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Church of England layman calls on Welby to resign over Lambeth flip flop on 1:10

By David W. Virtue, DD
July 27, 2022

On the eve of the 15th Lambeth Conference, same-sex marriage controversy erupted when a number of angry revisionist bishops, mostly Episcopal, say the reintroduction of Lambeth Resolution 1:10 was not on the original Lambeth menu and should be abandoned.

Revisionist bishops across the communion, but mainly from The Episcopal Church hit the pause button, complaining bitterly that the resolution which recognizes marriage only between a man and a woman was unacceptable when some eight Anglican provinces have recognized same-sex marriage or approved civil marriages.

Archbishop Welby issued a "call" that reaffirmed Resolution 1.10 from 1998, prescribing that marriage is only the union between a man and woman. Two days before LC2022 was to begin, the conference staff issued a revision that removed the "call" to reaffirm that resolution, thumbing their noses at those Anglicans who believe "same-sex marriage" as biblically unacceptable."

The Lambeth Conference announced yesterday by email: "The drafting group for the Call on Human Dignity will be making some revisions to the Call. This will be published as part of Lambeth Calls -- which will be the texts that will be discussed by bishops at the conference. This will be released as soon as it is available."

The previous limitations on bishops, to either affirm the Calls or to ask for more time to listen and discuss, was lifted. A third option has been added: "bishops will now be able to clearly state their opposition to a particular Call: 'This Call does not speak for me. I do not add my voice to this Call.'"

So, the Human Call drafting committee has decided to revise the document by a vocal minority of liberal bishops on the reaffirmation OF Lambeth 1:10 to override the overwhelming majority of bishops (527 to 70) who voted against homosexuality in 1998.

So now, instead of stating that the Communion is "of one mind" about the nature of marriage, it only affirms Lambeth 1.10 where it says "all baptised, believing and faithful persons, regardless of sexual orientation are full members of the Body of Christ..." and then goes on to say that the Communion is not of one mind on the issue of marriage, though they are committed to walk together despite the deep disagreement. (See Lambeth Calls: Human Dignity, Section 2.3 pg. 15). http://www.lambethconference.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/Lambeth-Calls-July-2022.pdf.

So, the biblical uniqueness of marriage between a man and a woman is now off the table and bishops will be able to vote that pansexualists are full members of the Body of Christ, (despite deep disagreement) and vote their disagreement with a nyet call.

You can read more here: https://www.lambethconference.org/text-of-calls-to-be-discussed-at-lambeth-conference-published/

An enraged Church of England general synod layman Sam Margrave blasted Welby saying that in removing the opportunity to affirm or vote against resolution 1.10, he had damaged the Church, failed to Witness Christ and turned his back on God's word. He said he would call for Welby's resignation at the next Synod.

"You and all those Bishops who can't even affirm the Biblical definition of marriage should be ashamed.

"You should be admonishing and rebuking your brother and sister Bishops, not facilitating false prophets and teachers.

"Those who won't assent to God's word should resign from God's Church!

"You have chosen to submit to culture over Christ. You've chosen the World over witness.

"You've sent a message to the world that there is not one truth as found in the scripture, that Christian marriage is not always defined as between one man and one woman, that sex outside of marriage is permissible or that blessing sin is acceptable.

"There is simply at this stage no reason to have not affirmed and assented God's word.

"Instead, you've chosen secular politics and a lukewarm approach to doctrine to appease people who ran a secular campaign. You've sanctified them in these steps."

Everything now hinges on how the GSFA bishops under the leadership of Sudanese Archbishop Justin Badi will respond to this new development. One thing is for sure, the GAFCON bishops will be watching what the GSFA does. Either way it would appear to justify their decision not to attend this Lambeth conference.

You can read a Guardian newspaper story here: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2022/jul/25/the-guardian-view-on-the-lambeth-conference-dont-make-it-about-sexuality

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