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By David W. Virtue, DD
February 24, 2023

Every which way he turns, the Archbishop of Canterbury and titular head of the Anglican communion is taking it on the chin.

Justin Welby just can't catch a break.

This week Vlad the Impaler (aka Putin) took a swipe at Welby: criticizing the imperial Anglican head, questioning the use of gender-neutral terms for God and blessing same-sex couples. Putin said that the West is heading for a "spiritual catastrophe" and was waging a culture war against Russian Orthodox and traditional Christian values.

In a wide-ranging speech defending his invasion of Ukraine, Putin said: "The Anglican Church is considering a gender-neutral God. May God forgive them for they know not what they do ... They distort historical facts, constantly attack our culture, the Russian Orthodox Church, and other traditional religions of our country."

He accused the West of destroying the family, cultural and national identity, adding: "Perversion, and the abuse of children are declared the norm. And priests are forced to bless same-sex marriages."

And you wonder why millions of American evangelicals think Putin is on the side of the angels and discount the war in the Ukraine as of secondary importance. To millions of Americans, the culture wars are real, with many thinking they are a sign of the End Times. That is why Joe Biden and the Democrats should never take the American people for granted, especially evangelicals and Catholics.

Progressives and revisionists like Jayne Ozanne fall in the category of followers who spend their waking hours like the teachers of the law, the Pharisees, whom Jesus described as traveling over land and sea to win a single convert, and when "he becomes one, make him twice as much a son of hell as you are." Ozanne is presently in Australia at a WorldPride 2023, pushing her lesbian agenda inside the evangelical Anglican Diocese of Sydney much to the anger of its Archbishop Kanishka Raffel.

There is no stopping the pansexualists. Some conservatives in the Church of England think they can parse the LLF resolution with paragraph G that gives them a get out of jail card so they can stay put. They are wrong. Dead wrong. The CofE's evangelical bishops will not upset the applecart; ties with the state keep them in line and Welby knows it. Even orthodox theologian Ian Paul will apparently stay.

America's evangelical and Anglo-Catholics experience with the Episcopal Church proves the point. In the end, the AMiA and ACNA were born to catch the orthodox fleers who would have, in time been impaled on the mandatory demands of B012 -- homosexual marriage. The days of lamenting are over, it is time to go. GAFCON Europe and ANiE awaits fleers. How ironic that Melvin Tinker anticipated all this, subsequently fled, and built one of the largest independent Anglican flocks in England before he died.

It's not rocket science to see that the Church of England is finished; a liturgy for burial needs to be written in anticipation. Only the Church Pension Funds of both the CofE and TEC will be around after the last bishop has died of ennui. As Malcolm Muggeridge once said in my presence, "people do not believe lies because they have to, but because they want to."

Justin Welby and Stephen Cottrell, Archbishop of York, and a host of theologically lukewarm CofE progressive bishops have swallowed the lie that they can change God's mind for Him about human sexuality. Sexuality 1.0 was Jesus and St. Paul; Sexuality 2.0 is Rowan Williams, Justin Welby, Colin Coward, and Jayne Ozanne.

It is not without its significance that American Evangelical theologian Robert A. J. Gagnon called Welby an "arch-heretic of the church" who would have been cast out of the church by the Councils of the Early Church.

"I say the following in all sincerity and without anger: The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby's promotion of the blessing of same-sex unions, making the acceptance of "gay marriage" inevitable and soon, which behavior Scripture declares abhorrent to God, rejecting the foundation of sexual relations according to our Lord Jesus (but about which Welby is "extremely joyfully celebratory"), makes Welby (nice or not) an arch-heretic of the church."

When the GAFCON bishops meet in Kigali, Rwanda in April, traveling over land and sea, they may well deliver a fait accompli to Welby. Failing public repentance for his endorsement of blessings for same-sex unions they will wish him bon voyage with the GSFA bishops pushing the "reset" button on the ill-fated archbishop.

There is little doubt that Welby will go down as one of the worst, if not the worst archbishop in the history of the Anglican Communion. He watched and aided the Anglican Communion splinter under his watch. Welby lived for nothing and spiritually died on the horns of pansexuality, beaten up by a Russian president, smacked down by orthodox Global South archbishops and bishops.

More than 75% of all Anglicans are ready to turn their back on him with the words of the late Presiding Bishop John Hines ringing in his ears; "I have loved the church more than I have loved the Lord of the Church." In the end it will be the vast majority of churches that will turn their back on him. They will utter the words of Amos, "Can two walk together unless they are agreed?" Clearly the answer is no.


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