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WHEATON, IL: GAFCON Archbishops Consecrate Canon Andrew Lines in Bishop Studded Occasion

WHEATON, IL: GAFCON Archbishops Consecrate Canon Andrew Lines in Bishop Studded Occasion
Christianity without repentance is not true Christianity, said Nigerian Primate to 1,400 ACNA delegates

By David W. Virtue in Wheaton
June 30, 2017

With guests from Scotland and England observing, some 50 global Anglican archbishops and bishops laid hands on UK-born Canon Andrew Lines and declared him to be a Missionary Bishop for Scotland and Europe under the theological protection of GAFCON, a global Anglican movement of orthodox archbishops and bishops reclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ in the Anglican Communion.

This action was roundly denounced by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, as "unnecessary". Welby condemned it as an ecclesiastical "cross-border intervention", setting in motion what could be viewed as a threat to both his authority and the hegemony of the Church of England.

Lines was described as a "godly and well learned man" by ACNA Archbishop Foley Beach. Lines had been received into the Diocese of the South, an ACNA diocese, and declared a priest in good standing.

Lines swore an oath of conformity. He promised he would hold his life in conformity to the doctrines and discipline of the Church of Christ "as the church has received them." Lines then signed an oath.

Addressing the assembled 1,400 delegates, Nigerian Primate Nicholas Okoh, leader of the largest province of the Anglican Communion, praised God for the Jesus revolution. "The universal challenges today include climate change, increase in violence and terrorism, a fierce spirit of independence, freedom itself, human rights, migration, hunger, poverty, HIV/AIDS and nuclear threats. In all the challenges, it has never been easy for men and women to speak in the name of God and make disciples. The Great Commission is not about personal advancement or personal interest, but for the glory of God."

Okoh said that the New Testament was clear in that the disciples were given a comprehensive authority from the Father to rebuke, encourage, but noted that a time would come when people would not put up with sound doctrine and gather around them teachers with "itching ears" and turn aside from the truth.

"Take heed to the flock over which God has given you. Beware of false teaching. In most cases, heresies and false teaching is not necessary obvious. Falsehood is a mixture of truth and falsehood. This creature is partly animal and partly human. Flee from such teaching.

"Keep your head in all situations. Do the work of an evangelist. People of God, it is never true to water down the gospel message, in fact, I am convinced that the opposite is true when we concentrate on delivering the gospel of Jesus Christ, people will be cut to the heart and repent. Christianity without repentance is not true Christianity. We must refute erroneous doctrines, contend for the faith of the Church. We are to place teaching above ceremonies which is gaining the ascendency.

"Bishops, clergy and lay people must be concerned with spreading the gospel to all nations.

"In different parts of the world there are a great cloud of witnesses. The Uganda martyrs, the traditional thought forms in Nigeria is another and you, ACNA, are also paying the price.

"As you go, avoid fruitless controversies and meetings, spend quality time in spreading the gospel message. Preach and pray in the power of the Spirit, call on the power of God in the name of the Holy Spirit and it will revolutionize your church. If you do, the dead will rise, blind eyes will be opened to hear what has not been heard...follow it."

"To you (Andy) Lines, I say keep going and keep moving. Jesus our Lord who is sending you out today is the chief missioner and He makes you more than a conqueror. I will be with you, He says to the close of the age."

You can watch an interview with Bishop Lines following his consecration here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNcolKnK5jE

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