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Iran, Uganda, Canada, and the Undermining of the Global South over Homosexuality

Iran, Uganda, Canada, and the Undermining of the Global South over Homosexuality

By David W. Virtue DD
July 19, 2023

It has been apparent for some time now that Western Anglican homosexual provinces, dioceses and bishops have one overriding ambition - to undermine Global South Anglicans by pushing the LGBTQ agenda at all and any cost, in the name of "inclusion" and "diversity."

What they are doing is attempting to undermine orthodoxy on human sexuality issues that have already dislocated and divided the Anglican Communion and now threaten to undermine their own culture.

The most egregious ecclesiastical case was at Dromantine, Ireland in 2006 when Archbishop Rowan Williams challenged global south primates with the declaration, "we will see who blinks first." Within a year Williams was gone from the leadership of the Anglican communion and the Global South primates ran up the victory flag forming GAFCON and the GSFA in defiance of the Western Anglican pansexual push.

Williams' failure to discipline errant Western provinces following the passage of Lambeth Resolution 1:10 sat in the craw of the growing vibrant Global South even as they grew and expanded. Pushback came at subsequent Lambeth conferences, heightened by the announcement that the Mother Church - the Church of England - will likely bless perverse homosexual unions, causing possible schism within its own ranks.

However, this has not stopped the drive of morally revisionist provinces from attempts to bribe and push homosexuality into Africa and Asia using their vast network of wealthy dioceses and churches like Trinity Wall Street who are able to pour in millions of dollars in attempts to bribe global south primates and bishops to change their minds.

To date it has worked with only a small number of African bishops, but its overall success rate is near zero. The push, however, grows stronger by the month.

What happened this week in Uganda was a wake-up call that defies all human understanding. The Anglican Primate of Uganda, the Most Rev. Stephen Kaziimba appealed to the visiting president of the Islamic Republic of Iran Ebrahim Raisi to help Uganda in the fight against homosexuality. This is a leader steeped in Islamic ideology and a hater of Christians.

"Your Excellency, as you might be aware due to the weighing divergence in terms of values, our Western partners have withdrawn funding from most of our vital programs due to our firm stance against same-sex rights. Your Excellency, this is an area where we need the support of your government."

During a joint press conference with Museveni, President Raisi bashed the West for promoting the evil of homosexuality.

"The West is today trying to promote the idea of homosexuality and of course by homosexuality they are trying to end the generation of human beings and at the same time they are acting against the inherence and the nature of human beings I believe that this issue and these strong attacks by the West against the establishment of families and against the culture of the nations is another area of cooperation for Iran and Uganda," said President Raisi. You can read the full story here: https://virtueonline.org/ugandas-anglican-archbishop-courts-iranian-president-over-homosexuality

This appeal is beyond imagining. Open Doors says that when people from Muslim backgrounds become Christians, they can only meet in secret house churches. They are at great risk of being monitored, harassed, arrested, and prosecuted for 'crimes against national security' -- an accusation that is notoriously poorly defined, and can be abused." Christians are persecuted, jailed and sometimes shot for their faith, often accused of undermining Islamic fundamentalism with allegations of blaspheming the prophet himself.

The appeal by the Ugandan primate falls into the category of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend."

But it wasn't enough for the Ugandan Primate to briefly side with Iran in his fight against homosexual intrusion; the Anglican Church of Canada took a swing at the Ugandan primate.

The Rev. Theo Robinson, a transgender priest in the Diocese of Rupert's Land, in consort with the Bishop of Rupert's Land, Geoff Woodcroft, wrote affirming the use of adopted liturgies for gender transition and affirmation and is hell bent in foisting them on Ugandan Anglicans.

"We are outraged that a member church of the Anglican communion could recklessly betray Christ's teaching to love, and blatantly violate The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights," Woodcroft wrote in the letter, which was also sent to Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury and head of the worldwide Anglican Church.

Earlier Kaziimba blasted the Archbishop of Canterbury saying, "Homosexuality is currently a challenge in Uganda because it is being forced on us by outside, foreign actors against our will, against our culture, and against our religious beliefs." The archbishop deplored the use of the death penalty against those caught practicing sodomy.

There is no end to what western provinces will do to persuade orthodox Anglicans that they are wrong about sex and that binary notions are dead. Money is the primary means of persuasion.

VOL was told that the Archbishop of Rwanda, Laurent Mbanda was sent a check for $10,000 from Trinity Wall Street without any restrictions on how it should be spent. He returned it.

Western pansexualists will stop at nothing to foist their homosexual agenda on the Global South primates even as their own churches wither and die. God is never mocked.


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