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Archbishop Welby becomes more Woke on Pansexuality and Racism * GAFCON Primates Expand Vision * Who is York ABC Cottrell? * Transgendered Woman Priest Speaks * Ft. Worth Episcopalians Strip Churches as they Lose Legal War * ACNA gets New Bishop * More

Archbishop Welby becomes more Woke on Pansexuality and Racism * GAFCON Primates Expand Vision * Who is York ABC Cottrell? * Transgendered Woman Priest Speaks * Ft. Worth Episcopalians Strip Churches as they Lose Legal War * ACNA gets New Bishop * FCE Divides * Sydney Gets new Archbishop * Culture Wars

With esteem for my revivalist, pietistic evangelical friends, sanctification is not about more obedience to the latest and greatest set of spiritual disciplines that are guaranteed on the book cover to bring us incremental righteousness. No! It's growing in appreciation for God's imputed perfect righteousness - his promise to never leave us nor forsake us, and to love us with an everlasting love that not even death can touch. -- Chuck Collins

A lot of American life today is a blend of vanilla spirituality that doesn't make many demands on our time and attention, and the practical consumer atheism that does. Many of us live our faith mainly as a useful code of moral behavior and a healthy system of social ethics. But that's not Christianity, and we don't really need Jesus Christ or His Cross for any of it. Many of us are much more faithfully "American" than we are "Christian." ---- Francis X. Maier

The greatest gift. God gives the Spirit; we receive him. Indeed, the greatest gift the Christian has ever received, ever will or could receive, is the Spirit of God himself. He enters our human personality and changes us from within. He fills us with love, joy, and peace. He subdues our passions and transforms our characters into the likeness of Christ. Today there is no man-made temple in which God dwells. Instead, his temple is his people. He inhabits both the individual believer and the Christian community. 'Do you not know', asks Paul, 'that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you?' Again: 'Do you not know that you yourselves [plural, corporately] are God's temple and that God's Spirit lives in you?' (1 Cor. 6:19; 3:16). --- John R.W. Stott

Dear Brothers and sisters,
May 7, 2021

It was two of weeks of mayhem in the Anglican Communion, with occasional shafts of light to lighten our way. The Archbishop of Canterbury demonstrated his wokeness in spades.

Justin Welby launched a film series exploring how Christians can be peacemakers and how Christians can cross divides in a complex and hurting world. The films unpack the themes taught in the Difference Course that was created by the Archbishop's Reconciliation Ministry team.

How ironic. He steadfastly refuses to recognize ACNA Archbishop Foley Beach as a legitimate Anglican, calls GAFCON a "ginger group", crosses swords with Nigerian Anglican Primate over homosexuality, all the while his own Church sinks slowly into the sunset, unable to capture the attention of the vast majority of Brits who view the CofE as irrelevant to their lives.

At the same time, Welby keeps cozying up to the homosexual community offering up prayers and more while refusing to denounce the sin of sodomy. Welby recently publicly condemned comments made by the Anglican primate of Nigeria, after he described homosexuality as "a deadly virus" that should be "radically expunged and excised". Tough for sure, but when you think Nigerian Anglicans suffer at the hands of Boko Haram and Fulani and they have said that homosexuality in the West is partly responsible, you can hardly blame Archbishop Henry Ndukuba for his comments.

Welby went on to address the division in the Church of England over sexuality, encouraging members to seek unity. He admitted to Premier in a wide-ranging interview that there's no simple answer to the ongoing battles within his Church.

While some claim the Church is moving away from the Bible, others claim a greater welcome need to be given to LGBT people, he said.

Of course, he could use the Bible as his guide and say something like, 'we love homosexuals, but we don't approve of their behavior and they should stop and repent,' but that might be asking a bit too much for His Woklieness.
To top off the week, Welby announced that the CofE is institutionally racist. Rubbish. Calvin Robinson wrote, "No, the Church isn't institutionally racist, but it is in danger of becoming institutionally woke".

A BBC Panorama called 'Is the Church racist?' was produced around the assumption that the question had already been answered: yes, it is.

