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By David W. Virtue in Kigali
April 20, 2023

If the Church is to get it right, evangelism must focus on God's Word, not just personal testimonies, say two British evangelists.

Richard Borgonon and fellow evangelist Rico Tice say that we must place confidence in God's Word if we truly want to evangelize people to Christ that sticks for the long haul. Focusing on personal testimonies is not enough, because people change over time. We need to focus on God's word for real change to take place, they argue.

"The world only sees the negative stuff, the politics, the walking away from the Bible. [But] this conference is about the word going out," Richard Borgonon, Founder of The Word One to One, told 1300 delegates to GAFCON IV.

"What you do in [church] the outside world of today thinks is utterly weird. And worse, they now think that you are the politically unacceptable. You're the politically incorrect," he said.

Borgonon, Founder of The Word One to One: www.theword121.com said,
"I have asked the conference attendees a simple question this morning -- "Where is our confidence -- is it in ourselves and our efforts -- or is it in God and His WORD?"

"As we equip our people to play their part in the Great Commission - do we send them out armed with only their testimony and in their strength, to play out what their faith means to them, in order to somehow "wow" their friends into the Kingdom? Or are we "arming" brothers and sisters with the Word of God that has the power to save, as Christ and the Holy Spirit work?"

The Word One to One and Christianity Explored share a simple mission - to help brothers and sisters let the Gospel tell the Gospel to our friends. The Word doing the work - as everyday believers become Bible Sharers -- Page Turners taking the Word outside our churches... with the Lord captivating the reader.

"17 years ago, I was liberated by learning to lean on God's Word in reaching out to my friends. How? Through using a simple guided conversational walk through of John's Gospel. I've seen how much friends appreciate the time and the concern for them, as page by page the Word works. A Word they simply don't know. The lives of one friend after another not convinced by what we say but by God speaking directly, through it being His empowered Word, that He wants to share!"

And what is the reaction when the Word is shared, cried Borgonon; "From around the world, we hear -- 'Why has no one ever shown me this before?!'

The use of Word One to One to share the Gospel has spread to over 80 + countries, as around the world everyday believers have discovered that God has prepared the hearts of their friends to say YES to looking into the Word of God."

Borgonon described the experience; "What joy for the believers, from teenagers to 90-year-olds, from Australia to Alaska, as they see God at work in front of them. How their faith comes alive as they actively participate in the Great Commission in God's strength, not their own! As one dear retired lady from California recently put it "This is what I should have been doing all my life."
Here is the answer for the church of today -- The Word of God must go OUT!"

Borgonon cited the first Bishop of Liverpool, J C Ryle, who wrote in the 1850's about those that don't know Christ "It is vain to expect that such persons will voluntarily come to us and begin to seek knowledge! We must begin with where they are and make the effort to go to them."

The ministry of Rico Tice, Founder of Christianity Explored: www.christianityexplored.org says the reason Christianity Explored has been picked up so widely is because it opens up Mark's gospel in three words.

"Wherever we go in the world -- Mark's gospel is about Identity - Who is Jesus, Mission - Why did he come, and Call - What does it mean to follow him?
We are giving everyday Christians the confidence to teach it.

"The fourth key word in Mark's gospel is Blindness. The drama is that people can't see Jesus' Identity, Mission and Call.

"Like The Word One to One, we are delighted that people have picked up the resource and have gained the confidence to look at the gospel with people in around 140 countries."

Tice said that over 600,000 prisoners have been through an adaption of the CE course which is called the Prisoner's Journey in partnership with Prison Fellowship International. It is simply wonderful to give lay people the "code" on Mark's gospel.

The two evangelists say their two resources, Christianity Explored and The Word One to One are being used so widely because practically they've really made people feel, "I can do it" and they help pastors feel they can train.

"The Word One to One gives you the answers - you just read through it!
Christianity Explored gives you Mark's gospel in three words. These are two methodologies that have made people around the world so delighted that they can help people meet Jesus in the Bible."


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