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November 02 2009 By virtueonline Vatican Clarification on Announced Apostolic Constitution

Cardinal Levada offered the following comments on this speculation: "Had I been asked I would happily have clarified any doubt about my remarks at the press conference. There is no substance to such speculation. No one at the Vatican has mentioned any such issue to me. The delay is purely technical in the sense of ensuring consistency in canonical language and references.

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November 01 2009 By virtueonline The Vatican and married ex-Anglicans: how far will Rome go?

On the subject of the "irregularities" that might impede ordination mentioned by Cardinal Levada, the priest writes:

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November 01 2009 By virtueonline Breaking news: Vatican issues 'clarification' of Anglican plan

His statement makes clear that celibacy will be the norm for priests in the Ordinariate - but does not rule out the possibility of married seminarians becoming priests, so long as the local Ordinary, the bishops' conference and the Holy See agree that an exception should be made. My reading of this document is that it does not completely close the door on the possibility of future married seminarians being ordained.

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October 31 2009 By virtueonline RECIFE, Brazil: Reformation Yes, Rome No.

Latin America, home on the one hand to traditional, nominal and syncretistic Christianity, is, on the other hand, a creedal continent. Its protestant component is almost entirely orthodox, and continues to believe that the errors and doctrinal distortions of non-reformed branches of the Church in the East and West remain unacceptable.

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October 30 2009 By virtueonline ROME: Vatican row delays Anglo-Catholic text

This was not because of translation problems but "something more serious", Mr Tornielli said. There was still debate behind the scenes over priestly celibacy, the "most sensitive point for public opinion".

When asked last week about admission into the Catholic Church of married Anglican priests under the new rules, Cardinal William Levada, head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, replied that requests would be judged "on a case by case basis".

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October 30 2009 By virtueonline MARYLAND: Episcopal bishop opens door to Catholics

He spoke a week after Vatican officials said the Roman Catholic Church would create structures to welcome the Anglican (called Episcopalian in the U.S.) clergy and laypeople who have asked about joining. The surprise move comes amid a growing divide among conservatives and liberals in the worldwide Anglican Communion over the ordination of women, acceptance of gay clergy and the celebration of same-sex relationships.

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October 30 2009 By virtueonline FRESNO, CA: Few Anglicans to take pope's offer

Those divisive issues caused the San Joaquin Diocese to become the first diocese in the nation to leave the Episcopal Church in December 2007. The theologically conservative Fresno-based Anglican San Joaquin Diocese represents about 40 parishes from Lodi to Bakersfield, including St. Francis in Turlock, St. Matthias in Oakdale, the historic "Red Church" (St. James) in Sonora and St. Luke's in Merced.

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October 30 2009 By virtueonline NEW HAVEN, CT: Anglican Society of Catholic Priests Responds to Vatican Decision

In the wake of the Vatican decision and in a time of tremendous tension within Anglican bodies, the Society is reiterating its invitation for Anglican clergy in the Catholic Tradition of the church to come together in a place of peace.

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October 30 2009 By virtueonline 'It will be like registering with a new GP and boarding a coach for Walsingham

On Sunday, Dr Hind put out a rebuttal of a report in The Sunday Telegraph, which thought that he had announced during a question-and-answer session at the Assembly that he was about to become a Roman Catholic. "This is not the case," his statement said.

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October 29 2009 By virtueonline LONDON: Church of England bishop says 'Anglican experiment is over'

Speaking to the press during the event, the Right Reverend John Hind, Anglican Bishop of Chichester, announced he is considering becoming a Roman Catholic.

Hind, the most senior traditionalist in the Church of England, told "The Telegraph" that he is willing to sacrifice his salary and palace residence to join the Catholic Church.

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