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June 22 2005 By virtueonline NOTTINGHAM: Akinola...Americans and Canadians make their case

There has been considerable anger expressed by several orthodox organizations about the public exposure of the Canadian and ECUSA and the fawning attitude of Canon Kenneth Kearon, ACC secretary general in his praise of ECUSA, and there was a lot of rumbling and noise on Monday about the seating of both provinces as "observers" not "delegates" while seeming to be treated like delegates. Cynthia Brust of the American Anglican Council has blasted the ACC for this.

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June 19 2005 By virtueonline Canadian faithful will stay...Recife Bishop deposed...diocesan news...more

To that end they launched a newly formed body called Anglican Essentials Canada to show the Canadian Anglican Church they have no intention of "walking apart" from the global Anglican Communion.

Two other organizations were also launched: the Essentials Federation and the Anglican Network in Canada. Both will come under the umbrella of Anglican Essentials Canada.

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June 15 2005 By virtueonline Conflict Abounds...Akinola says 'no compromise'...Hopkins Nixes Bible on Gays...

Thus spake a moderately orthodox bishop to a friend of mine this week. The truth is that some 36 or more dioceses are suffering financially; hundreds of churches, possibly 2,000 or more cannot support a full-time rector, and it is only the bishop using trust funds that can enable missions and small parishes even to stay open.

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June 09 2005 By virtueonline Dennis Canon...Gallup...New Hampshire...Panel of Reference...more news...

The French army felt it could hide behind a so-called "Great Wall" of France, where the nation could feel secure. The wall failed the army. And if the Dennis Canon should go to a state Supreme Court or even higher there is every expectation that a revisionist bishop could lose.

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June 02 2005 By virtueonline Anglican Crisis in UK...20 bishops could decide future of ECUSA...Diocesan news

But that is not the only crisis the C of E faces. Homosexual priests will be allowed to "marry" their boyfriends under a proposal drawn up by senior bishops, led by Rowan Williams, the archbishop of Canterbury. The condition is that they must stay celibate. This apparently also applies to lesbian priests and their girlfriends.

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May 24 2005 By virtueonline Ireland again...Florida Convention...Griswold's team to UK..Diocesan news...more

According to my source the meeting collapsed.

REINFORCING the idea that the communion will never make up its collective mind on the rights and wrongs of homoerotic behavior, Anglican troubleshooter Robin Eames issued a warning this week that all the ingredients are there for schism over the consecration of gay bishops.

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May 17 2005 By virtueonline Duncan Rips ECUSA's Revisionists...Diocesan News...more

He did it on the steps of the capitol in Hartford, Connecticut, in the company of nine other orthodox ECUSA bishops and a Ugandan bishop. The leader of the Anglican Communion Network blasted the Episcopal Church's revisionist bishops, saying they were promoting a counterfeit religion, while he lauded the "Connecticut Six" orthodox Episcopal clergy for standing for the "faith once delivered."

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May 09 2005 By virtueonline Griswold on homosexuality...Two parishes flee ECUSA...Diocesan News...more

In a speech at St. Mark's Episcopal Cathedral in Salt Lake City, Griswold said, "The Holy Spirit prods and prompts us to go beyond what seems acceptable and normative."

Conservative Episcopalians and other Anglicans abroad say the Bible is clear that God reserves physical intimacy for a husband and wife. The Episcopal presiding bishop said, "Some of the law needs to be kept, but not all of the law needs to be kept."

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May 03 2005 By virtueonline GRISWOLD faces increasing conflict...NETWORK stiffens resolve...more

Griswold doesn't get it. If the church has no clear moral teaching on sexual behavior, then doing good works with our millions makes us no different from the Lions or Kiwanis Club or, for that matter, a major non-profit agency like World Vision International -- which, incidentally, is more demonstrably Christian than the Episcopal Church.

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April 28 2005 By virtueonline ASIA: Sleeping Giant awakes...Rowan in Rome...ECUSA news...more

How do you explain an Episcopal process that starts with bad teaching in the seminaries, which in turn filters into the pulpits with theologically deconstructed priests preaching "inclusion" down into the pews, with the whole show being led by bishops who no longer believe in the authority of Scripture? I didn't have the heart to tell them.

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