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Reformation & Revival
August 01 2013 By virtueonline VERO BEACH, FLORIDA: Trinity Episcopal Church makes changes

It's not the first time Rodriguez has rebuilt a crumbling church. At his previous church in Red Bank, N.J. (also called Trinity Episcopal) Rodriguez nearly doubled the attendance and the average age of members dropped from 65 to 37.

That's what he and his wife, Kathy, director of parish life, want to do here. In fact, it's happening already. Attendance is consistently up 25 percent or more on Sundays. More young families are joining and many who left are returning.

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July 27 2013 By virtueonline ACNA: Making 1,000 Church Plants a Reality

Three years later we have made great strides towards our goal. We have seen thousands of people realize the importance of church planting, Dioceses are beginning to organize for planting and over 230 churches have been planted. But we still have much to do.

In conjunction with Archbishop Duncan, Anglican 1000 is issuing the 1,2,3 Challenge:

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July 27 2013 By virtueonline DENVER, CO: PEARUSA Plants Church of the Advent

Since the beginning, we've worshipped in an old union hall owned by a non-profit. Here, we rent 24/7 office space, worship facilities, and a prayer room. Liturgical worship is the central hub of our life together.

Our worshippers increasingly come from a variety of traditions, socioeconomic groups, and age ranges (we have more babies and grey hairs than ever.)

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July 15 2013 By virtueonline Ten Signs That Your Church Might Be Cheating on You

(research conducted by Ranier)
and people leave church for a variety of reasons,
1. The church was not helping me to develop spiritually. (28%)
2. I did not feel engaged or involved in meaningful church work (20%)
3. Church members were judgmental of others (18%)
4. pastor was not a good preacher (16%)
5. Too many changes (16%)
6. Members seemed hypocritical (15%)

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July 15 2013 By virtueonline SC: St. Andrew's City Church Announces New Church Plant in Park Circle

Dave Libbon, the Director of Youth Ministries here at St. Andrews, will take the lead in planting in Park Circle. Many have benefited from Dave's ministry here at St. Andrew's and I want to assure you that he will continue to serve as the Youth Ministries Director as we seek to establish ourselves in Park Circle.

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July 06 2013 By virtueonline 'Social justice' apart from evangelization drives youth away from Christianity

"The connection between Jesus and a person's life was not clear," said one atheist named Stephanie.

"This is an incisive critique," said Taunton. Stephanie "seems to have intuitively understood that the church does not exist simply to address social ills, but to proclaim the teachings of its Founder, Jesus Christ, and their relevance to the world. Since Stephanie did not see that connection, she saw little incentive to stay."

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June 18 2013 By virtueonline Two thousand South Sudanese Anglican Christians confirmed in just eight days

"These are very serious Christians and most of the them are adults who have became Christians for the first time in their lives," he said. "So they're not just children of Christian parents."

The bishop disagreed with some religious educators who believe that by withholding confirmation until later in life, young people are kept involved in the life of the church for a longer period of time.

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June 15 2013 By virtueonline Half-time Huddle: Why I Lack Enthusiasm About the Church

They'll never get me. Does God have to have me here?

Exactly 59 minutes later, we are all out the door. I am thinking the same thing I think every week - really, I didn't get much from that. The knowledge that my real spiritual high will come this afternoon, on a training run in breezy sunshine with my iPod and worship music, nags me.

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May 31 2013 By virtueonline What we can learn from the ex-gay pornstar who reconnected with God

He begins his confession by quoting a famous poem of the metaphysical poet, George Herbert - "Love bade me welcome; yet my soul drew back". If it seems a little odd for a 17th century Anglican minister to be quoted in this context, don't be put off; great poetry speaks to everyone in every age; indeed, there is something hugely poignant in Herbert's careful and elaborate conceits being linked to this very 21st century prodigal son.

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May 30 2013 By virtueonline "Proof of Heaven" - Mike McManus

With his body twisting in agony, he uttered three prescient words, "God help me."

During those days, he journeyed "to another, larger dimension of the universe, a dimension I'd never dreamed existed." He entered a new world, "where death is not the end of consciousness, but rather a chapter in a vast and incalculably positive journey."

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