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November 10 2009 By virtueonline Vatican Commentary on New Norms for Anglicans

The Introduction to the Apostolic Constitution lays out the ratio legis of the provision emphasising a number of things which it might be useful to point out:

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November 10 2009 By virtueonline "Conversion is not necessary and absorption is not appropriate" - ACC Archbishop

The second and more innovative development promised by the Note is the establishment of Ordinariates composed of former Anglicans and led by former Anglicans ordained as Roman clergy and then appointed by Rome as Ordinaries. The new Ordinariates would, it seems, have jurisdiction over such former Anglicans even while those former Anglicans live within the boundaries of existing Roman Catholic dioceses.

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November 10 2009 By virtueonline ANGLICAN PERSPECTIVE: Vatican's Apostolic Constitution explained

While the new Apostolic Constitution maintains that "the provision of this new structure is consistent with the commitment to ecumenical dialogue, which continues to be a priority for the Catholic Church," the new constitution recalls the 1928 encyclical which argued that the only road to Christian unity is for all to admit their errors and return to Rome.

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November 10 2009 By virtueonline VATICAN: Papal document on former Anglicans maintains some Anglican traditions

As previously announced by the Vatican, the text said there could be exemptions to the church's celibacy rule to allow married former Anglican priests to be ordained as Catholic priests. However, it emphasized that this would be done on a "case-by-case basis."

An accompanying Vatican statement said the possibility of having some married clergy under this special arrangement "does not signify any change in the church's discipline of clerical celibacy."

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November 09 2009 By virtueonline ROME: Official Text of Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum Coetibus



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November 09 2009 By virtueonline Forward in Faith UK offers first reaction to publication of Anglicanorum Coetibu

I had thought the original notice from Rome was extremely generous. Today all the accompanying papers have been published and they are extremely impressive. I have been horrified that the Church of England while trying to accommodate us has consistently said we cannot have the jurisdiction and independent life that most of us feel we need to continue on our Christian pilgrimage.

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November 09 2009 By virtueonline UK: Church Society Responds to proposals from Rome

While acknowledging the correct stand taken by Anglo-Catholics against theological liberalism (the features of which do not represent true, Biblical Anglicanism), it should also be noted that the true doctrine of the Church of England does not embrace any of the teachings or practices which characterise the Church of Rome. For instance, the Church of Rome is fundamentally flawed in its claims about its own nature and authority and in its teaching about the means of salvation.

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November 05 2009 By virtueonline Traditional Anglican Communion in UK accepts Pope's invitation

That this Assembly is of the respectful opinion that Bishop Robert Mercer CR might be considered for the position of Ordinary in Great Britain.

I know Bishop Mercer personally and believe that he makes a wonderful candidate for this position.

This information was here. It would appear as if the Holy Father's gracious invitation is already beginning to bear much fruit.

The news was reported on the Catholic blog Signum, which is based here in South Africa.

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November 03 2009 By virtueonline Cardinal: New Vatican move not a reflection on Anglican Communion

The former Catholic co-chairman of the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission made his remarks in the Richard Stewart Memorial Lecture at Worth Abbey, near London, Oct. 29. He said the canonical structures announced in Rome and London Oct. 20 were simply a generous response to requests over a number of years by Anglican communities that wanted to enter full communion with the Catholic Church while preserving elements of distinctive spiritual patrimony.

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November 03 2009 By virtueonline Vatican Clarifies Celibacy Issue in Apostolic Constitution for Anglicans

Cardinal Levada offered the following comments on this speculation: "Had I been asked I would happily have clarified any doubt about my remarks at the press conference. There is no substance to such speculation. No one at the Vatican has mentioned any such issue to me. The delay is purely technical in the sense of ensuring consistency in canonical language and references.

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