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Is it time for a new Anglican Communion?


By David W. Virtue, DD
July 23, 2021

It should be apparent by now to both Archbishop Justin Welby and Josiah Idowu-Fearon, Secretary General of the Anglican Consultative Council that the divisions within the Anglican Communion will not go away and are, in fact, irreversible.

Divisions are deepening almost monthly, with increasing fragmentation over homosexual practice. New revelations about the trajectory of the Church of England, the Mother church, with a 'Living in Love and Faith' "reconciliation" report touting full homosexual acceptance, only ratchets up the anger among Global South primates, solidifying their determination never to compromise with Western pan-Anglican pro-homosexual attitudes and behaviors.

There was another reminder this past week when GAFCON Australia outlined a plan to support Anglicans who leave the Anglican Church of Australia (ACA) over doctrinal revision which overturns the plain teaching of Scripture.

"With great sadness and regret, we realize that many faithful Anglican clergy and lay people will no longer be able to remain as members of the ACA if changes allowed by the Appellate Tribunal majority opinion take place in their dioceses", Bishop Richard Condie, Chair of GAFCON Australia said.

"For this reason, GAFCON pledged in late 2020 to form a new Diocese for Anglicans who will be forced to leave the Anglican Church of Australia."

In October 2019, GAFCON consecrated a new evangelical diocesan bishop, Jay Behan in Christchurch, New Zealand. Christchurch is the first such diocese, following the Anglican Church of Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia's communion impairing decision to bless same sex marriage.

With more than 650 Anglicans looking on, the Rev. James Douglas Behan was consecrated and installed as the first bishop of the Church of Confessing Anglicans Aotearoa, New Zealand (CCAANZ).

He began with 12 parishes. That number has since grown to 17, with several new church plants in the North Island.

In Europe, GAFCON has a growing foothold. A new Anglican jurisdiction was launched and supported by GAFCON in Nov. 2020. The Anglican Network in Europe (ANiE) will partner with new and existing church initiatives led by the GAFCON Missionary Bishop for Europe, Andy Lines.

The new organization is an authentic expression of Anglican church life and mission, authorized and supported by the GAFCON Primates, said a press release.

In June 2020, a resolution was passed recommending that "Bishop Andy Lines be appointed as the Bishop of the Anglican Network in Europe, encompassing two convocations, the Anglican Mission in England (AMiE) and the Anglican Convocation in Europe (ACE), under the primatial oversight of Archbishop Foley Beach."

This initiative follows GAFCON'S previous support for the establishment of AMiE and the Scottish Anglican Network. It also replaces the oversight generously provided up until now by the Anglican Network in Canada and which ends on December 31st.

The Anglican Network in Europe (ANiE) is a partnership of biblically faithful Anglicans united around a shared commitment to the Jerusalem Declaration 2008 (a widely recognized statement of Anglican orthodoxy) and to making Christ known in Scotland, England, Wales and across the continent of Europe. You can read more here: https://virtueonline.org/new-anglican-jurisdiction-launched-supported-gafcon

Of course, this follows the trajectory of what happened here in the US and Canada. With the elevation of the activist homosexual Gene Robinson to the episcopacy in New Hampshire, the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) was born and it has been growing steadily ever since. Sooner or later, when apostasy becomes entrenched, the faithful leave. More than a dozen bishops have left TEC, the most recent being Albany Bishop William Love, who found the canonization of homosexual marriage a bridge too far. He departed to join the ACNA.

"We don't preach morality, we plant churches. We don't preach therapeutic care, we plant churches." Justin Welby said recently. He totally misses the mark. His answer should have been: "We don't preach morality; we preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. We don't preach therapeutic care we preach Jesus Christ and him crucified."

Welby keeps missing the mark with disastrous consequences to both the Church of England and to the broader Anglican communion, who increasingly despise his weak, prevaricating, apologizing leadership and his steadfast refusal to enforce Lambeth resolution 1:10.

Welby butts' heads with the Anglican Lion of Abuja, Archbishop Henry Ndukuba and wonders why he comes away bloodied and bruised on the other side of the beating.

Global South primates bow to no one and nothing. They are firm in their resolve never to compromise one inch over homosexuality, nor will they be seduced by Episcopal Church dollars, courtesy of Presiding Bishop Michael Curry.

The Global South primates view with alarm the slow seduction of the Church of England by minions like Bishop Paul Bayes, who recently said, "Let The World Set The Agenda For The Church Of England." They are doubly mortified when a lay lesbian in the person of Jayne Ozanne not only defends her lesbianism, but accuses detractors of homophobia and transphobia, killing off any discussion about her behavioral preferences.

Furthermore, survivors of sexual abuse by Church of England figures have accused Justin Welby of "breathtaking hypocrisy", saying he had not shown the same integrity over accusations of child abuse that the Catholic and Anglican churches had. Survivors say the record of the church and Welby himself is one of "silence, denial and evasion".

One never hears of such outrage in the Global South. They come clean when sexual boundaries are violated. Think Uganda Archbishop Stanley Ntagali who was accused of adultery. No cover up, no mincing of words. He was found guilty and was deposed.

Recent reliable numbers reveal that there are 14 full member GAFCON provinces and another 5 that are GAFCON friendly and participating as observers for now. A source told VOL that another 10 of them have privately said they agree with GAFCON's position. "The future is very bright, especially when we can get back together in person," said the source.

In a recent dialogue with Anglican theologian Stephen Noll, the Rt. Rev John H. Rodgers opined that a new Anglican Communion is necessary to fight the growing apostasy in the West. He is right. Perhaps the time has come.


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