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June 06 2004 By virtueonline PLANO WEST affirms faith...Griswold has no confidence among Primates...

British Anglican evangelical, the Rev. Canon Dr. Michael Green who flew in for the occasion, said the church should not run away from the truth but embrace it and not succumb to political correctness, nor allow it to be run by those more interested in the church's canons and constitutions.

"Pleasing Jesus dominated the ethics of the Acts of the Apostles, it should be ours also," said Green. "It is not what the canons say, the question is, are we being obedient to God."

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June 04 2004 By virtueonline OH CANADA...liberal Apb elected Primate...reaction strong...ECUSA bad news

It was clear the Canadians wanted a middle way to the right of Hutchison but couldn't find it, Had Victoria Matthews, Bishop of Edmonton, been a contender she would have won. She is in hospital facing surgery for breast cancer.

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May 30 2004 By virtueonline CANADA: 37th General Synod opens...blessing same sex unions debated...

The blessing of same sex unions, a convulsive issue that is tearing at the heart of the Episcopal Church is also ripping at the very fabric of the Canadian church's 30 dioceses, with only 13 considered orthodox enough to resist changes to the church's received teaching.

The issue is whether General Synod will pronounce on this issue or toss it back to the dioceses. First discussions began on that yesterday.

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May 25 2004 By virtueonline ECUSA avoids hard words of Scripture, Gomez responds to Eames, diocesan reports

Recent Virtuosity digests have demonstrated how some dioceses are succumbing to the practice of magic arts, many more practice out and out falsehood with regard to the ‘faith once delivered’ and on sexuality issues, and Bishop Charles E. Bennison (PA) has said publicly that the church wrote the bible and can therefore rewrite it.

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May 19 2004 By virtueonline Primates Blast Griswold...sexual madness grows in ECUSA...RI...Pittsburgh...

The Primates wrote: “This deliberate disobedience of the revealed will of God in the Holy Scriptures is a flagrant departure from the consensual and clearly communicated mind and will of the Anglican Communion. By this, ECUSA has willfully torn “the fabric of the communion at its deepest level, and as a consequence openly cut themselves adrift and broken the sacramental fellowship of the Communion.”

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May 15 2004 By virtueonline God hardens bishops' hearts...multiple dioceses cited...heat on Eames...

The hearts of unbelieving, canonically Fundamentalist ECUSA bishops are being turned against the truth; they have turned the truth of God into a lie and as a result they will now do all in their power to stamp out the remnant of orthodox, faithful believing priests, inhibiting them, reducing their status as rectors, demanding more and more money, while pushing congregations to accept unbelieving inclusionist priests to lead them.

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May 11 2004 By virtueonline ECUSA follows Kubler Ross in Death and Dying, Commission floats trial balloon

A number of revisionist bishops are still in denial and isolation - "no, not me, it cannot be true,” unwilling to admit that the Robinson consecration is tearing the Episcopal Church apart. This writer was in the Diocese of Connecticut this past week speaking on the ECUSA situation to some 20 orthodox priests and learned that the ultra-liberal bishop there, one Andrew D.

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May 02 2004 By virtueonline ECUSA Sinks Lower...Gay Bishop Marries...Scandal Among The Clergy

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Orthodox believers are being refined in the crucible of the Episcopal Church. The fire is raging all around us. We are all being sorted and sifted. We are being tested to the very limits. Yet St. John Chrysostom tells us to wait.

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April 27 2004 By virtueonline ECUSA must be disciplined...faithful remnant must hold on...AAC...CofE blasted

A former Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. George Carey, along with a bevy of scholars and churchmen representing some of the best minds in the Anglican Communion, met to dissemble the latest spin coming out of western Anglicanism.

Meeting under the auspices of the Anglican Communion Institute, the conference pulled no punches with its bold banner declaration: “The Future of Western Anglicanism – History and Hope.”

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April 18 2004 By virtueonline Primates push deadline for ECUSA repentance...Ohio...Rio Grande...London news

African archbishops intensified the threat to the unity of the worldwide Anglican Communion last and increased pressure on Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, by insisting that the US Episcopal Church must be disciplined within three months unless it "repents" for electing a gay bishop.

Their demand preempts the Lambeth Commission set up by the Archbishop of Canterbury last October in an attempt to avoid a split. The report is due out at the beginning of next year.

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