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UGANDA: Anglican Priest Constructs Two Churches for Catholics

UGANDA: Anglican Priest Constructs Two Churches for Catholics

By Godfrey Olukya
VOL African Correspondent
March 14, 2021

In Uganda and in other African countries it is not uncommon to see Catholics and Anglicans working together on issues related to development like constructing their churches or buildings.

There has always been stiff competition between the two denominations. In Uganda for example, When the Catholics constructed a 12-storied building in Kampala, Anglicans hurriedly constructed a building of the same height. Traditionally when the Catholic Church construct a hospital, school or Church on one hill, the Anglican Church endeavors to construct the same on the next hill.

But an Anglican priest has come out to end such hopeless rivalry. After constructing several Anglican Churches in the country, he has constructed two Churches for Catholics in his home district.

The Rev. Samuel Murangi, who serves as a chancellor of FINS Medical University is an Anglican priest with a big heart.

''He has shown his faith and love for his neighbors in their need by sharing what he has with whomever is in need," said Paul Kisige a lay leader in one of the two Churches constructed by Murangi.

Murangi reportedly has many friends and benefactors in Philadelphia, USA who help him fund Church activities in Uganda. He said that it is from such benevolence that he stepped forward to contribute heftily to the construction of two Catholic Churches.

The two Catholic Churches he helped to construct are Nuruba and Kanyanswiga Catholic Churches located in Rutete Sub country, Kabarole district about 300 kms west Uganda's capital Kampala.

"What I gave to the Catholic Church was inspired by Pope Francis. He does not discriminate against religions. You cannot merely talk about ecumenism; you have to live and practice it," said the Rev. Muringa.

He elaborated that ecumenism is the concept and principle on which Christians belonging to different denominations work together to develop closer relationships among their Churches and promote Christian unity.

He said that when Catholics of Nkuruba village approached him for help to construct their Church he was confused because he was not a Catholic.

He said, "While in Philadelphia, I became a member of Bryn Mawr Rotary Club and while there I became acquainted with a gentleman called Daniel Cuff. When I told him about what the Catholics had asked for help to construct their Church, he handed me a cheque for $2,000 US dollars.'' He said that he got other donors who gave him money which he added on that and he sent it to the Catholic communities which had asked for help.

A Catholic lay leader in the Nkuruba Catholic Church, Anthony Mugulusi said, "We are grateful to the Anglican priest, the Rev. Samuel Muranga for helping us in constructing our Church. He has shown us that being Anglican or Catholic does not matter but what matters is being a true Christian."


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