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INDIA: Anglican Ad pushes false claim of GAFCON inspired conference

INDIA: Anglican Ad pushes false claim of GAFCON inspired conference

By David W. Virtue, DD
December 19, 2021

An advertisement pushing a GAFCON conference featuring Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is fake. It was distributed by a splinter Anglican group trying to embarrass and capitalize on the global orthodox Anglican movement.

The ad was allegedly instigated by Archbishop and Primate John Sathiyakumar of the Chennai-based Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches (CEEC), an Anglican jurisdiction not recognized by the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Lambeth Conference or GAFCON, the Global Anglican Future Conference. The ad is causing acute embarrassment to GAFCON, which has roundly condemned the ad and conference it purports to support.

The ad incensed many Indian Christians who were very disturbed that the Indian PM Modi was headlined as guest of honor. He is accused of turning a blind eye to brutal attacks against religious minorities like Christians. One source in India said, "Modi represents widespread persecution of Christians. Most churches have decided not to have anything to do with the ruling party at this time of the year."

The ad featured GAFCON Chairman and ACNA Archbishop Foley Beach and international ACNA Bishop William Atwood supporting the occasion as speakers at the conference.

On hearing the news, Archbishop Beach said the invitation was put out without any consultation with the parties listed and I don't know of any who will be there -- if this event is really happening. We were invited but declined to attend.

"GAFCON has been working for several years seeking to find a way to set up a GAFCON India. We are in the process of establishing a GAFCON Anglican Bishops Council and working hard to vet anyone who will be on it. This is in process, so nothing is definite. As you know, corruption and paganism are rampant among many of the so-called Anglicans there, and we are seeking to be very careful."

"From what we can figure, one of the bishops has set all of this up (if it is really happening), but we are not a part of this," said Beach.


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