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December 07 2004 By virtueonline INCLUSIVITY...Uganda...Recife...Pennsylvania...4 Primates ignore Bennison...more

Such is the story of the ANGLICAN CHURCH OF UGANDA. This week I sat down and spoke with the Primate of Uganda Henry Luke Orombi, a highly articulate Western-trained archbishop who told me that revival has broken out in Uganda and thousands are coming to Christ each week. In fact things are so dynamic that he has already outgrown the cathedral in Kampala and they have had to erect a tent outside on the cathedral grounds to meet the crowds that are pouring in.

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December 01 2004 By virtueonline WILLIAMS issues warning on gay bashing...ECUSA has 2 Primates...Diocesan news

"The 1998 Lambeth Resolution on this subject declared plainly that the Anglican Church worldwide did not believe - because of its reading of Scripture - that it was free to say that homosexual practice could be blessed. But it also declared that violence in word or deed and prejudice against homosexual people were unacceptable and sinful behaviour for Christians. Earlier Lambeth Conference Resolutions had made the same point.

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November 22 2004 By virtueonline WILLIAMS concerned for homophobia...dioceses polarized over Windsor Report

One wonders if the learned archbishop can tell the difference between homophobia (fear of homosexuals) and a legitimate opposition to a lethal behavior which, if indulged in, has the power to kill. Has he fallen prey to gay and liberal agit-prop that says if you don't agree with me you suffer from sort of phobia (homo, hetero, etc) that requires you get counseling. This is always the stunted logic of ECUSA's pansexualists.

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November 16 2004 By virtueonline CATHEDRAL hires Muslim Iman...San Diego elects liberal bishop...more

By doing the exact opposite the dean of the cathedral invited the less than loyal opposition in to sit down and break bread with him at a time when Islam remains the most potent religious force opposed to Christian expansion in the world and its biggest single persecutor of Christians.

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November 09 2004 By virtueonline CAPA: ECUSA must repent...HOD president out...Wiccan priest resigns...more

The African Church also determined that it would become self-sufficient in a bid to separate itself from revisionist Western influences, and with the theme of ‘Africa comes of Age’ the African bishops again issued a condemnation of practicing homosexuality. They also refuted the Windsor Report’s recommendation that those crossing boundaries to offer support to embattled traditionalists parishes in America should express regret.

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November 02 2004 By virtueonline ECUSA on suicide watch?..Wiccans in PA..CAPA bishops condemn needs.

And this week, following a severe reprimand by a group of international Anglican clerics, scholars and leaders, the Episcopal Church pulled the trigger on itself. The promotion of the worship of pagan deities is now enshrined on the Episcopal Church's official website. And not just any new pagan deities: The Episcopal Church USA, though its Office of Women's Ministries, is actually promoting the worship of idols specifically condemned in Scripture.

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October 25 2004 By virtueonline Is it all over for Anglican Communion?..orthodox rectors losses up

Two cases in point proved that this week in the Episcopal Church. The Anglo-Catholic priest Fr. Daren Williams at Christ Church, Williamsport, PA whose parish wanted to be a part of Forward in Faith, (a story I reported on last month) was forced to resign by his bishop William Creighton. In one quick pronouncement, the bishop declared Christ Church was "in a pastoral emergency" and took the church away. He's gone.

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October 18 2004 By virtueonline LONDON: Windsor Report to be unveiled...reaction...ECUSA must repent or else...

Those in charge of the event at the Anglican Communion News Service are in overload. Their job is not to be envied. It is tough all the way round, regardless of where you stand. The SPCK has thousands of copies of the report waiting to drop the moment the word is out that it can be released. Virtuosity will post the report at the website moments after it is officially released at

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October 12 2004 By virtueonline Thousands leave ECUSA...Lambeth/Eames Leak...Akinola in America...more

From 2002 -2003, the Episcopal Church lost an estimated 30,221 members, equivalent to the size of the Diocese of Colorado. In that same year, the ECUSA declined 21,640 in average Sunday attendance. That would be like losing all the worshipping Episcopalians in the dioceses of Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. This information was released at a meeting of the diocesan administrators meeting recently in New York.

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October 04 2004 By virtueonline UNEASY CALM BEFORE STORM..ECUSA news...realignment continues...more

The official reception of the report will be released on October 18 1.30pm GMT; 4:30am Pacific Daylight Time. The venue for the news briefing is tentatively St. Paul's Cathedral, London; confirmation of location will follow. Reporters will be invited to register at 11:30am and given copies of the multi-page report to read on site prior to the briefing. When it is released it will be posted immediately to VIRTUOSITY'S website.

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