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SEWANEE: University of the South Newspaper Promotes Sex to Students


Special Report

By David W. Virtue

SEWANEE,TN--Sewanee Purple, the March 2 issue student newspaper of the University of the South, College of Arts and Sciences is devoted almost entirely to affirming sex outside of marriage with articles on condom use and 'how to' photographs for the sexually backward.

The top ten titles in the issue include an 'Idiot's Guide to Using Condoms,' 'condoms for dummies', 'Have a Threesome with Trojan Man', 'The Lowdown on the Uphigh', Sex Protection 101/Safe Sex 101', 'No Glove, No Love,' 'Condoms: The Slippery Truth', 'Hot Lovin' Loves Laytex', 'Let the Good Times Role...but with protection', 'Sticking It Up for Sewanee.'

There is a photo of a hand holding an artificial penis with instructions on how to roll a condom.

An article, covering the entire top half of one page instructs students on the use of condoms. The article not only urges students to "be safe" but includes instructions of the most graphic and detailed nature about how they should be put on, information comparing various brands and styles, and advice about what to do if they 'failed'.

The University of the South is the Episcopal Church's only university and is ostensibly a Christian institution with a seminary that trains men and women for the priesthood.

A Virtuosity reader and rector who spotted the outrage wrote saying; "I found it doubly outrageous coming from the student newspaper of a church-owned institution, which was founded, with the stated objective of fostering Christian virtue."

The rest of the newspaper is extremely lewd. There is a section entitled 'Purple Personals' which includes ads that are solicitous and crude. On other pages there is a 'man on the street' poll with the headline "The Day the Porn Died" (aka: went limp in the night).

A photograph of a woman is captioned, "Well, sometimes I get it through my cell phone...so I'm pretty much covered. Hey, Patrick, is The Purple Cow delivered like that too these days???"

Another photo features Elenor saying, "I think without porn my brother would be very upset...very violent...and he'd have lashed out without porn."

A third photo features a young man doing bizarre things with his hands and eyes with the caption, "If you can **** on WUTS, you should be able to look at porn without techies and networking guys usurping my birthright."

Another article titled, "Flaccid Sewanee" by Madame X reveals that Sewanee had briefly shut down porn access, but a call by the Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper to Dr. Vicki Sells, Head of the ATC quickly rectified the situation with what was tantamount to an apology by Sells, who said, that the porn was "accidentally" turned off due to a glitch in the system.

"Sewanee was taking no internal efforts to monitor our Internet access," noted the newspaper editor." The briefly absconded porn privileges were quickly restored.

It turned out that the erogenous, or rather erroneous action was device of the ATC lab installing a Net Cache file. In computer talk, that file allegedly makes your computer faster for browsing, wrote the editor.

"At around 8:03 the next morning, all systems were alert and ready to go. So the problem was aborted, and now we know the truth: Sewanee really isn't so flaccid…"

There is also an interview entitled "Atheism on the Mountain".

Some of the boy seeks girl and vise versa ads include such choice lines as: Tall blonde, Sophomore TKP. I have something of yours that I know you'll like to have
(back). Meet me in the KZ at 9pm - The Colonel."

And this: "Wanna improve your fluency? I am a cunning German linguist. Seeking American fraulin to spend "cool" Sewanee nights with. Let me conquer your heart! #2403"

The editor of the newspaper explained on the editorial page that the changes had been made in response to a number of complaints from readers who said they found the paper in its previous state "vanilla. . . bland". "The publication had undergone a radical overhaul in terms of design and layout since the last time I had seen it," said a former student.

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