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October 20 2009 By virtueonline LONDON: Reform Initial Response to 'Apostolic Constitution' Announcement

"If priests really are out of sympathy with the C of E's doctrine (as opposed to the battles we are having over women's ministry and sexuality), then perhaps it is better they make a clean break and go to Rome. However, when they do, they will have to accommodate themselves to Rome's top-down approach to church life, whereas the C of E has always stressed the importance of decision making at the level of the local church."

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October 20 2009 By virtueonline Archbishop of Canterbury criticises Rome for springing this announcement on him

LONDON: Vatican moves to poach traditional Anglicans
Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, admitted he had been caught unawares

By Ruth Gledhill and Richard Owen
Times Online
October 20, 2009

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October 20 2009 By virtueonline VATICAN CITY: Vatican creates new structure for Anglicans

In the past, such exemptions had only been granted in a few cases in certain countries. The new church provision is designed to allow Anglicans around the world to access a new church structure if they want to convert.

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October 20 2009 By virtueonline GAFCON Primates Council Writes Letter of Support to FCA in UK & Ireland

We have heard your distress about the marginalization of some of those seeking to maintain and strengthen Gospel witness in Anglican Churches. In particular, we note your concern about the difficulties faced by those of orthodox Anglican conviction in the process of discernment, selection, training and deployment in ordained ministry. We also share your grief over the lack of adequate recognition and support of newly formed congregations arising from faithful Gospel witness.

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