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February 18 2004 By virtueonline CULTURE WARS: Top 10 Arguments Against Same Sex Marriage.

McLanahan and family scholars like her are not arguing that parents in other family forms are necessarily bad. But she is making the point, backed up by countless studies, that the ideal place for children to grow up—on average—is in a married, intact family where children have access to a mother and a father who share a biological tie (and, hence, a deep sense of kinship) to them.

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February 17 2004 By virtueonline COLORADO: Episcopalian Rift Centers on Process, Priest says

By way of background:

Radner was a delegate to last August's General Convention of the U.S. Episcopalian Church, at which the selection of V. Gene Robinson as bishop of the New Hampshire diocese was confirmed by delegates.

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February 17 2004 By virtueonline ECUSA: Conservatives and Liberals Duke it out on Radio

BARBARA BRADLEY HAGERTY reporting: Kurt Barnes, the treasurer of the Episcopal Church, describes himself as a conservative man, not one prone to, quote, "gilding the lily." He's keenly aware of the controversy that's been roiling the church since it recognized gay unions and consecrated Gene Robinson, a gay priest, to be bishop of New Hampshire.

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February 17 2004 By virtueonline VANCOUVER: New Westminster Bishop Faces Triple Crisis

He faces a legal ultimatum with the leaders of St. Martin's parish in North Vancouver who argue that unless the parish is allowed to control its own finances and staffing, it will ask the B.C. Supreme Court to overturn the firing of two church wardens last year.

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February 17 2004 By virtueonline FOUR PRIMATES: An Offer of Temporary Adequate Episcopal Oversight

WHEREAS, said episcopal oversight was to have been offered in consultation with the global Primates through the Archbishop of Canterbury; and

WHEREAS, to date no such episcopal oversight has been offered, but instead church members have been lost, leadership has been threatened, and churches have been closed and their standing threatened; and

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February 17 2004 By virtueonline SYDNEY: Archbishop Carnley says extremism may lead to church split

The archbishop, who is to retire next February, said that while the leadership of the diocese resisted most of his ideas, they were not universally rejected.

"The diocese of Sydney contains as much diversity of thought as most of the other Anglican dioceses, even if is to be frankly admitted that a distinct and characteristic kind of evangelicalism predominates," he said.

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February 16 2004 By virtueonline LONDON: Homosexuality and Hate Speech

Police investigated the statements and a spokesman said a copy of the article would be sent to the Crown Prosecution Service. Subsequently, the police dropped the case, the Independent newspaper reported Nov. 11.

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February 16 2004 By virtueonline TEXAS: Debate over gays ends diocesan convention

The American church and worldwide Anglican Communion are deeply divided over the ordination of V. Gene Robinson as bishop of New Hampshire and the morality of homosexual unions. Several international churches, especially in Africa, have declared "impaired communion" with the American church in protest.

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February 16 2004 By virtueonline GEORGIA: Local Episcopalians respond to Robinson Consecration

Meanwhile, the Episcopal Diocese of Georgia expects a dip in donations from its 71 congregations this year, attributed in part to those protesting actions taken by the national convention in Minneapolis last August.

Congregational pledges are down $219,528 from last year's pledged amount of $1.63 million Bishop Henry I. Louttit Jr. said Wednesday. Also, the diocese has an estimated 18,649 active members.

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February 16 2004 By virtueonline VANCOUVER: Bishop's actions may have been illegal: Anglican parish

Ingham has until Feb. 23 to respond, she told The Canadian Press.

Diocese chief legal officer George Cadman said the bishop was within church regulations.

"The steps that were taken last year were within the canons and constitution of the diocese," Cadman said.

Last September, Ingham invoked an obscure piece of church law to remove the wardens, St. Martin's parishioners say.

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