaching the 'unsearchable riches of Christ', while being screamed at for being divisive, hate filled and exclusionary, because they believe that the Bible forbids behavior that gets you a one-way ticket to hell.

The lies will go on and on. In time anyone who dares to say that homosexual behavior is ungodly will face jail, the Bible will be taken as hate speech and any talk of sexual sin will be fined by the courts. Already, jobs are being lost when doctors refuse to buy into the transgender nonsense, when appropriate pronouns are not used, and on and on it goes.

The Church of England is in the throes trying to figure out if it can support homosexual marriage. The Living in Love and Faith (LLF) report will broker it in. It has already gotten support from several bishops, with more undoubtedly following. Those who think otherwise must be made to feel the alleged pain of an aggrieved minority, raise holy hands, and then bow down in supplication groveling before their new sexual masters, hoping they and Jesus together can forgive them for their homophobia.

The Archbishop of Canterbury already has two key activist homosexual appointments in place; the dice have been rolled; the house never loses.

If you think GAFCON and GSFA bishops will not rise in anger, I have Windsor Castle to sell you. Of course, they will. They have too. They cannot, nor will they be silent. Welby will raise up holy hands, bleating about the need for tolerance and reconciliation.

While adultery and fornication remain on the books as sins, homosexual sin is now being ratified and sanctified by the Mother Church. (Fornication was actually abandoned by the Episcopal Church with the passage of Resolution D039 in 2000). It read; "That we acknowledge that some, acting in good conscience, who disagree with the traditional teaching of the Church on human sexuality, will act in contradiction to that position..."

The entire cesspool of LGBTQ sexualities is now fully embraced by TEC, the Anglican Church of Canada and other western Anglican provinces.

When the Synod of the Church of England fully embraces homosexual marriage, as now seems inevitable, the bigger question will be what GAFCON bishops and the fence sitting (dual loyalty) GSFA bishops will do. That remains the $64,000 dollar question. Stay tuned.


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