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Lambeth Conference organizers have routinely mixed heresy and orthodoxy, says GAFCON chairman
Canterbury Communion is broken, not just metaphorically, but literally

By David W. Virtue, DD
August 10, 2022

The Lambeth Conference is not a source of "healing and unity", and the recent gathering of bishops was little more than a place of "confusion," the like of which has only "just begun," said GAFCON chairman and ACNA Archbishop Foley Beach.

In a letter to GAFCON Anglicans who represent more than 75 percent of the Anglican Communion, the American-born archbishop said the Canterbury Communion is broken, not just metaphorically, but literally, as those in attendance could not in good conscience all share Holy Communion.

"The Primates of Brazil, Kenya, Myanmar, Nigeria, North America, Rwanda, and Uganda, and many bishops from all over the Anglican Communion in the GAFCON movement did not attend the Lambeth Conference because to do so would violate their consciences. However, we respected the decision of our brother Primates whose consciences led them to go to Lambeth and contend for the Gospel and the Holy Scriptures. The power of their presence magnified the power of our absence," said Beach.

"Archbishop Justin Badi (South Sudan) and Archbishop James Wong (Indian Ocean) of GAFCON and the Global South Fellowship of Anglicans admirably led the orthodox cause for biblical theology and morality in the midst of a situation in which the balance of institutional power was stacked heavily against them."

The GAFCON chairman commended them for differentiating themselves from the false teaching of the Canterbury Communion and for not partaking of Holy Communion with unrepentant bishops living in immorality. It was also helpful that they reminded the Conference that we have not agreed to walk together no matter how many times the Archbishop of Canterbury says otherwise.

"At the end of the conference, these orthodox leaders in attendance provided a communique of their experience at the meeting, and for all those who care about the future of global Anglicanism. The Canterbury Communion has ceased to be a place where communion can be shared and has devolved into something more akin to a federation or association of Provinces with a common history and incompatible theologies and moral ethics."

Beach said that while their colonial structures are imploding, the Anglican Establishment in England continues to ignore the valid concerns of those who hold to the teaching of the Bible and the historical teaching of the Church.

"Through the Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) and the Global South Fellowship of Anglicans, led by the power of the Holy Spirit, new courageous leaders are filling this gap with authentic community and communion, seeking to make up for the Gospel deficit and the Ecclesial deficit (Windsor Report)."

"We are living in a unique moment in which, by the grace of God, global Anglicanism can be genuinely reformed by Biblical repentance and renewal. This will be the focus of the GAFCON IV Conference next April when we gather in Kigali, Rwanda."

The world needs the transformation that comes from hearing and responding to an unambiguous, saving faith in Jesus Christ, said Beach

You can read it here: https://anglicanchurch.net/gafcon-chairmans-august-letter/


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