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August 24 2005 By virtueonline WAR IN ECUSA HEATS UP...Florida...Ct...LA...more...

But the plain truth is, if we choose to ignore Scripture at one point in history there is no stopping what we might want to ignore or change in Scripture if, at any other period in history, the cultural mood so suits us. It is a devilish argument, and it is being played out in one Episcopal diocese after another as bishops waver on sexuality and the finality of Scripture's being authoritative and choose the cultural mandate because a majority of ECUSA's House of Bishops says so.

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August 17 2005 By virtueonline LA BISHOP LOSES...Florida bishop begins siege...Lutherans say no to sodomy..more

The second event was the opening salvo in what looks to be a protracted battle between Bishop John Howard in the DIOCESE OF FLORIDA and seven faithful, orthodox parishes; and the third was the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America's vote Friday to reject non-celibate gay clergy from being ordained to the priesthood, demanding that homosexual clergy must remain celibate.

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August 09 2005 By virtueonline TENSIONS RISE, stay or leave?...Priest deposed...UK gay priests revolt...more...

Those who have already left the Episcopal Church for greener spiritual pastures like the AMIA, REC, TAC, Orthodox or Roman Catholic churches now berate those who stay and ask the question, "Why do you stay in such an apostate church?"

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August 03 2005 By virtueonline Akinola Blasts Williams...9 bishops go after Ct. bishop...ECUSA news...more

The Nigerian primate, who heads the largest Anglican province in the world, ridiculed the policy by asking the Church of England bishops if they were intending to place cameras in the bedrooms of their clergy. He said that Rowan Williams, the archbishop of Canterbury, and his church should now face disciplinary action.

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July 26 2005 By virtueonline 19 bishops meet...CofE faces gay clergy crisis...Ft.Worth seeks Panel..Ct.more..

But now the situation has been since Dromantine, put by orthodox Primates of the Global South, that the decision is up to the Episcopal Church General Convention and the Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada whether these two provinces will choose to walk with us or choose to walk apart. The onus is on them, not on the orthodox who just wish to remain faithful to the church's received teaching.

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July 19 2005 By virtueonline CT: Bishop's actions condemned around world...Panel of Reference...ECUSA news...

If you had any doubt about that, the actions of Bishop Andrew Smith in the Diocese of Connecticut confirmed it this past week. He, like his fellow revisionist bishops Smith is worse than a canonical fundamentalist. He twists the canons for his own purposes. These bishops care nothing for the 'faith once delivered to the saints,' only in their ecclesiastical power governed by General Convention resolutions, not Holy Scripture.

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July 13 2005 By virtueonline ARCHBISHOPS respond to bomb blasts...CofE to have women bishops...ECUSA news....

A VirtueOnline columnist and former UPI Religion editor Uwe Siemon-Netto who was in London at the time of the blasts wrote this. "Here's the difference: in Washington, people poured into churches and synagogues. In London, they rushed to the pubs by the hundreds of thousands."

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July 07 2005 By virtueonline Nottingham in knots...Primates on the Move...ECUSA news...more

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

THE ARCHBISHOP of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, said at the conclusion of the Anglican Consultative Council meeting in Nottingham that most of his hopes for the ACC meeting had been met.

There had been an "underlining" of the primates' recommendation to ECUSA and Canada, and what they had done at Dromantine had been reinforced, he said in an interview with the Church Times.

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June 28 2005 By virtueonline NOTTINGHAM...AAC blasts Virtue...Provinces rip ECUSA and Canadians over gay sex

It was the Fourth Instrument of Unity doing its best to show everyone why it needs to continue to exist, (if indeed it does) and why it needs money from the North American church to stay afloat. "Listening," the now favored buzzword for paying attention to the continuing heartfelt whine of homosexuals, is now the new stream of Anglican consciousness that will carry it forward on the river of hopefulness into a splendid future of sexual enlightenment, courtesy of North American checkbooks.

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June 22 2005 By virtueonline NOTTINGHAM: Akinola...Americans and Canadians make their case

There has been considerable anger expressed by several orthodox organizations about the public exposure of the Canadian and ECUSA and the fawning attitude of Canon Kenneth Kearon, ACC secretary general in his praise of ECUSA, and there was a lot of rumbling and noise on Monday about the seating of both provinces as "observers" not "delegates" while seeming to be treated like delegates. Cynthia Brust of the American Anglican Council has blasted the ACC for this.

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