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Episcopal Presiding Bishop's Love Sermons Will Not Bring Revival He Yearns for or Make Churches Grow

Episcopal Presiding Bishop's Love Sermons Will Not Bring Revival He Yearns for or Make Churches Grow


By David W. Virtue, DD
July 12, 2023

Episcopal Presiding Bishop Michael Curry's "It's all about love," sermons will not halt the steady decline of The Episcopal Church. It might, in fact, speed it up.

His "revivals," to date, have revived no one and nothing and bear no resemblance to the Asbury Awakening which is reaching more young people as it marches on to both Christian and secular university campuses, churches, and youth events from one end of the country to another.

Radical conversion and repentance which the gospels demand have been replaced by "radical inclusion and acceptance" now the mantra of The Episcopal Church. 'Love is love' is tautological nonsense.

If you want to know God, Curry said in Baltimore recently at a love festival, start with love. "Let love help you heal old wounds; let love lead and you'll find life as God intended because love is God's GPS."

I wonder if healing old wounds means reaching out to former Albany Bishop Bill Love who was faced with an impossible decision to violate his conscience and accept resolution B012 - homosexual marriage - or by rejecting it face expulsion from the Church altogether. Perhaps Bishop Curry could show him a little love and an apology.

"Love is God's global positioning satellite that will lead you to the heart of God, the heart of the world, the heart of yourself," said Curry.

This is total episcobabble, it means absolutely nothing.

Nowhere does Curry even attempt to break down the "love" which he preaches into the four types that theologians have described since antiquity. See CS Lewis' "The Four Loves," describing the erotic (eros), the brotherly (phileo); the familial (as a parent for a child, storge), and the self-giving (agape), a reflection of God's divine love for His creation."

Nowhere does Curry talk of the cross as God's supreme act of love for the world.

Nowhere does he state that Jesus giving his life (a ransom for many), is the Father's supreme act of self-giving love in sending his Son to die for us.

Nowhere does the Presiding Bishop talk about sin that separates us from God; the need for confession, repentance, and reconciliation with God through the Son by the Spirit.

TEC talks about "hosting a revival" with careful preplanning. The truth is, you don't host a revival. Revivals are a work of the Holy Spirit. They happen spontaneously, you cannot manufacture them out of whole episcopal cloth. God's Spirit either moves or He does not. He is not on call because a bishop desires it.

Curry said that many people reached out to him after the Harry/Meghan wedding and said they were unaware that Christianity is "all about love" until they heard his sermon, which was viewed by millions of people globally.

But talk of love without the cross is like talking about the desert without discussing water. It is only through the cross that we can understand God's love. It is only through water that we can understand how dry the desert is.

Curry tried to pass off the rapidly demographically sinking church telling his audience, "Don't you worry about the parochial statistics. Don't you worry about all the facts and figures. If we love God and love our neighbor and love ourselves, we will work our way even out of our misery. Don't you worry about it now, then talk about love."

The words "love ourselves" are not a command to love yourself; they are an assumption: love your neighbor as you already love yourself -- no questions asked about it.

So instead of facing the truth that his church is dying because his bishops and priests steadfastly refuse to preach the gospel of God's grace, of God's salvation in Christ, he says don't worry (be happy) and show undefined love. By pushing several woke issues Curry hopes to jump start the Church again. This is pure vanity.

Curry talks about evangelism as "loving" (any sort of sexual love is okay now in TEC), "liberating" (from the biblical boundaries of restraint) and the endless talk of racism to aging Episcopalians heading into nursing homes is farcical. Hoping they can salve their "creation care" consciences by selling their gas guzzling cars for EVs is clearly a non-starter.

Curry's soft sell revivals to Episcopalians is not jump-starting declining parishes. True revivals cross denominational, racial, ethnic, and party lines. The Spirit moves where it wills, it is not a pre-planned event to summon the Spirit like Banquo's ghost.

In the end Curry's revivals will not stop the steady decline of The Episcopal Church. His faux revivals are falling flat. Nones are not interested. With no Good News to proclaim of God's salvation in Christ, it is an empty call to love that will go unheeded.

If Episcopalians want to see true revival they should get on a plane and go visit Global South countries where revivals are taking place amidst persecution, violence, and death, For as Les Miserables' John Valjean heard before departing this orb: "to love another person is to see the face of God."


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