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Comprehensive Sexuality Education [CSE], Kids and Us

Comprehensive Sexuality Education [CSE], Kids and Us

Dr Lisa Nolland
July 21, 2023

As US lesbian activist, Patricia Warren, notes, 'Whoever captures the kids owns the future.' She is correct! Sadly, many have been or are being captured while those trusted to give a lead are MIA/AATW [Missing In Action, Asleep At The Wheel]. So what can be done?

This article is in three parts. 1. A revolution in progress. 2. Unpacking common but problematic responses by parents, professionals, and Christian leaders. And finally, 3. Upping our game, saving our kids.

With God nothing is impossible.

CSE [Comprehensive Sexuality Education], Kids and Us: A revolution in progress. Part 1.

I am entering a minefield of complex, multi-faceted, highly-emotive and with, at times, contradictory strands, which I can only begin to unpack. Others may have different experiences and come to different conclusions, which is fair enough. More in Part 2.

I speak from my experiences and those gathered from within my organisation who too are appalled by what is happening all around us. I relate more closely to the UK situation but sadly, the same dynamic appears across much of the Woke West. I address those who identify as Christians, whether lay or leader.

Depending on location and circumstance, wider issues also come into play, from identity politics, intersectionality, critical theory, hyper-individualism and autonomy to the loss of freedoms of speech and association. And from the implosion of shared traditional social and cultural norms and mores to family breakdown. And finally, from sickening, ubiquitous pornography and dreadful sex abuse to rampant materialism and secularisation. I acknowledge the realities, roles and impact of above but space limits me.

Capturing the kids

The big idea here is that cultural Marxism targets the nuclear family because of its allegedly oppressive autocratic patriarchy. Psycho-sexual 'liberation' of children via the ever-expanding interventionist state is a key to its success. And how better to do this than through compulsory state 'education'?

My focus is particularly on the onerous CSE which your child or grandchild's wonderful Christian head may be seeking to embed across the life of their school, and that with the best of intentions! Though Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak's, Conservative Government is now concerned---thanks to brave Miriam Cates MP and horror stories finally emerging in the mainstream press, among other developments---the outcomes are uncertain.


But first, two definitions. CSE is not sex education as my readers will have experienced it. I believe in good quality, age-appropriate sex ed, which is one reason CSE appals. Relationships and Sex Education [RSE], something of an equivalent, is often included under the rubric of Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education [PSHE]. RSE tends to be less objectionable and can include some, perhaps many, positives. It all depends!

However, neither CSE nor RSE are 'comprehensive'. To my knowledge, important, inconvenient, politically-incorrect facts on human development and biology, anatomy and physiology are almost uniformly excluded from these curricula. Also excluded are vital sex realities, such as the chemicals produced in orgasm and the profound psycho-sexual differences between females and males.

Most of the public health downsides, condom limitations, and wider psycho-social-economic negatives of sexual activity for youngsters are given a miss, as well. This information does not fit the 'authorized' narrative; and those who know either will not say or get cancelled if they do.

What is even worse, though, is how CSE whitewashes, endorses and promotes extreme, bizarre high-risk sex acts and lifestyles to youngsters well under the Age of Consent. Their age/stage means they are far more vulnerable to the downsides than their adult selves will be. But because 'trusted authorities' are giving the green light---and other authority figures are mute, at least in public---youngsters assume they are 'safe' to have sex when they 'feel ready'.

For a humorous exchange between a complacent, clueless father and his 'progressive' son eager to educate his neanderthal father, see PEACE's insightful drama, 'CSE: What do our kids learn?'

More in Part 3.

Trojan Horse

In fact, CSE is a superb medium for the legitimation, transmission and embedding of the tenets of the pan sexual revolution into the formation of our young. CSE both overtly and covertly alters the worldviews, belief systems, and psycho-sexual, and at times, physical development of youngsters.

Though parents may worry that something is amiss, 'kids will be kids' and 'they all go through phases, don't they?' And so, these poor parents---already too busy and stressed with general life/health/work/money pressures---cross their fingers and hope for the best. A few outliers bitterly complain but do not get far. In Wales, for instance, this dreadful curriculum is embedded across the entire school syllabus from the age of three, though sane teachers may try to tone things down.

Because respected, recognized, well-funded stakeholders are mostly 'progressive', concerns such as mine above are almost entirely unknown in the wider discourse. Conflict-averse Christians still tend to trust 'the System'. The professionals---educators and medics---they personally know inside the System say little (and that for various reasons) on these thorny issues. Church and parachurch leaders either do not know or are sitting this one out, again for various reasons. More in Part 2.

But the sad truth is that CSE has proved to be a veritable Trojan Horse. Those trying to sound the alarm in public thus tend to be written off as wild-eyed extremists, prudes, anti-'progressive', anti-sex-ers, 'conspiracy theorists'.

Thank God for entities like Christian Concern and the Christian Institute, but what has happened to the rest of the British church and para-church? What about the evangelistic organisations, say, many with youth-focused remits?

