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Reformation & Revival
January 26 2013 By virtueonline Moving Beyond the Basics - Donald P. Richmond

Dr. Watson, Holmes' educated assistant, learned this lesson well. What was at one time most difficult for him to understand, with time became "elementary." By associating and learning from Holmes, Watson became a most adept investigator.

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January 15 2013 By virtueonline "This house believes in God" - Canon Michael Green

We've thrown out the old-fashioned idea of a Creator, remember. So we'll have to do without one. Right, the world must have arisen by chance. Even more amazing is the emergence of life, apparently on this planet alone. That must be by chance, too, if there was no Creator. So impersonal matter, given masses of time and chance, produced personal life, did it? Well it didn't work that way when Pasteur tried it.

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January 15 2013 By virtueonline What's Right and Wrong With American Christianity

1) We are at the forefront of feeding the poor and providing disaster relief worldwide. From the earthquake in Haiti to the tsunami in Japan, and from orphanages in Latin America to feeding programs in Africa, organizations like World Vision and Samaritan's Purse are there, making a difference.

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January 11 2013 By virtueonline The Big Boom: What Pastors Need to Know about Boomers

Boomers care about causes. They want to change the world for the better. The calling of James 1:27 - to care for widows and orphans - resonates with this generation. Church leaders can tap into Boomers' desire to make a difference by providing opportunities for up close and personal ministry.

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January 04 2013 By virtueonline Things People Should Never Say They Never Heard at Your Church

Granted, people do not remember all they should remember. It's possible the fault lies with the hearers as much as the speakers. But still, that's only more incentive to make certain thing crystal clear. We must not assume our people know what they need to know. We can't assume they've heard what we think we've told them.

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December 30 2012 By virtueonline The New Evangelization? - Donald P. Richmond

When reading about such efforts, and many others like them, I am often reminded of Hebrews 6:3 where the anonymous author tells us that we must do these things, but it is well past the time when we should have grown up and moved on (Hebrews 5: 12 - 6: 3). And it is indeed well past the time that we should have moved on by moving back into the patterns - priorities, principles and practices - that God has revealed.

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December 25 2012 By virtueonline The Gospel in a Connected World -- Jay Haug

How did we get here? Despite declining religious consensus, our ability to connect has increased dramatically, through mass media, the internet and now mobile device technology. Marshall McLuhan's "global village," achieved primarily through television, was first felt most dramatically in the Kennedy assassination, played out over a dreary November weekend in 1963, which featured a live murder when Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald. Having passively consumed what FCC Chairman Newton N.

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December 19 2012 By virtueonline MIDDLE EAST: A Christian Muslim Encounter: Short, Sharp and Shocking

Sitting in his shop this man started off with what he thought were the weaknesses of our faith. I had pulled up the Sermon on the Mount (Mt 5-7) on his computer, in Arabic, and told him to read it, which he did not want to do. And then he pointed out how our book is translated, while his book is the same all over the world (in Arabic).

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December 02 2012 By virtueonline ROME, Italy: Theologian says China to have largest Christian population

Cox presented the book "Catholic Engagement with World Religions: A Comprehensive Study, in dialogue with its two editors" on Nov. 30 with cardinal Karl Josef Becker, a German theologian of the Vatican's the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

The editors include Ilaria Morali of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, who also presented the book, and Cardinal Becker.

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November 29 2012 By virtueonline How To Reach The Religiously Unaffiliated - Mike McManus

Their perception is that churches are too concerned with money and power, focused on rules and overly involved in politics.

Interestingly, nearly half of religiously active Americans agree with those criticisms. For the first time, less than half of Americans call themselves Protestants. In 2007, 53% identified themselves as Protestant, but only 48% did so in 2012.

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