The problem is, the Church doesn't really operate as a single institution. Each diocese has an incredible amount of autonomy. Bishops have responsibility for their diocese and the priests within them. So, a few awful experiences shared by individuals throughout the documentary does not make the Church a racist institution. You can read more here: https://virtueonline.org/no-church-isnt-institutionally-racist


The GAFCON Primates' Council issued a communique with the good news that General Secretary Archbishop Ben Kwashi, had beaten cancer and that the chemotherapy had stemmed the cancer in his body. The archbishop and Mama Gloria give thanks to God and to all who prayed for them.

Following a decision in 2020 to reconstitute the Missionary District in Europe, the Council was delighted to hear of the renewed ministry to the region with the launch of the Anglican Network in Europe with its two convocations-in-formation: the Anglican Mission in England and the Anglican Convocation in Europe.

The GAFCON Branch in the UK has increased its vision as a result of requests for support from further afield than England, Scotland and Wales. This has resulted in the renaming of the branch to GAFCON GB & Europe, reflecting the breadth of its reach.

"Within Anglicanism the revisionist agenda continues to be pushed globally and we have seen an increase in the number of requests for affiliation with GAFCON.

Our Networks continue to draw together like-minded Anglican organizations in the Provinces and Branches. We were particularly encouraged by the progress being made in the Theological Education Network and the Church Planting Network."

This must be giving Welby heartburn to see GAFCON firmly planted on his front doorstep. I suppose one can stick ones head in the Thames and pretend it's not happening.


But a situation arose this week when both the archbishops of Canterbury and York could come to the rescue of a Finnish Christian member of Parliament Dr Päivi Räsänen who is being prosecuted by the authorities in Finland for publicly upholding traditional Christian teaching on sexual ethics.

The alleged crime for which Dr Räsänen is being prosecuted, and for which she faces up to six years in prison if convicted, is declaring in a pamphlet published in 2004, and in a 2018 television show, that God ordained marriage to be between one man and one woman and that same-sex sexual relationships are contrary to God's will, and for posting a tweet critical of the Church of Finland's support for the Helsinki LGBT Pride event in 2019.

Dr. Martin Davie, theological consultant for the Church of England Evangelical Council and the Oxford Centre for Religion in Public Life in Oxford and lecturer, wrote an Open Letter to both archbishops asking them to intervene.

He wrote, "The basic issue is whether you agree that it would be unjust for a Christian to be imprisoned simply for publicly upholding traditional, biblically grounded, Christian teaching about marriage and human sexuality, and, if you do, whether you are willing to use the influence you have to try to prevent this injustice taking place."

There was no word as we went to press. You can read the full story here: https://virtueonline.org/open-letter-archbishops-canterbury-and-york-prosecution-dr-p%C3%A4ivi-r%C3%A4s%C3%A4nen


So, who is York Archbishop Stephen Cottrell? In an interview with Premier Christian the archbishop said he was not an evangelical nor an Anglo-Catholic. He is an Affirming Catholic, one of Rowan William's tribe. This means the Church should be open to all orders for women, and fully open to homosexuals in the pulpit.


As if to make the point, a transgendered woman priest led an official Online Sunday service. Rachel Mann, a self-described transgender priest who belongs to the liberal Catholic wing of the Church of England and who supports the full inclusion of LGBT practitioners, was recently the voice and face of the Church of England in an Easter online service designed to reach thousands of stay-at-home Anglicans.

The Church of England's pastoral guidance for clergy on transgenderism revealed this; "The Church of England welcomes and encourages the unconditional affirmation of trans people, equally with all people, within the body of Christ, and rejoices in the diversity of that body into which all Christians have been baptized by one Spirit." The document - approved by the House of Bishops - follows a motion overwhelmingly adopted at General Synod in 2017 recognizing the need for transgender people to be welcomed and affirmed in churches."

Mann was brought up an Evangelical-Charismatic Christian, according to Wiki, but abandoned her evangelicalism for a broader understanding of Church teaching that supports her new-found gender non-conformity.

It should be noted that this is the official Church of England online Sunday service, watched by many who can't get to church, and is one of the main 'shop windows' of the Church. You can read more here: https://virtueonline.org/england-transgendered-woman-priest-leads-official-online-sunday-service


Two weeks ago, I reported on the loss to TEC of more than $100 million in properties in the Diocese of Ft. Worth to Bishop Ryan S. Reed, following years of court wrangling. This was a huge upset to the Episcopal Church, who did not expect to lose. But they did.

