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June 19 2005 By virtueonline "Ancestor veneration to be approved by the Church"

The necessity of African Theology, and its dangers.

African theology, in the sense of theology written by Africans, is not a new phenomenon. The great theologians Origen, Clement and Augustine were African, and some have suggested that the writer of the Epistle to the Hebrews may have been from Alexandria in Egypt.

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June 19 2005 By virtueonline THE MONTREAL DECLARATION

2. Creator, Redeemer and SanctifierThe almighty triune God created a universe that was in every way good until creaturely rebellion disrupted it. Sin having intruded, God in love purposed to restore cosmic order through the calling of the covenant people Israel, the coming of Jesus Christ to redeem, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit to sanctify, the building up of the church for worship and witness, and the coming again of Christ in glory to make all things new.

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Sexuality is a word less than two centuries old. It can be understood in a neutral sense as "the constitutionally bipolar character of human nature" (N.B. sex from the Latin "to cut"). According to this definition, sexuality includes: . the biological duality of male and female sexes as necessary for reproduction; . the psychological identity of each person as either a man or a woman; . the erotic longing of a woman and a man for each other; .

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June 05 2005 By virtueonline Why were our Reformers Burned? - Bishop JC Ryle

It is fashionable in some quarters to deny that there is any such thing as certainty about religious truth, or any opinions for which it is worth while to be burned. Yet, 300 years ago, there were men who were certain they had found out truth, and were content to die for their opinions.-It is fashionable in other quarters to leave out all the unpleasant things in history, and to paint everything a rose-coloured hue.

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May 31 2005 By virtueonline About the Pastoral Provision for Anglicans going to Rome

The Pastoral Provision is a service rendered to the bishops of the United States by which former Episcopal ministers who have been accepted as candidates for priestly ordination receive theological, spiritual, and pastoral preparation for ministry in the Catholic Church.

Since 1983 over seventy men have been ordained for priestly ministry in Catholic dioceses of the United States; seven personal parishes have been established and the Book of Divine Worship has been authorized.

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May 25 2005 By virtueonline "An Unworkable Theology" - by Philip Turner

For thirty-five years, I have been such a participant observer in the Episcopal Church. After ten years as a missionary in Uganda, I returned to this country and began graduate work in Christian Ethics with Paul Ramsey at Princeton University. Three years later I took up a post at the Episcopal Theological Seminary of the Southwest. Full of excitement, I listened to my first Student sermon - only to be taken aback by its vacuity.

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May 16 2005 By virtueonline ON THE HOLY SPIRIT - by Ephraim Radner

ECUSA's Presiding Bishop has, for some time, been propounding a theology of "unfolding truth", whose movement in history he ties to the particular work of the Spirit. "It is through the agency of the Holy Spirit that God's creative activity continues in the world and Christ continues to unfold his truth" (Frank Griswold, recent Pentecost sermon). The proper term for this work, therefore, is one of "evolution".

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May 12 2005 By virtueonline On Remarriage After Divorce - by John Owen

Others teach that this divorce is only a separation "from table and marriage bed" and therefore the divorce does not actually dissolve or terminate the marriage relation. Instead, it merely relinquishes one from the duty of providing physically and sexually for their spouse.

I am convinced of the first opinion. I will show that the second view is unthinkable and unscriptural because of its many weaknesses and also give three reasons why the first view is true.

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May 07 2005 By virtueonline On the Sorrow of Open Communion - by Ephraim Radner

One bishop on the Commission flatly stated that "the horse is out of the barn on this one, there is nothing to do, nobody is interested in theological arguments about this, so why bother?".

The fact that ECUSA canons were being flouted is obviously no longer a problem for most bishops, unless perhaps it affects their budgets and public standing.

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May 06 2005 By virtueonline Bible writers got the Beast’s number wrong, say scholars

Until now, commentators have followed later readings that assign the number 666 to the Beast — a code that is thought by some to have referred to Nero, who persecuted early Christians.

The Revd Professor David Parker, Professor of New Testament Textual Criticism and Palaeography at the University of Birmingham, said on Tuesday that the possibility that the sign of the Beast was 616, not 666, was considered by Irenaeus in the second century, but he rejected it.

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