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Archbishop believes 'fruitful, energizing and honest' conversation will arise out of LLF discussions by the bishops


By David W. Virtue, DD
November 1, 2022

Justin Welby hopes for 'fruitful, energizing and honest conversations' as Church of England bishops meet to discuss same-sex marriage. The Archbishop of Canterbury took to social media to urge people to pray as the College of Bishops meets this week to discuss the next steps of the Living in Love and Faith discernment process.

Those prayers, like his actions, will ascend no higher than a vaulted cathedral ceiling. The archbishop has already approved a homosexual living with his same-sex partner as the next Dean of Canterbury and his own Appointment Secretary is a "married" homosexual.

Does anybody with half a brain not see where this is going? Do the Church of England's evangelicals (CEEC) really believe they can cut a deal with the preponderance of bishops who believe same-sex marriage is now culturally acceptable and biblically irrelevant? Already, some 1100 priests and bishops have said they will marry partnered homosexuals and lesbians if called upon to do so!

"I pray we may be open to the presence of the Holy Spirit, that we might listen and learn from each other, and hear God's call for God's Church," Welby continued.

The Holy Spirit will no more bless these abominable relationships, than Judas Iscariot hoping for a reprieve after betraying Jesus for 30 pieces of silver.

The Living in Love and Faith consultation confirmed two strong positions within the Church, those with a strong desire for the Church to be more inclusive in regard to same-sex marriage and those who believe allowing it would be a departure from Biblical teaching.

Now ask yourself who do you think will win this argument? If you think those who believe the Bible is true, that its truth is unalterable in two thousand years; that God has spoken decisively 'male and female made He them,' will win, I have the Golan Heights to sell you.

Theologians are nitpicking the LLF report to death looking for a third way. They hope that the Holy Spirit will take the week off while they debate the ins and outs, (if you will pardon the pun), the ups and downs (if you'll pardon the pun) to appease a handful of pansexualists, who will scream homophobia if they don't get their way.

The orthodox will lose bigly. In the end, they will slink off cowed and bruised as same-sex marriage is finally given the all-clear in the Church of England, following the already pre-approved plan to allow it.

The one thing both sides agreed on was a strong desire for bishops to show a clear consensus to give clear leadership on the issue, said Welby.

CLEAR CONSENSUS! Would someone name five bishops who would stand up and say, "God forbids these unholy relationships; they do not get God's blessings."

Just look at what happened in The Episcopal Church over the passage of B012, the gay marriage resolution. Only one bishop stood up and said NO. His name was Bishop William Love of the Episcopal Diocese of Albany, a godly evangelical catholic. For his "sin" he was invited to leave the Episcopal Church. Love was later joined by the former Bishop of Central Florida, John W. Howe and both bishops joined the Anglican Church in North America.

And you wonder why the Global South is up in arms. The GAFCON bishops no longer trust Welby and ripped him apart over his appointments. Six GAFCON Primates blasted Welby, calling his actions "heartbreaking provocation" and a "departure from biblical standards in opposition to the established teaching and practice of most Anglicans." The Primates tore into Welby, accusing him of "duplicity" and "provocation".

Evangelicals and Anglo-Catholics in the Church of England will likely stay as useful idiots, so Welby can trumpet that the CofE is truly practicing diversity.

The bishops' reflections will be gathered during the next three days and brought to the February 2023 General Synod for decision-making. Good luck with that.


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