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By. The Rt. Rev. Derek Jones, Rev. Canon Justin Murff, & Archdeacon Job Serebrov
January 13, 2023

The Anglican Communion, the world's third largest Christian ecclesiastical body, is facing a critical breaking point next month when the Church of England (CoE) General Synod convenes February 6th-9th. The CoE General Synod consists of 483 members from three houses - bishops, clergy, and laity. Top of the agenda is "Living in Love and Faith," a proposal to abandon the biblically faithful, historically Christian view of marriage in favor of authorizing same-sex marriage.

Should the motion pass, "Living in Love and Faith" will almost certainly be the death knell for continued allegiance to Canterbury's leadership of the worldwide Anglican Communion. It will most assuredly draw the Global Future Anglican Conference (GAFCON)
and the Global South into solidarity. It's believed that the Primates could even take the bold and immediate step to elect from among themselves a new Primatial leader of the Communion Provinces and summarily dismiss any further connection to the Archbishop of Canterbury. The CoE has been telling the public its intentions over the past several years. But in the past few months, staff decisions by the CoE have strongly indicated their intention to abandon the teaching of scripture and embrace apostasy, which has been noted by the majority of biblically faithful Anglican Provinces

Red flags began appearing a few years ago and have escalated ever since. In 2019, Archbishop Justin Welby endorsed and authored the forward to a CoE Schools Guidance called "Valuing All God's Children." The guide requires CoE Church schools to make changes to toilet facilities, force students and staff to use student's preferred pronoun, excuse absence for LGBTQ students to receive treatments, requires LGBTQ sex education to be given to all students, and expressly prohibits teachers and staff from disclosing a students sexual orientation or gender identity with a pupil's parents or carers.

On December 17, 2022, partnered gay priest, The Very Reverend Dr. David Monteith, was installed as Dean of Canterbury Cathedral, the mother church of the Anglican Communion. Monteith has lived in a formal civil partnership with his spouse of 20 years, Mr. David Hamilton. The move to appoint a man living in what the Church has historically viewed as a sinful and immoral relationship to one of the most prominent pastorates in the CoE has sent shockwaves around the Anglican Communion.

Monteith is not the only LGBTQI+ Vicar to be assigned in the past year. St. Christopher's Liverpool, also known as "The Children's Church" because the parish, built in the 1930s, was funded with monies raised by the children of the Liverpool Diocese and is decorated with scenes of playing children, received a new Vicar as well. Described as the first openly gender-queer, non-binary Vicar in the CoE, the Reverend Bingo Allison now pastors the Children's Church.

Allison, a married father of three, had a self-professed "revelation from God" while reading Genesis late one night and began the journey away from the strongly religious views he was raised in the Church with that call homosexuality sin. Armed with a misguided and heretical
hermeneutic, the Pastor of the Children's Church is now an active evangelist for the LGBTQI+ lifestyle in secular youth groups and religious circles.

In a January 1, 2023 article in Liverpool Echo, Allison commented, "one of the biggest things it's just being a visual representation in my community and going into schools, doing assemblies and making a huge difference in normalizing it (the LGBTQ lifestyle) for children. When I'm wearing my collar, it lets children know that it is okay and that there is a place in Church and the outside world for people like me."

Saint Paul's First Epistle to the Corinthians, chapter thirteen, verse six, tells us that true love "does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth." For far too long, people professing to be Christians have rejoiced at wrongdoing, refused to call out sin, and have lied to people - thus heaping condemnation on their souls. How can we genuinely love our neighbor if we are not honest with them? If the CoE has a genuine love for all people, it will rejoice in the truth of God's Holy Word rather than work to excuse it away or subjugate it because it is inconvenient or uncomfortable.

The question before the Anglican Primates is, do they consider Biblical fidelity of greater value than cultural popularity? There are indeed many difficult discussions and decisions in the days ahead for the Anglican Communion. A handful of Provinces and Primates are following the CoE down this apostasy road first paved by the US Episcopal church - having already fully committed to abandoning the Christian faith. For these churches and Primates, a call to repentance must and should be issued, and a path to restoration created and offered.

Difficulty and adversity always present tremendous learning opportunities. A strategic restructuring and reordering of the Anglican Communion could see the shedding of its colonialism and the reforming of the Church. Such a "new reformation" would see the Primates
elect from among themselves a leader who would guide and lead the global body of Biblically faithful Anglicans for a specific term of years.

Biblically faithful Anglicans who seek to live out true catholicity in the historic Christian faith once received in a post-modern (& post-Christian) world are facing an actual test of faith and fidelity to Jesus Christ and the Gospel. It is wise and prudent to seek the best while preparing for the worst, which means readiness to remove Canterbury's leadership of the Anglican Communion as it currently exists. The one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church should not change like shifting sands or a ship in the tide. While amid our evangelistic efforts to reach every tongue, tribe, and nation, the Church should use new methods, technology, and means to share the Gospel, but the objective truth is, and will always remain, unchangeable.


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