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By David W. Virtue, DD
October 24, 2022

Only the most gullible believe they can stay the hand of homosexual compliance and full acceptance in the Church of England. The writing is now on the wall with two notable recent homosexual appointments. One is the new Dean of Canterbury and the other is the Dean of Appointments, who sitteth at the right hand of Archbishop Justin Welby.

Former bishops like Michael Nazir Ali, an evangelical and Gavin Ashenden an Anglo Catholic saw the hand writing on the wall and fled. They were prescient. An article on the numbers who have fled the Church of England for Rome and other jurisdictions number some 30 and can be seen here. https://virtueonline.org/episcopal-bishops-who-left-episcopal-church-and-moved-acna

Another prescient person was Melvin Tinker, whose departure from the CofE and his books exposed the rot within as he documented the steady decline and inevitable downfall of the Church of England. https://virtueonline.org/spreading-cancer-cultural-marxism-west

The Archbishop of Canterbury has declared his hand and unless he repents, and there is no indication that he will, then he is taking the Church of England down the rocky road of full inclusion of a behavior proscribed by Scripture, condemned by the church for more than 2,000 years, but now partially, but in time fully embraced by a church that is simply echoing the world and its values. The Church of England is no longer a counter-culture, it is going along with the culture. It is following the Episcopal Church playbook with God loves absolutely everybody talk (see quean Lutibelle AKA Louie Crew). All the biblical boundaries are being torn down to accommodate a handful of homosexuals who are brilliantly twisting the Church of England into a theological and moral pretzel. The CofE will, in time, follow TEC, which has embraced church canons over doctrine.

Everything is now becoming hard wired into full blown acceptance of pansexuality. Recent appointments, including Stephen Knott and Dean David Monteith to senior positions, give ample evidence that the CofE is on a trajectory that will not be stopped. A theological and moral tsunami is in the making. It is only a matter of time.

The Living in Love and Faith (LLF) Report is little more than a script to broker homosexuality into the church by using life stories designed to tug the heart strings of ambivalent conservatives. The goal is to persuade those conservatives that any opposition is ultimately unacceptable and will be greeted with cries of 'homophobia' and 'hate', the favored memes of pansexualists.

The naïvete of the CEEC, despite their protestations, is becoming all too evident. In many ways they represent The Episcopal Church's Communion Partner bishops. They will be the loyal opposition, but in time they will be neutered and invited to leave, or their staying made impossible. Meantime, the CEEC will be useful idiots in the process. Mutual flourishing is a joke. Just ask former Episcopal Bishop Bill Love how that worked. The only flourishing are gay pride parade days with overt displays of sin designed to breakdown public resistance, aided and abetted by Episcopal bishops perched on late model cars, happily waving to the crowds appropriately dressed in gay colors.

TECs remaining conservative bishops are on life support, just waiting for someone to mercifully pull the plug. When Bishop Greg Brewer of Central Florida retires, whoever is elected to replace him will face a full-on barrage by the LGBTIQ+ community and ultra-liberal theologian Diana Butler Bass. That bishop must be prepared to run the gauntlet Charlie Holt faced in his run to be the next bishop of the Diocese of Florida. Is it worth the temporary power and pension?

The Communion Partner bishops were a hapless group who changed no one's mind and did nothing except to write a contra mundi that was immediately filed away in the church's archives, never to see the light of day again perhaps to be read years later by some weary librarian.

What is now apparent is that Justin Welby will complete what Rowan Williams set out to do when he attempted to pressure the primates in Dromantine, Ireland to accept homosexuality as an equivalent behavior.

The pushback by Nigerian primate Peter Akinola, author of WHO BLINKS FIRST, revealed the depth of Williams' duplicity. https://virtueonline.org/who-blinks-first-rowan-williams-challenges-peter-akinola Had Akinola rolled over, the Anglican communion would be a different place today. Few knew how close the communion came to being completely destroyed.

One can understand why the present Nigerian primate, whose province is the largest in the Anglican communion, is a little touchy about any compromises he perceives going on. He knows what his predecessor fought for and against and he will brook no opposition.

ACNA is a reality. So is GAFCON. No amount of reconciliation talk by Welby is going to change that or anything. Welby's mantra of reconciliation fails to see sin and evil for what they really are. Boko Haram and Fulani tribesmen have no interest in reconciliation; they want to destroy the Christian faith in Nigeria. It is the government's responsibility to not let that happen. The church can pray and evangelize; the state must step up to the plate and protect Christians, even if it means going to war with these terrorist groups.

Sooner rather than later, the chickens will come home to roost for Welby. His fantasy world of reconciliation and endless apologies for ancient sins will tumble around his ankles as meaningless historical drivel. Welby will wake up one morning and realize his church has been taken over by people who deny God's inerrant Word and salvation for the intrinsically immoral and objectively disordered. He will cry out as King David did; "What have I done?"

God is not mocked. He never is.


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