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December 02 2009 By virtueonline The sad demise of the Anglican Church: One Man's Journey

Attendance at a religious service seven days a week allows the words and phrases of Scripture - King James Bible, of course - to become part of one's soul.

Even now I still say the Anglican Compline prayer as my last prayer of the night "... Lighten our darkness, we beseech Thee, O Lord, and by Thy great mercy defend us from all perils and dangers of this night."

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December 02 2009 By virtueonline VATICAN CITY: Follows Pope's Meeting With Archbishop of Canterbury

On Nov. 23, there was a meeting of the committee responsible for preparing the third phase of this commission. The communiqué explained that "this third phase will deal with fundamental questions regarding the Church as Communion Local and Universal, and how in communion the local and universal Church comes to discern right ethical teaching."

It reported that in the coming months members will be nominated to the commission and a date for its first meeting will be announced.

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December 01 2009 By virtueonline UGANDA: Is the Pope Treading On Thin Ice? - An African Perspective

This is quite unprecedented since the Reformation and amounts to rewriting the rulebook. The fact that the Vatican sought no input from Lambeth Palace, the spiritual home of the Anglicans, before the decree was announced, and that the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, confessed to having known about the decree two weeks before the announcement was made, not only seemed to undermine the Archbishop's position but throws some disturbing light on the future of the Anglican Communion.

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December 01 2009 By virtueonline ANGLICANS/Personal Ordinariates as an Expression of Vatican II Ecumenism

Anglican Internal Tensions

Anglicanism began as a political break between Henry VIII of England and the Catholic Church. In the years after the break, various groups have contended within Anglicanism, from low church congregationalists, to high church sacramentalists, from Evangelical Anglicans to Anglo-Catholics.

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November 30 2009 By virtueonline Fresh talks aim to repair damage to Catholic-Anglican relations

On 21 November he met Pope Benedict XVI for the first time since the plans became public. The official communiqué said Dr Williams' 20-minute private audience included "cordial discussions" and the men discussed "the challenges facing all Christian communities ... and the need to promote forms of collaboration and shared witness in facing these challenges".

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November 29 2009 By virtueonline UK: Bishops prepare to receive Anglicans

In a 20-minute meeting on Saturday Dr Williams complained to the Pope about the lack of consultation which had left him in an "awkward position".

A day before their meeting Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Westminster told a press conference in London that the bishops had agreed at their November meeting in Leeds to appoint a commission to try to iron out obstacles to the group reception of Anglicans.

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November 28 2009 By virtueonline More Rowan - John Hunwicke

This is profoundly in line with the ecclesiology set out by Joseph Ratzinger in two CDF documents Communionis notio and Dominus Iesus. Church means bishop, presbyterate, diaconate, laos. In this particular church, the Katholike is fully present.

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November 27 2009 By virtueonline "I'm not hurrying. I'm just walking fast..."

And then he gets a call from me, all excited about the new Apostolic Constitution, and the possibility of becoming part of an Ordinariate. I didn't stop to think that he hadn't been particularly waiting for this development. In fact, it hasn't been on his radar screen at all. So when he hears me, naturally his first reaction is, "What's your hurry?"

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November 26 2009 By virtueonline Pope's bid to win over Anglicans bruised my ego, says Archbishop

He had had only a few days' notice, and made a late-night telephone call to the cardinal who heads the Council for Christian Unity, to find out what was going on.

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November 25 2009 By virtueonline Anglicans and Catholics attempt to bridge divide

There was also minimal consultation with the Church of England.

Rowan Williams himself said he knew about this far-reaching initiative "at a very late stage" - just two weeks before the announcement was made.

Dr Williams is reported to have rung up the cardinal in charge of relations with other churches "in the middle of the night" when he discovered the offer was to be made.

It is, after all, no small offer.

Question of marriage

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