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Episcopal Presiding Bishop Calls for End to Violence in Israel; Criticizes Expansion of Israeli Settlements, but no Mention of Hamas Rockets from Gaza hitting Tel Aviv

Episcopal Presiding Bishop Calls for End to Violence in Israel; Criticizes Expansion of Israeli Settlements, but no Mention of Hamas Rockets from Gaza hitting Tel Aviv

By David W. Virtue, DD
May 13, 2021

Episcopal Presiding Bishop Michael Curry has issued a statement on the violence in the "Land of the Holy One," openly critical of Israel's "expansion of Israeli settlements at the expense of Palestinian families," but makes no mention of Hamas militants in Gaza targeting Tel Aviv with hundreds of rockets.

In the worst descent into violence since a 2014 war between Israel and Hamas, the Israeli military has carried out hundreds of airstrikes in Gaza. Palestinian militant groups have fired multiple rocket barrages at Israeli cities, say multiple news reports. Hamas is fighting a proxy war for Iran.

"One more time we awake to the news of violence. Reports come in about violence that has caused death, life-changing injury and destruction of property and lives. Violence which is borne of frustration, rooted in injustice and the violation of international law and in truth, the violation of human rights and human decency. In the Name of the God of all creation, the violence must stop, regardless of where it comes from and to whom it is directed," said Curry.

"One more time The Episcopal Church stands to say that violence is not the way forward. We say the expansion of Israeli settlements at the expense of Palestinian families must end. We say incitement which encourages violence must end. We say enough is enough."

Israel and Hamas have fought three wars, which were largely seen as failures for both sides, with Hamas still in power and Israel continuing to maintain a crippling blockade.

The Episcopal Church's one-sided outrage is consistent with its pro-Palestinian views, viewing Israel as a rogue state.

Bishop Curry has publicly demonstrated an anti-Israel activism -- from attending a strategic summit co-hosted by the Palestinian Authority to signing a pro-Hamas document urging IDF soldiers to disobey orders at the Gaza-Israel border, reports Noah Summers of Algeimers News.

The bishop recently traveled to Gaza immediately prior to the Gaza-Israel border clashes. He "added the Episcopal Church's name" to a statement -- signed by other notable anti-Israel denominations -- that could only be described as an anti-Israel, pro-Hamas document. The statement called, among other things, for the Palestinian right of return, reinstatement of US funding of UNRWA, and international pressure for an end to the Gaza blockade.

This "Statement of US Churches and Christian Agencies on Gaza" described the Great March of Return as "non-violent demonstrations" and called for an end to "the lethal use of weapons and force by the Israeli military." It endorsed "the call by B'Tselem" for Israeli soldiers to disobey IDF orders to shoot when Gazans were "approaching the fence or even sabotaging it," claiming that such situations were not life-threatening.

Notably, the Gaza statement also called upon the United States, "particularly President Trump and members of Congress ... to censure the violent and indiscriminate actions of the State in Israel in response to the demonstrations which in no way threaten the security of the state or its citizens." The statement's assertion flies in the face of Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar's declaration, "We will take down the border and tear out their hearts from their bodies."

Bishop Curry not only has given political cover to Hamas in their latest violent campaign aimed at tearing out Israelis' hearts, but he has also strategized with the Palestinian Authority and its willing "Christian" accomplices to target Israel and its Christian supporters.

While Bishop Curry may claim to support Palestinians, he coordinates with their oppressors -- the Palestinian elite, the Palestinian Authority, and Hamas. In reality, he is royally anti-Israel and anti-Palestinian.

The General Convention of the Episcopal Church is on record calling on the Church to divest from companies involved in "Israel's violations of Palestinian human rights!"

At the recommendation of Council's Committee on Corporate Social Responsibility, three companies were identified for removal from the Church's investment portfolio and placement on its No Buy List: Caterpillar, Motorola Solutions and the Israel Discount Bank. The Council has also asked the CCSR "to pursue continued engagement with Facebook, Booking.com, and TripAdvisor, urging them to address human rights violations through complicity in the occupation of the OPT, and seeking to assure that the companies take all necessary steps to end their complicity in the occupation."

The Episcopal Peace Fellowship Palestine Israel Network (EPF PIN) has called for asserting the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination; Condemning Israel's violence against protesters in Gaza; Calling on the US government to reinstate funding to the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) and supporting the rights of Palestinian children.

Curry called on the US to be a partner in peacemaking and to bring about a negotiated settlement to the long-standing conflict which has consumed both Israelis and Palestinians.

At this time of writing, violence between Israelis and Palestinians is escalating toward a "full scale war."


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