What later transpired was nothing short of ugly, brutish and unchristian. A handful of Episcopal parishes raided everything they could, behaving like pagans, non-Christians. They acted spitefully out of anger, trashing and stripping churches to the bare walls, including, in one parish, a Steinway piano and the very pews returning people needed. A court order told them they had to return it all including the endowments and trust funds. This was one nasty divorce, worthy of two Hollywood celebrities announcing that their marriage was ending after 40 years and they had millions to split between them.

You can read more here: https://virtueonline.org/revisionist-episcopalians-trash-churches-they-leave-behind-orthodox-anglicans-clean-and-leave-keys

The good news is that the original tenants of All Saints' parish will now return to the parish, all 125 of them to begin again after 12 years in the wilderness.

The group remained under the pastoral leadership of Bishop Jack Iker and rented space in a nearby church belonging to another denomination. in time, they moved again to worship with the congregation of Christ the King Church, also under Bishop Iker (and subsequently Bishop Ryan Reed) and elected Fr. Darryl Pigeon as their rector. All's well that ends well. You can read more here: https://virtueonline.org/all-saints-congregation-returns-fort-worth-parish


Christ Church Accokeek and the Episcopal Diocese of Washington Agree to Sale of Property In one of the less acrimonious property settlements the leadership of the Diocese of Washington, working together with the leadership of Christ Church Accokeek, decided to sell the property of Christ Church Accokeek to a new corporate entity that is not in union with the Diocese. They reached this decision in a spirit of friendship, said Bishop Budde.

The leadership and congregation of Christ Church feel it best to pursue their ministry outside of The Episcopal Church. While the leaders of the Diocese of Washington regret that decision, we honor it and have worked with Christ Church leaders toward mutually agreeable terms for the Diocese and The Episcopal Church to sell their interests in the real and personal property of Christ Church Accokeek. You can read more here: https://virtueonline.org/christ-church-accokeek-and-episcopal-diocese-washington-agree-sale-property


AN ACNA DIOCESE GETS A NEW BISHOP. The Rev Canon Alan Hawkins, COO of the ACNA, has been elected Bishop Coadjutor of Christ Our Hope Diocese. He will assume the office of Diocesan Bishop upon the retirement of Bishop Steve Breedlove next year. His election will be confirmed by a meeting of the ACNA College of Bishops held at the conclusion of the 2021 Provincial Council meeting in mid-June. The diocese is dispersed across a large part of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions of the United States, and one of its main purposes is church planting.


The Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina is to get its first Diocesan Bishop in nine years. The Rev. Canon Ruth Woodliff-Stanley will be the first female to serve as bishop in the more than 200-year history of the diocese. Her husband is a Universalist Unitarian minister, which makes one ask who influences who the most?

In a Zoom address the bishop said, "You have given a vision of what is possible, it's a vision I hope I can honor." She went on to say: "Ours is the call to see the hearts of all the people of the world, beginning with one another."

One wonders if she will reach out to Bishop Mark Lawrence in an effort to resolve the $1 billion dollar property lawsuit that has been raging there for years. She has precedent. She must have seen how the legal winds blew in Ft. Worth, Texas recently. Settling out of court has its plusses, not including not spending millions more on lawyers. We shall see.


The evangelical Diocese of Sydney got a new archbishop this week. Kanishka Raffel is a Sri Lankan and Dean of the diocese. His appointment ends the Jensen dynasty. He is the 13th leader of the person in Anglican Church in Sydney and the first from a non-European background to hold the position.

"I'm humbled and somewhat daunted by the responsibility given me by the Synod," Archbishop-elect Raffel said. "We believe that the Lord works through his people -- both in making this decision and in enabling the Archbishop to fulfil his role. Like every Christian, I gladly trust in Jesus."

Kanishka and his wife Cailey have been married for 32 years and have two adult daughters. He is 56. Born to Sri-Lankan parents in London, Mr. Raffel and his family emigrated to Australia from Canada in 1972. You can read more here:


At an Extraordinary Synod, the Synod of the FCE Diocese of South America unanimously approved a motion and resolution to leave the Free Church of England.

