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Liberal Episcopal Bishops Show their True Colors over Resolution B012

Liberal Episcopal Bishops Show their True Colors over Resolution B012
The long knives are out for Albany Bishop William Love

By David W. Virtue, DD
December 1, 2018

Two Northeast liberal Episcopal bishops have come out against Albany Bishop William Love over his refusal to ratify last summer's general convention's passage of Resolution B012 which approved trial rites for homosexual marriage.

Bishops Duncan-Probe of Central New York and Thomas Ely of Vermont have each issued statements of support for Albany congregations and LGBTQ persons who might be found in them.

Bishop Probe wrote to say that LGBTQ people are God's beloved, made in the image of God, and are our beloved neighbors, friends, clergy and lay leaders of The Episcopal Church.

"All human love is a reflection of God's love, and The Episcopal Church has resolved that the rite of marriage is open to all in our Church, regardless of sexuality or gender expression. The Episcopal Diocese of Central New York continues to uphold the policies of The Episcopal Church and is dedicated to Jesus Christ who commands us to love our neighbors as ourselves.

"Our dedication to our LBGTQ siblings was exemplified this past summer when priests and laypeople from across our Diocese marched in Pride parades and participated in Pride festivities in Syracuse, Binghamton and elsewhere. As the Diocesan Bishop, I am resolute in my affirmation of equality, dignity, and full inclusion for all people regardless of their political, social, or theological views. We are, first and foremost, people committed to the loving, liberating, life-giving way of Jesus."

First of all, "all human love is not a reflection of God's love", perverse sexual behaviors do not qualify. Only love between a man and a woman in marriage gets that honor. Everything else is a distortion and sin. Never did Jesus say or even hint that homosexual behavior was "loving, liberating or life-giving". Tens of thousands of men who have died of AIDS give the lie to that, including my brother-in-law.

NEVER at any time did Bishop Love say that LGBTQ persons were not loved by God. In fact, he said the opposite. What he said was that the definition of marriage cannot be changed because a General Convention resolution wants to make it so. God has not changed his mind about how people express themselves sexually and it never included same-sex marriage, not now, nor in 2,000 years.

Here is what Love said; "The Episcopal Church and Western Society have been hijacked by the "Gay Rights Agenda" which is very well organized, very strategic, very well financed, and very powerful. Satan is having a heyday bringing division into the Church over these issues and is trying to use the Church to hurt and destroy the very ones we love and care about by deceiving the leadership of the Church into creating ways for our gay and lesbian brothers and sister to embrace their sexual desires rather than to repent and seek God's love and healing grace. B012 plays right into this."

That is hardly a statement of homophobia or hate.

Bishop Probe went on to say that "God has created you as a blessing in our world." False. God never created homosexual persons, they have arisen out of distorted human relationships and sinfully acted upon. Our views of sexuality depend totally on how we view our binary bodies as made in the image of God, "male and female created He them." There is not a shred of evidence in Scripture that God ever created a homosexual person. Nor has a 'gay gene' ever been discovered.

"I affirm marriage equality and stand as an ally for social justice for all persons," said Probe. Well, it might be an issue of social justice but not biblical justice which Luke proclaimed; "The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free." Nowhere does it say or even hint at "marriage equality" for practicing homosexuals as an issue of justice or proclamation.

Bishop Thomas Ely of the Diocese of Vermont, who is DEPO bishop for two Albany congregations: St. John's Episcopal Church in Essex, NY, and St. Luke the Beloved Physician in Saranac Lake, NY, lamented at the "disappointment and hurt" some in those congregations expressed to him.

Really! Hurt and disappointment might be felt if you lost your home in a fire and watched your car go up in flames, or you hear your neighbor screaming because she is being beaten by her husband for the third time in two weeks.

Ely says that because trial marriage liturgies for all couples is authorized by the General Convention, that that settles it. No, it doesn't. Scripture trumps General Convention resolutions any time. Furthermore, there is no history, tradition or reason that allows a clear violation of the moral order because of a lot of high-sounding language like "full inclusion of all people", especially if a bishop and 2,000 years of church history and "sound teaching" say that sexual sin is sin whether it is fornication, adultery or homosexual behavior.

No earthly progressive Episcopal bishop has the right to blow off Scripture and the very definition of marriage that has been the backbone of western civilization and the Church. They now want us all to believe God approves of these new sexualities because they think they have changed God's mind for Him. That is arrogance and hubris heaped on top of each other.

Ely says he remains "committed to full and honest conversation with anyone who wishes to explore these matters in more depth." Well, "these matters" have been explored "in depth" for the last 40 years in TEC and nothing has changed except that, one by one, Episcopal bishops have rolled over because they don't know or haven't read their bibles and they are frightened of America's Gaystapo and bullied by homosexual lobbyists who have used their rising power to change America's collective mind.

There is little doubt that Bishop William Love will be inhibited when a homosexual priest in his diocese wants to marry two homosexuals or two lesbians. When he refuses to allow that "marriage", Title IV will be invoked and Presiding Bishop Michael Curry will wring his hands in faux love talk, but toss Love to the curb. Curry's love talk will be seen for what it is -- hypocrisy dressed up in progressive robes.

You can be sure that none of the other Communion Partner bishops will come to Bishop Love's side or rescue. They have too much to lose and they won't rock the boat. They will wash their hands as Pilate did and allow another bishop to come into their dioceses as bishops George R. Sumner of Dallas and Daniel Martins of Springfield have said they would do.

This will all end badly, but then it ended badly for Jesus (for a time). These progressive bishops are watching their dioceses disappear, surely as they are doing, because God is not mocked. In the end, God will vindicate Bishop William Love, the Ninth Bishop of Albany, even if he is tossed to the curb.

Bishop William Love is the last moral conscience in The Episcopal Church.


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