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April 24 2004 By virtueonline AAC: The Chasm Widens

In addition, the Primates decided to reject future financial assistance from the Episcopal Church. Archbishop Peter Akinola, Primate of Nigeria and chairman of CAPA said in a press conference, “We do not want any money from the Episcopal Church of the United States. This is not rhetoric.

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April 24 2004 By virtueonline LONDON: Evangelical backlash over gay dean

In a letter to the Prime Minister, they expressed their concern that Downing Street was deliberately attempting to steer the Church in a more liberal direction on homosexuality.

The post of dean is in the sole gift of the Prime Minister, although senior churchmen such as the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, are consulted.

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April 24 2004 By virtueonline COLORADO SPRINGS: Retired Archbishop blasts 'American church'

The international gathering of about 200 conservatives and traditionalists discussed what to do in light of the Episcopal Church USA decision last summer to accept an openly gay bishop, Gene Robinson of New Hampshire, as well as same-sex blessings. The wider Anglican Communion follows traditional Christian teachings that gay practices are sinful.

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April 23 2004 By virtueonline COLORADO SPRINGS: ECUSA should start its own autonomous denomination

This call, however eccentric it may have seemed at the time, was made for the sake of demonstrating honesty and freeing the Episcopal Church from the agonizing turmoil of “limping between two opinions”: Robinson’s election, consent, and subsequent consecration took place in the face of well-established and carefully articulated Communion teachings, pleas, and admonitions to the contrary, which had detailed the damage going forward with the consecration would cause to the Communion’s bonds an

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April 22 2004 By virtueonline LONDON: Time to bless same-sex unions, says gay cleric

Dr John was speaking at a news conference at St Albans Cathedral, where he will be installed as Dean this year, succeeding the Very Rev Christopher Lewis who is now Dean of Christ Church, Oxford.

Dr John's views are significant because, although the appointment is not
as provocative as if he had been made a bishop, his promotion has the
support of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams.

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April 20 2004 By virtueonline ENGLAND: PM personally sanctioned Jeffrey John appointment

However, Downing Street's decision to install the openly gay but celibate Canon of Southwark, Jeffrey John, as Dean of St Albans in Hertfordshire plunged the Church into more arguments.

John's promotion, recommended by the Prime Minister's appointments secretary, William Chapman - and endorsed by Blair - will also raise questions over the extent to which politicians should decide who fills senior ecclesiastical positions.

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April 19 2004 By virtueonline CANADA: North Vancouver church cuts ties with Anglicans over same-sex issue

St. Simons is one of a number of conservative Anglican parishes that have clashed with Ingham over his willingness to bless same-sex marriages.

Hird said his church voted to cut all ties with the Diocese of New Westminster because parishioners believe blessing same-sex marriages goes against biblical scripture.

Hird said Ingham's position is a "violation of basic scriptural teachings and Christian morals.

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April 19 2004 By virtueonline OXFORD: Orthodox Theologians Weigh Future of Anglican Communion

Anglican Mainstream: Can you please tell us why you're here in Oxford?

George Sumner: It's a gathering of theologians. Theologians have a role to play at the present moment in the church, to give a theological rationale for our Communion. We're particularly grateful to be here with someone like Chris Sugden who reminds us of the global and southern perspective and dimension of that Communion.

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April 19 2004 By virtueonline ENGLAND: British Evangelicals Decry Jeffrey John Appointment

Dr John lives with his male partner although he has asserted that in recent years he has been celibate in order to live by the present policy of the House of Bishops. His partner is or has also been a parish minister in the Church of England. There is no indication that Dr John considers anything wrong with the present or past state of his relationship.

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April 19 2004 By virtueonline OHIO: Episcopal bishop installed. Robinson and revisionist lineup present

Applause broke out after Gene Robinson, the first openly gay bishop in the Episcopal Church; Barbara Harris, the first female bishop; and the other prelates together asked God to make Hollingsworth a leader in the church.

Then for a few shining moments, with his wife and four children gathered around him, Hollingsworth, 50, broke out in a broad smile and basked in the adulation pouring toward him throughout the Cleveland State University Convocation Center.

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