Recent events have left the South American Diocese with no other option, they say. The Synod has a total loss of confidence in the leadership of the FCE. "The inertia towards our complaints, the lack of answers about our statements, and Bishop John Fenwick becoming our new bishop when we have declared in impaired communion have created an impossible situation to remain in the Free Church of England."

"We cannot remain complicit in the abuses of power committed by Bishop John Fenwick's leadership, the misconduct, the lack of transparency, and the disrespect for this church's canons, doctrine, and worship. It has caused so much pain and resentment in the South American Diocese, reiterate our unanimous decision to leave the Free Church of England." You can read more here: https://virtueonline.org/free-church-england-clergy-laity-call-bishop-primus-step-down


The sad saga of Ravi Zacharias got another one two punch this week when Desiring God founder John Piper, a theologian, pastor, and chancellor of Bethlehem College & Seminary in Minneapolis came out with a hard-hitting statement saying that Ravi played the 'wounded warrior' to manipulate people. He warned Christians not to live a "double life" in the wake of the Ravi Zacharias scandal. "A double life, lived contrary to the Christian conscience, is a shipwreck about to happen," Piper said.

Speaking specifically about Zacharias, Piper criticized the late apologist's "manipulation of people", which he said was a lesson to everyone about "the need for tethered sympathy", which he defined as sympathy that is "tethered to the truth."

"How did Ravi manipulate people into sinfully sending him nude pictures? How did he manipulate people into sinfully providing him with sexual stimulation? He did it by demanding untethered sympathy," Piper said.

"The amassing of money and the pursuit of lavish lifestyles in ministry are the alarm bells of the love of this age," he said.

You can read more here: https://www.christiantoday.com/article/ravi.zacharias.played.the.wounded.warrior.to.manipulate.people.says.john.piper/136752.htm

Sadly, Margie, Ravi's wife and their son Nathan still maintain Ravi's innocence and have put out statements critical of the organization's leaders, the Miller and Martin report and much more. Their denials are sad reads and are described by one person as simply "bizarre."


India's Christians ask for prayer as the Coronavirus overwhelms hospitals and crematoriums. Severe oxygen shortage is one of many challenges as India suffers the world's worst surge of COVID-19 cases and deaths. You can read more here: https://www.christianitytoday.com/news/2021/may/pray-for-india-christians-covid-19-virus-oxygen-cremation.html



An Illinois church with drag queen leader has reached 'doctrinal annihilation' says Al Mohler. Isaac Simmons, an openly gay clergy candidate in the United Methodist Church, does a video in April 2021 as his drag queen alter ego. You can read more here: www.christianpost.com

Sheep, Wolves and Prayers by Tad de Bordenave. If we take in all the details of the story, however, we must make room for the hostile intruders of robbers, thieves, and wolves. These wolves, Jesus warned, have power to exercise a deathly grip over the sheep. Read more here: https://virtueonline.org/sheep-wolves-and-prayers

PROPHECIES AND PROPHETS Roving journalist Julia Duin has written a brilliant analysis of so-called prophets prophesying Donald Trump would win the last election.

After an embarrassing number of wrong prophecies and bungled predictions about the 2020 election, a group of charismatic Christian leaders have released a four-page statement of "prophetic standards" to help correct abuses in the movement.

The statement, released April 29 on the newly created propheticstandards.com, is the work of 85 Christian ministry heads, preachers, academics, denominational officials, authors, revivalists, evangelists, and other participants in what's been called the prophetic movement, a subset of Pentecostal Christianity. Their signatures are attached.

The movement came into much disrepute in recent months after scores of prophets incorrectly prophesied that former President Donald Trump would win a second term, while failing to prophesy major events such as COVID-19 and the storming of the U.S. Capitol. A handful that later apologized for the false prophecies said they received thousands of angry emails, and in the case of North Carolina's Jeremiah Johnson, death threats. You can read more here: https://ministrywatch.com/charismatics-issue-prophetic-standards-to-address-false-trump-prophecies/ Also https://religionunplugged.com/


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