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February 01 2004 By virtueonline Anglican Cleric comes to the rescue of US network

The result meant the formal establishment of the Network of Anglican
Communion Dioceses and Parishes (NACDP) at its organising convocation in
Texas on Jan 19-20.

The NACDP "will operate within the constitution of the Episcopal Church
an d in full fellowship with the vast majority of the Anglican
Communion," stated its Moderator, the Rt Rev Robert Duncan of Pittsburgh.

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February 01 2004 By virtueonline SOUTH CAROLINA: All Saints Dissidents Hope to Worship in Old Church

"Any kind of public controversy is not a good thing," Salmon said. "The
church is in turmoil on a number of matters, and that turmoil has
expressed itself at Pawleys Island. We need to be sure we do not say
anything about the other people involved and focus on what the Lord wants."

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February 01 2004 By virtueonline CENTRAL FLORIDA: St. John's Departure from the Episcopal Church

Miller and Schultz spoke to members gathered for the church's Annual
Meeting, which typically meets for an hour, and announced that, due to
the gravity of the decision placed before the members, the Annual
Meeting would be extended to include a three-hour session scheduled for
1:00 4:00pm January 31, 2004. Present to address parish members at the
later gathering will be the Bishop of the Diocese of Central Florida,

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February 01 2004 By virtueonline ALABAMA: Bishop Parsley Opposes Protest Group

"This is unfortunate," Parsley, head of the Diocese of Alabama, said
about the formation of the network. "We do not need `a church within a
church.' As the New Testament bears witness, we are to be the church
together, with inevitable differences of opinion at times."

Three of Alabama's largest Episcopal churches had priests at a meeting
in Texas to learn about formation of the network.

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January 30 2004 By virtueonline Congregations' split is like painful divorce

"I would prefer to stay," said Vander Poest, 69, a retired junior high school teacher. "But it's not about me, it's about God."

To stay true to her faith, Vander Poest says, she must give up her daughter's grave just as Abraham agreed to follow God's orders to sacrifice his son, Isaac.

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January 30 2004 By virtueonline UPPER SOUTH CAROLINA: Bishop Sends Angry Letter to His Clergy

In a message To the Clergy, Sisters and Brothers he writes:

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The author's obvious and unwarranted hostility obscures his message, but it appears that he objects to three things: (i) some suggested refusal of accountability by the Anglican Mission in America, (ii) a perceived damage to the orthodox witness in the Diocese of Colorado and creation of obstacles faced by ECUSA's opposition by the clergy and laity who are now in the Anglican Mission in America, and (iii) an asserted autonomous "self-ordering" by the Anglican Mission and its leaders.

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Council respectfully encourages him to discipline those churches and clergy
that do not actively support the mission, fellowship and life of the
Diocese or who are actively undermining the mission, fellowship and life of
the Diocese.

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January 29 2004 By virtueonline CHURCH OF ENGLAND: Synod to be asked to bless cohabitation

Divisions between traditionalists and liberals are likely to be
exacerbated by a number of key debates on the sexuality issue at next
month's meeting in London.

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January 29 2004 By virtueonline A Biblical Worldview Has a Radical Effect on a Person's Life

Citing the findings from a just-completed national survey of 2033 adults that showed only 4% of adults have a biblical worldview as the basis of their decision-making, researcher George Barna described the outcome. "If Jesus Christ came to this planet as a model of how we ought to live, then our goal should be to act like Jesus. Sadly, few people consistently demonstrate the love, obedience and priorities of Jesus.

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