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When the "Oppressed" become the Oppressors

When the "Oppressed" become the Oppressors

By David W. Virtue, DD
June 30, 2021

The worm has turned. The "oppressed" have become the oppressors.

"The crime that dare not speak its name" is now being shouted from the housetops by flag waving, pride filled homosexuals, strutting their sexuality down the nation's main streets. Indeed worldwide, the pansexual revolution has swept all before it, demanding full embrace and acceptance while meting out punishment to anyone who dares oppose the new moral zeitgeist.

That society and culture should embrace these new sexual behaviors, (it is still being globally resisted by some countries, the latest being Hungary), it is now fully embraced by a president and most politicians. They are fearful of being called homophobic, should they "offend" a handful of men and women whose sexualities have morphed into something called LGBTQI+

No one could have predicted this - the flag waving, Pride month with advocates proudly strutting through streets, many in bondage apparatuses, with women proclaiming to be men and men proclaiming to be women. Children are not invulnerable to the inroads of transexualists preaching their gospel of acceptance, declaring it to be as normal as candy bars. There are even homosexual materials and books for children being offered to parents. There are "gay" studies in universities, and colleges, even Christian colleges and seminaries must conform or face the wrath of an aggrieved minority who will accuse them of hatred if they do not roll over.

The amazing thing is how quickly mainline churches rolled over to accept the new sexual world order.

The Church is, after all, supposed to be a counter culture that offers a different face, a different morality, a different set of values. Above all the voice of God and Scripture. The Church is supposed to resist the siren call of the world, the flesh and the devil.

Alas, it has not happened. Only the official doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox churches and the strictures of Scripture have kept evangelicals for the most part on the straight and narrow.

Liberal theologians of one stripe or another have strangled scripture to make it mean what it clearly does not mean. They have been partially successful in persuading hopelessly theologically uneducated people that their superior insights should be taken seriously.

The Episcopal Church along with the Anglican Church of Canada were among the first to roll over, but Methodists and Presbyterians have eagerly followed in their footsteps. The Roman Catholic Church has discovered a gay mafia hidden deep within the Vatican. Whole cadres of cardinals, archbishops, bishops and clergy have seduced a generation of seminarians, undermining the very foundations of that church. That a leading progressive homosexual in the person of Father James Martin is afforded a personal half hour with Pope Francis speaks volumes. Would Michael Voris of Church Militant be afforded the same privilege? One doubts it. The Pope doesn't want to hear from Voris.

One saw the end game of "oppressed" versus oppressor in the destruction of Episcopal Albany Bishop William Love. The Episcopal Church will not allow a contrary voice to be heard so he must be expelled from the Church, his views expunged. Words like "inclusion" and "diversity" are laughably and ludicrously used as weapons of exclusion.

It is worth noting that when things get this bad, truth invariably bubbles up from the bottom, not the top down. It usually involves the laity, not professional clergy. Think VOL, think Church Militant, think, IRD, and for years, Anglican Curmudgeon. A book like The Benedict Option becomes a best seller and might be the catalyst for renewal.

We, the few, saw and wrote up what others saw and said nothing. They were fearful, we were unafraid. Professional clergy had their livelihoods and pensions to protect. We had a handful of supporters who believed we were telling the truth and gave us support for the fight.

We wrote, we shouted, we exhorted, we told the truth. We said that compromise never works; it meant spiritual and sometimes literal death, even the possibility of eternal damnation.

A few people listened. The AMIA was born, the ACNA soon followed. Bishop Bob Duncan had a fresh vision to bring the love of God to all. Archbishop Foley Beach continues that vision with vigor, firmness of purpose and uncompromising biblical standards.

Globally, GAFCON was born. Today the Anglican Communion is in a state of informal schism.

A grand realignment is underway that will not be stopped. God has reserved 7,000 (1 Kings 19:18) who have not bowed the knee to the modern gods of pansexuality and he is releasing them to do His will.

Christianity is still the largest body of believers in the world with over two billion followers. There are an estimated 120 million Chinese evangelicals. That number is growing, making it larger than the combined Anglican communion. It is said there are more worshipping Christians in China than all of Europe, combined.

There are 141 million Protestant Christians in America, but how many are true believers? Who's to say China won't overtake the US in true believers in a decade or less.

God is not asleep at the wheel, He is working out his purposes, and while things look grim today, the story is not fully told. We await the consummation of history with expectation and hope.


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