Sounding the alarm

Sadly, I have found those willing to pushback (and thankfully there are exceptions, above!) are often from other faiths or none. I work closely with Muslims who ask me what has happened to Christian parents. Answer: Many have been turned by Woke ideology. Secular colleagues also tell me they are horrified by the increasing envelopment of culture by what is in fact a committedly anti-Christian 'religion'. And what is the church doing about it? Again, nothing---on a good day---or promoting it---on a bad.

The June/July 2023 Daily Mail article, 'Twelve-year-olds are being taught about anal sex in school while nine-year-olds are told to "masturbate" for homework: The shocking lesson plans used by teachers in UK classrooms' has served as something of a wake-up call, as has the research by MP Miriam Cates: What is being taught in Relationships and Sex Education in our schools? A call for a government review.' Laurence Fox' Bad Law Project and the March 2023 update from Safe School Alliance: 'Bad RSE in Schools: Where is the Evidence?' are also at the cutting edge.

For good general overviews of CSE, watch Laurence Fox' brilliant 2022 #Groomed: How Schools Sexualise Your Children. Family Watch International's The War on Children: The Comprehensive Sexuality Education Agenda (no date) is a classic and explains the wider global CSE agenda.

I spend some time on the evidence because so many still automatically trust 'the System' with the formation of their offspring, regardless of the actual facts on the ground.

Drag Queens and Pride

Graphic sex education---a focus in Part 3---and Drag Queens/Pride are actually two sides of the same coin. 'Exploring one's sexuality' is part of Pride: some 'like it' with one sex, some with the other, some with both, some with neither. Try it for yourself, see what works! For the many who are unsure, this is one way of figuring out 'who they are'.

But returning to Drag Queens and Pride, it is tragic how both have hijacked and poisoned the twinned concepts of identity---be who you are!---and relationship---love whom you want!

Of course, we want children to be themselves and love whom they wish, but the wider context of these feel good, innocuous-sounding phrases is psycho-sexual 'liberation', indeed, revolution, leading to a state of affairs which is anything but innocuous. The targeting of our young makes it even worse.

Drag Queens: Not little bits of naughty fun!

As Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, Christopher Rufo, notes,

The drag queen might appear as a comic figure, but he carries an utterly serious message: the deconstruction of sex, the reconstruction of child sexuality, and the subversion of middle-class family life. The ideology that drives this movement was born in the sex dungeons of San Francisco and incubated in the academy. It is now being transmitted, with official state support, in a number of public libraries and schools across the United States [and the UK]. By excavating the foundations of this ideology and sifting through the literature of its activists, parents and citizens can finally understand the new sexual politics and formulate a strategy for resisting it.

'Kitty Demure' is a conservative Drag Queen featured in Laurence Fox' #Groomed. He addresses virtue-signalling parents who apparently fail to realize that Drag Queens are adult (i.e. sexual) entertainers. Even though the claim is made that their 'library' engagements are child-friendly, the bigger, more worrying issue is why parents would think this was remotely appropriate.

For 'Kitty', 'I have no idea why you [progressive parent] would want a Drag Queen to read books to your children, I have no idea ... Would you want a stripper or a porn star to influence your child?'

Pride: Starting early

We have endured---just---yet another June, yet another never-ending month of Pride. One UK CofE school spent an entire month celebrating Pride earlier this year, with teachers wearing Pride lanyards and Pride flags around the campus. Thankfully, others were less enthusiastic.

Children in primary school are now reading books about Pride. A popular one is This Day in June (2014), which exposes children to more alternative sexualities like 'leather' or kink, which involves pain and control. In This Day children read: 'Clad in leather, perfect weather' (and the happy figures are dressed in iconic black gear, but sans the whips, dog collars, chain leads, etc).

Christian Concern has far more on Pride and schools.

'We'll convert your children'

But of almost greater concern is the wider LGBT agenda, of which Pride is the most overt. We hear the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus sing:

You think that we'll corrupt your kids if our agenda goes unchecked, Funny, just this once you're correct. We'll convert your children, happens bit by bit, quietly and subtly, and you will barely notice it. We'll convert your children, we'll make them tolerant and fair ... We're coming for your children.

And thus far this '"conversion" crusade' has been wildly successful. It has encouraged youngsters to question and often abandon their fundamental religious and moral belief systems and worldviews, a vital step in enabling them to 'explore' their sexuality and gender identity.

Most middle-aged to older adults have some inkling their offspring (children, adolescents and young adults) are on rather different pages from themselves, but few realize the nature, extent and ramifications. It is a form of DADT: Don't Ask, Don't Tell. It starts to land, however, when their granddaughter Katie announces to the wider family that she is transitioning; her name is now Jack and her pronouns are he/him/or they, and please remember to get it right!

Crucially, one of the Opposition's most powerful hooks---'We'll make them tolerant and fair'---receives almost no critical engagement and pushback.

We explore these issues and most effective responses in greater depth in Parts 2 and 3.

Lisa Severine Nolland, is a Sex Historian, MA, MCS, PhD (Bristol) and CEO, Marriage, Sex and Culture Group, in London. She can be reached here: drlisa1957@gmail.com


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