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April 09 2004 By virtueonline SAN DIEGO: Sources cite allegations that records forged at ECS

During the past two weeks, prosecutors have been interviewing former ECS officials and collecting documents to determine if reports, checks or other paperwork were forged or manipulated, as some people suggest.

The District Attorney's Office would neither confirm nor deny the probe. But a handful of former ECS directors and vice presidents said they were interviewed or provided documents to investigators in recent days.

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April 08 2004 By virtueonline SAN DIEGO: Independent panel will be investigating finances, contracts

"We must get to the bottom of this situation," Bishop Gethin Hughes said in a written statement.

ECS is one of San Diego's oldest and largest charities, dating to 1927 and providing more than $20 million in services each year. It has built a reputation for its community work – from running alcohol-and drug-treatment programs to operating day-care centers.

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April 08 2004 By virtueonline LONDON: Does God exist? Physicist says it's 2:1 He Does

Dr Unwin, a graduate of Imperial College, London who studied for his doctorate at Manchester University, used the 200-year-old Bayes' Theorem to calculate that there was a 67 per cent chance that God existed.

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April 08 2004 By virtueonline ROCHESTER, NH: In a compromise, Robinson and Episcopal bishop may share duties

Some parishioners have expressed discontent with Robinson’s leadership following his consecration as New Hampshire’s first openly-gay Episcopal bishop last year.

A group of Episcopalians, including some at Church of the Redeemer, are seeking a new, more orthodox bishop to oversee church activities.

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April 07 2004 By virtueonline ROCHESTER, NH: Hard winter for church that rebelled against gay bishop

"Nobody knows how this is going to work, or what everyone is willing
to accept," she said.

She attended the meeting of parishioners and Robinson to discuss their
differences Monday night.

"He asked a lot of questions last night. He said he's willing to do
what it takes to make this work," she said Tuesday.

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April 07 2004 By virtueonline ROCHESTER, NH: Rift in church growing. Some Episcopalians want a new bishop

"We haven't left the church. We're still part of the Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire, and that's the problem," said Lisa Ball, a vestry member of the Church of the Redeemer in Rochester. "We don't want to follow Gene Robinson."

Robinson, the first openly gay bishop in church history, has been at the center of international controversy since New Hampshire Episcopalians first nominated him last summer.

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April 06 2004 By virtueonline VANCOUVER: Five Anglican Primates offer TAEO to Orthodox parishes across Canada

Contrary to media reports, and the website postings of the diocese of
New Westminster, the Anglican congregations accepting the Primates'
offer have not joined the AMiA, but rather have formed the ACiC, the
Anglican Communion in Canada, under the oversight of the five Primates of the Provinces of the Congo, Rwanda, Central Africa, Kenya, and South East Asia.

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April 06 2004 By virtueonline NEW WESTMINSTER: Diocese Gives Cool Reception to Task Force Report

The "Report of The Primate's Task Force On Adequate/Alternative
Episcopal Oversight for Dissenting Minorities" proposed that a parish
that opposes the blessing of same unions can ask for and be assigned
an alternate bishop if it votes to do so by a margin of 80 per cent.
The task force envisions that the arrangement would be a temporary
measure, lasting no more than six years.

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April 06 2004 By virtueonline ACI: Conference Draws Heavy Hitters

The Most Rev. Dr. George Carey, Professor Edith Humphrey, the Rev. Dr.
John Karanja, the Rev. Dr. Robert Prichard, the Rev. Dr. Jeremie Begbie,
the Rev. Dr. Christopher Seitz, the Very Rev. Dr. George Sumner, the
Rev. Dr. Ephraim Radner, and the Rev. Dr. Ashley Null will offer their
perspective, encouragement, and theological basis for thinking
Anglicanism does indeed have a future in North America.

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April 06 2004 By virtueonline Central American Bishops support ECUSA

During this Lenten Season and in preparation to celebrate the
resurrection on Easter, we reflected seriously regarding the future of
our relationship as bishops and ministers of God. We are united by the
common purpose of providing guidance for our people in the midst of
difficult times in which we live: and incomprehension,
disintegration in the family structure and the lack of interest in

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